Inhalation at temperature

Is it possible to carry out inhalation at a high temperature of 37,

Types of inhalers

Inhalation of fever and cough can be done to children with the help of such means:

  • Inhalation nebulizer.
  • Steam inhalation.
  • Inhalation with medication.

Inhalation at temperature

Each type is effective in a particular case, for some purposes, you can use a nebulizer, for others, berodual. In some situations, medications are used. If we talk about the procedure for children at a temperature of 37,

Nebulizer at a temperature

Using a nebulizer allows you to breathe air enriched with drugs or moisten the air with it. After it, a high effect is achieved, as after using the berodual, especially when coughing.

Advantages of inhalation

The advantage of inhalation during acute respiratory diseases lies in the fact that exposure occurs directly on the site affected by the virus. After inhalation of children the following is achieved:

  • Improvement of mucociliary clearance (protective mechanism of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, which is involved in cough sputum removal).
  • Using the berodual, you can enter drugs directly into the site of infection.
  • The introduction of drugs through inhalation allows them to be rapidly absorbed into the blood through the mucous membrane with abundant blood supply.

How to make inhalation?

After taking the meal should take at least an hour. In the event that manifestations of rhinopharyngitis are predominant, it is better to breathe through the nose. When coughing and the predominant symptoms of bronchitis and laryngotracheitis, berodual should be used by inhaling the substance through the mouth. Breathing must be calm and deep. After inhalation, it is not recommended to go out and inhale cold air for at least three hours.

Inhalation is contraindicated

Most parents ask if they can take inhalations at a temperature for their children? In some cases, this can not be done, let’s find out why:

  • If the temperature is above 37.5-38 degrees (except for inhalation at a temperature using a nebulizer).
  • With respiratory and cardiovascular failure.
  • With persistent bleeding from the nasal passages.

In any case, starting treatment, you must consult a doctor.

Steam inhalation at elevated temperature

Steam inhalation is the easiest method to use. It effectively copes with existing cough, but it can not be used at temperatures above

Conducting steam inhalation can cause a rise in body temperature, thereby having a harmful effect, after which various complications can occur. Steam inhalation is allowed in such cases:

  • If there are pronounced symptoms (when coughing with sputum), pre-temperature knocked down with medication.
  • At a temperature not more than

Inhalation at temperature

In other cases, such a tool can not be used, it is recommended nebulizer.

Inhalation at temperature

Nebulizer at a temperature

A nebulizer is a device capable of converting a liquid substance into a fine mist for inhalation and even distribution through the respiratory tract. Curiously, using such a device you can make a very high concentration of the drug substance in the required area (trachea, bronchiole, bronchi), with minimal ingestion of the drug in the bloodstream.

Inhalation of such a device when the temperature and cough do not contribute to its increase, since the substance inhaled by the child is not hot and has only a therapeutic effect.

Temperature increase after the procedure

We should not exclude such a scenario. Temperature rise is not always associated with therapy. It could begin the progression of the disease, or there was an activation of the body’s immunity, increasing the fight against infection. In any situation, if the temperature is less than 38.5 degrees, then you do not need to shoot it down. If the temperature is higher and continues to rise, accompanied by nausea, severe chills, pain in the head, then urgent measures should be taken. To churn the temperature you need:

  • Drink a drug that lowers the temperature (Paracetamol, Aspirin, Analgin with No-Spa).
  • Three times wipe the body with vodka, until it is completely evaporated from the skin.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of fluid.
  • If the temperature rises again or not to quit hyperthermia, seek medical help.

Solution for inhalation at temperature

You can use for inhalation as infusions or solutions of herbs, and special medicines. Effective solutions with sea salt, especially for people with broncho-obstructive syndrome. Soda inhalations soften cough, allow sputum to move faster.

An excellent disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect is characterized by infusions of eucalyptus and conifers. But it is necessary to remember about an allergic reaction, which can be more dangerous during inhalation than an increase in temperature. If a person is allergic, it is better not to use herbal infusions, dispense with a simple solution of soda.

Inhalations are generally very effective, they are used to treat acute respiratory infections. Especially important effect from inhalation with soda solution in children with laryngitis. Indeed, in the case of its development occurs laryngospasm and hypoxia. The condition can be life threatening.

In the case of progressive laryngitis, it is extremely useful to make alkaline inhalations, even in the presence of elevated temperature. Of course, this is done with its further decrease in antipyretic drugs. If children often suffer from laryngitis, it is important to have an electronic inhaler at home.

Conducting steam inhalation at high temperature is shown, and in any case not, only the attending physician can. Carrying out inhalation when using a nebulizer is not prohibited at high temperatures.

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