Intestinal infection symptoms

Intestinal infections are a vast group of ailments that can be infected by ingestion of the infectious agent through the mouth, as a rule, when consuming contaminated food and water.

Rotavirus infection

95% of children suffer from rotavirus intestinal infection at the age of 5 years. The immune system usually deals with this disease on its own, but it can be dangerous for infants. They have severe dehydration with heavy vomiting and diarrhea can occur in 6 hours.

Viral enteritis

The so-called intestinal flu is predominantly a children’s infection, characterized by high contagiousness: if one patient appeared in the kindergarten group, everyone will become infected.

Intestinal infection symptoms

Intestinal infections: causes, diagnosis, treatment

Intestinal infections are a whole group of contagious diseases that primarily damage the digestive tract.

Cholera is an acute infectious disease related to especially dangerous infections.


Salmonellosis is an intestinal infection, transmitted mainly with food. Called by various microbes of the genus Salmonella.

Giardiasis (giardiosis) is a disease caused by the unicellular intestinal lamblia parasite Giardia (Lamblia) intestinalis, which is introduced into the intestinal tissue.

Dysentery (Shigellosis)

Dysentery is an infectious intestinal disease. It is found all over the world in people of all ages, but it gets its special distribution in the hot season.

Botulism is a deadly infectious-toxic disease.

Amebiasis (Amoebic dysentery)

Amebiasis (amoebic dysentery) is a disease caused by a single-cell parasite by a histolytic amoeba (Entamoeba histolytica).

First aid for intestinal infections

If your health has suddenly deteriorated: your head ached, your appetite deteriorated, and the temperature rose to 38-39 ° C, and after a few more hours nausea and vomiting started, your stomach became very sick, diarrhea and flatulence began, chances are you picked up an intestinal infection.

Intestinal infection symptoms

Food poisoning in a child

Food poisoning is called digestive disorders caused by the consumption of poor-quality products inhabited by pathogens and / or their toxins, as well as products of plant or animal origin (poisonous plants and their seeds, fungi).

Unwashed hands disease

Frequent gagging and diarrhea, fever combined with pain and a sore throat can mean that you have a rotavirus infection.

Enemy from Buganda: the discovery of VEB

On December 5, 1963, the Epstein-Barr oncogenic virus was discovered. He was hunted for three years, and it is not known how long he would have been hiding, if he did not delay the Manchester fog, the arrival of an airplane from Africa.

Peruvian Medicine Day. Carrion’s Disease, or Bartonellosis

On October 5, 1885, a Peruvian medical student, Daniel Carrion, passed away after he vaccinated himself with a common domestic disease, the so-called Peruvian wart.

Typhus: a dearly won battle

On February 14, 1878, the Russian physician Gregory Minh announced that bloodsucking insects were spreading typhus. An unknown carrier of an unknown agent was challenged. In the fight against typhoid lice, an international team of doctors won a victory, losing half of the personnel killed.

Doctor-poet. Exposure of the Anopheles mosquito

On August 20, 1897, a British physician, Ronald Ross, discovered a parasite that causes malaria in the stomach of anopheles mosquito. So it was established that for a parasite a man is an intermediate owner, and the final one is a mosquito, which has since been called the malarial. On this day, the retreat of malaria began, which previously killed several million people a year.

World history of syphilis

How new was the disease, the epidemic of which the Europeans faced at the end of the 15th century? There are at least three theories.

How to treat viral hepatitis correctly

Hepatitis is not so terrible as cirrhosis of the liver, to which in most cases it leads. How to prevent the development of cirrhosis? When should I start treatment so as not to miss valuable time?

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