Intestinal cleansing preparations

The state of the intestines, as well as other organs in the body, directly depends on the overall health of the person. But due to poor ecology and products of dubious quality, a large quality of toxins and slags that cause various diseases accumulates in the intestines. Of course, you can get rid of these harmful substances, but this must be done correctly.

Although there are many popular methods, many still decide to take special medications for bowel cleansing (Fortrans, lavacol, chitosan, magnesia).

Cleansing the intestines from toxins

In the body of any adult there are slags. Even if he closely watches the figure, they are there, but in smaller quantities. In general, the accumulation of toxins and toxins can not be avoided, and this complicates the metabolism and leads to problems in many body systems. And the fact that there is an accumulation of excess weight is generally not worth talking about. That is why regular cleaning of the intestines is so necessary.

If cleansing is done with medication, then you should consult a doctor before. At home, one of the most effective ways can be called a way to cleanse the intestines with cereals.

The process itself will take no more than 12 days, but it will be possible to achieve impressive results. Cereals must be cooked in water, without salt.

Cleaning the intestines to lose pounds

Many clean the intestines in order to achieve weight loss. After all, a huge amount of toxins creates problems in digestion, which means that fats do not break down and are not removed from the body.

A cleansing of the body helps to solve this problem. But do not think that after this will achieve a significant weight loss. No, this will be only the first step to the ideal body. But he is the most important, and it will become easier later.

Among the methods of cleansing the intestines with the purpose of losing weight, there are several:

Each of these methods will help to achieve weight loss, as well as remove harmful substances from the human body, returning it to normal life and.

The right choice of preparations for cleansing the intestines

Often, to make a clean colon, put an enema on a variety of decoctions and infusions. The thin intestine requires medical cleaning. Of the drugs of foreign manufacture, the French Fortrans is considered the most popular. In Russia, its analogue Lavacol is very popular.

Mixed with plenty of water, they easily pass through the small intestine and help remove toxins and toxins. The basis of all substances in these preparations is macrogol. It also quickly and with maximum comfort treats the intestines Duphalac. It is completely safe and therefore suitable even for children.

Are drugs safe?

Probably, it will be fair to question how safe intestinal cleansing with drugs is. In fact, improper treatment can even be harmful. Therefore, it is important to know about all contraindications before taking the medications and to listen to the recommendations of the doctors. The most important contraindication m is considered poor intestinal permeability.

Further, when cleaning at home it is necessary to limit meals. It should be understood that drugs can cause stomach severity, nausea and vomiting. Even natural sorbents can harm the body if used incorrectly.

Preparations for bowel cleansing

Speaking of preparations to cleanse the intestines, Fortrans and Lavacol can be distinguished. They are also successfully used before bowel surgery and colonoscopy.

Medicine in powder form, produced by a French company. At first it was used for deep cleansing of the intestines, which is necessary before surgery, colonoscopy and other procedures. It was only later that they began to use it as a very effective laxative. One packet of medication is diluted in a liter of water, and when the active substance (macrogol) enters the intestine, it is retained in its lumen, thereby participating in its work, removing growths and causing defecation.

Fortrans does not change biological processes and microflora. It simply allows the fluid to linger longer in the intestine, without being absorbed, due to which the slags and toxins are washed out.

In addition, it can be used at home without the help of medical professionals. It has virtually no side effects, the only thing that may be an allergic reaction to one of its components.

But at the same time, Fortrans has a number of contraindications:

Intestinal cleansing preparations

  • Crohn’s disease;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • stomach ache;
  • ulcerative colitis.

Before taking it, it is better to consult a specialist, otherwise there may be problems in the body.

Fortrans is desirable to use separately from other medicines. Otherwise, only colon cleansing may occur, as the water quickly passes through the thin one.

Since Fortrans is an effective drug, but expensive to save, many people pay attention to its domestic counterpart – Lavacol. Although in its composition it contains the same components, yet it differs from the French means. For example, it is packed not in four, but in 15 bags, which simplifies its use. It should be diluted in 200 ml of water, which means that the solution can be prepared just before use. Drink this potion is necessary every half hour for a glass. Just need three liters of solution.

Just like the previous drug, Lavacol has the same contraindications. With his admission may appear abdominal pain. The taste of the solution also leaves much to be desired. But its price is lower, so in order to save more pleasant to endure the inconvenience. Lavacol is also recommended for use before colonoscopy or surgery.

If Lavacol is not suitable, there are other drugs that can clear the intestines from toxins and slags. These methods include the English salt, called magnesia. Divorced in water and taken on an empty stomach 20 grams of the drug will also help clean the blood.

The big mistake of many people is that they use Lavacol and other means for losing weight, by repeatedly using them. Since the beneficial microflora is washed out over time, addiction occurs, as well as increasing the dosage of the drug.

Now in pharmacies there are many active food additives that can cope with this task. Special herbs are often used, such as buckthorn bark and hay leaves.

Monitor cleansing

Today the so-called monitor cleansing is gradually gaining popularity. It not only allows you to get rid of toxins, but also has a therapeutic effect.

Usually this method is used when, in addition to intestinal blockage, there are other diseases:

  • dysbacteriosis;
  • intoxication;
  • problems in the colon;
  • chronic constipation;
  • allergy;
  • stomatitis;
  • disease of the pelvic organs and others.

Intestinal cleansing folk methods

If you do not want to use Fortrans, Lavacol and other medicines, there are other ways to cleanse the intestines from toxins and to lose weight at home.

In this case, you can use vegetable oils, enema, herbal. And before that, consultation with a specialist is not required.

Use of enema

Enema use for quite some time, it is considered the most optimal way to rid the intestines of toxins and for weight loss. But too frequent its use can be harmful to health.

Intestinal cleansing preparations

The fact is that during this the microflora is washed out, therefore it is not recommended to put it more than three times.

Salt cleanse

Cleaning with saline is also an effective way.

But this should not be abused. Of course, the balance of salts returns to normal, and the fluid from the body is not washed out, but this treatment can cause various diseases.

Castor oil purification

Castor oil, on the basis of which castor oil is made, is considered a useful product. Therefore, many prefer this method of cleaning the intestines. It is advisable to leave this procedure overnight. And taken one drop of oil per kilogram of weight. The product should be heated and washed down with lemon juice.

First, there is a feeling of nausea, which can be interrupted by raisins. Nothing else can not eat. After about 3-4 hours, the cleansing process should begin, about 12 hours long, at which slags and toxins are removed. Also, this method can be used for the purpose of losing weight.

Above were considered the basic methods of cleansing the intestines for the removal of harmful substances and weight loss. Not only popular preparations for cleansing the intestines, but also some folk remedies were mentioned. It is only necessary to remember that the blood is also purified with medicines, but you must first consult your doctor.

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