Intestinal Health Products

Most people today no longer need special evidence from scientists to understand that our well-being, mood and appearance are directly related to health, and the health of the intestines plays a key role here. It is the intestines that continuously works in order to ensure that the useful and nutrients from food enter the blood: there is no need to explain why “we are what we eat” – now people are well aware of this.

Since this topic is very important for health, we decided to devote today’s material to it and talk about which products are good for the intestines, which products cleanse and weaken the intestines.

Why is intestinal health important?

Unfortunately, awareness of something does not mean that we know about it: knowledge is based on experience, and most people, although theoretically understand that food should not be everything, and food should be healthy and healthy, in practice behave completely differently. Justified by lack of time and inability to withstand taste preferences, we load our bodies with heavy food, with plenty of sugar, fat, salt, spicy seasonings and harmful E-nis, and then cling to cleansing diets – at best.

What exactly is harmful?

The worst option is to “sit down” on pills like “Mezim”, and think that you can eat anything: with a pill, the stomach will “digest the horseshoe”, and the intestine will digest everything.

Often, people with normal digestion use similar gastrointestinal drugs intended for temporary use – when traveling and traveling, after operations or before the examination – almost constantly, and get constipation and diarrhea, allergies and other achievements, and then scolding doctors and advertising.

But you can maintain intestinal health quite easily, regularly including in your diet certain types of products with a cleansing and laxative effect. Here we come to the main question – what foods are good for the intestines?

Intestinal cleansing products

In order to better absorb nutrients, the intestines must be free. To do this regularly you need to eat foods that clean the intestines.

We now turn to the list of the most useful products that are widely available, they are easy to buy in any store. So. It is known that intestines rich in fiber are best cleaned, and above all, almost all raw vegetables and fruits. They are rich not only in dietary fiber, but also in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds.

Green vegetables and fruits are especially “strong” in the issue of intestinal cleansing, but it is impossible to describe here the action of all of them.

Intestinal Health Products

Recall some – for example, cabbage of all kinds. You can use it raw – in salads, stew, boil for a couple, or have sauerkraut: it cleans the intestines very well, helps with chronic constipation, and also feeds healthy intestinal flora. There are too large portions of cabbage, especially raw, not worth it – it can cause bloating and flatulence.

Green salad of all kinds is also an excellent product for cleansing the intestines: it quickly improves digestion, and its calorie content is negligible – about 17 kcal. You should try to eat it without salt, pouring with freshly squeezed lemon juice – the effect will be wonderful.

Green apples are very rich in fiber and pectins, and perfectly clean the intestines even from perennial deposits: the most persistent constipation recedes, digestion returns to normal, and mood and mood noticeably improve.

From other fruits that are good for the intestines, it is worth remembering pineapple and grapefruit. Fresh (not canned) pineapple cleanses the intestines without stress – especially the fat one: you can eat it just like that, or prepare fruit salads with it – for example, with the addition of apples, plums and tangerines, pouring lemon juice all over.

Grapefruit is especially useful with high cholesterol: it will clean out the intestines, and the level of triglycerides in the blood will lead to normal. A fresh grapefruit juice can be mixed with carrot juice, and add honey with mineral water – this drink is useful on an empty stomach. In general, any freshly squeezed juices with pulp are useful, but it is better to choose less sweet ones or to drink them mixed with juices of unsweetened fruits and vegetables.

Such products for the intestine as beets and carrots are recognized assistants in combating constipation: they cleanse not only the intestines, but also the kidneys and the liver, which means that blood is also purified. Beets are better to eat boiled, and grate carrots on a fine grater.

Rich in fiber useful for the intestines and legumes, but even here it is better to choose all green: peas, beans, beans, lentils – in mature legumes there is a lot of starch.

On garlic, too, must be said: it is considered a superfood to cleanse the intestines, but not everyone likes to eat it, and the smell is not so easy to eliminate. It is not necessary to chop or chew garlic: it can be swallowed without chewing, while eating, but not entirely – it can easily get stuck in the throat, but rather cut into small pieces.

Intestine-rich foods help cleanse the intestines: many vegetable oils, the same nuts and seeds, fatty sea fish, seafood. The intestines from their regular use as if smeared from the inside – this contributes to the speedy elimination of toxins and accumulated sediment.

What foods weak intestines

In general, many of the products listed above are weak in the intestines – in particular, dried fruits: prunes, dried apricots, figs, raisins. They should be poured with boiling water or clean water, insist and eat, and drink the infusion. From fresh berries can be mentioned cherries, strawberries; fruit – apricots.

Sour milk weak intestines only fresh, one-day: already on the 2nd day it is better not to count on it, and on the 3rd you can get constipation.

Vegetable oils weak intestines, if they are not heated, and water them salads and snacks; oil in ready meals, and even more fried, will not bring any benefit in this sense.

In addition to beets, they have an excellent laxative effect for the intestines: pumpkin – you can eat it raw, baked, steamed; tomatoes – they are also rich in the antioxidant lycopene; zucchini – raw young fruits quickly relieve constipation; spinach and other leafy vegetables; edible herbs such as dandelion and alfalfa; ginger – it is added to salads and tea is prepared with it; sea ​​kale; melon – you need to eat it on an empty stomach or replace it with any meal.

Bitter chocolate is also a wonderful product that weakens the intestines. This does not mean that you can choose any tile with the inscription “bitter chocolate”: only pure chocolate has the necessary effect, without additives and sugar – it costs several times more than the usual delicacy.

It is impossible to relax and clean the intestines without ordinary clean water – you need to drink it up to 2 liters per day. Alcohol, black tea and coffee (although it is considered to be slightly weak) dehydrate the body and prevent the intestines from working.

Include in food as much as possible products from listed here, and you not only receive healthy intestines without enemas and laxatives, but also get rid of many chronic diseases.

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