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Treatment of cough folk remedies

Cough occurs for many reasons and manifests itself as a symptom of infectious, catarrhal and chronic diseases. It can manifest itself as a side effect of taking certain drugs, as an allergic reaction to an irritant component, as a reaction to a foreign body in the airways. Before treating cough, the main task is to identify the cause, it will help most successfully and in a timely manner to cope with the unpleasant manifestation.

Causes of Cough

The causes of cough are many, as already mentioned, cough in children and adults can occur for any reason. But in the list of causes of coughing, respiratory diseases are leading – ranging from a mild cold and ending with the most severe forms of pneumonia, asthma, all this can cause a cough of a different nature, of different duration and intensity. Care should be taken to cough – it can be a signal of both mild and complex diseases. In the case of complex diseases, early warning is extremely important, so if you notice non-standard manifestations of cough (it is deeper, causes strange sensations, a burning sensation in the chest, does not go away for a long time) – do not try to suppress the cough with those quick remedies that are sold in pharmacies. Also, do not conduct a national treatment of cough for the sake of eliminating it – remember that it is such a sequence of cough treatment that is important for your health: first a diagnosis, then a cough treatment! Otherwise, there is a risk to start the disease, to bring it into a chronic one.

Folk remedies for rhinitis children

A runny nose is one of the first symptoms of a beginning viral illness and cold. In young children, due to the immature immunity, runny nose is very common. Sometimes they seem endless, the treatment is not confusing, and the problem of a stuffy nose leads to more serious health problems. Popular treatment of rhinitis in children It becomes an excellent alternative to treatment with drugs, since it does not have serious side effects, does not cause addiction, does not block the work of the immune system and the production of its own immunoglobulins.

Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract treatment folk remedies

The symptom of a cold in a child

The common cold in children begins in different ways, some children first have a sore throat, a hoarse voice, a fever. Then the child begins to have a cough and runny nose, full nasal congestion. A runny nose in an infant begins spontaneously, although initially parents should be alerted by the grunting of the baby while eating, restless sleep, including harsh breathing during sleep, as well as a capricious state throughout the day.

Laryngitis symptoms, treatment of folk remedies

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. Like most diseases of the upper respiratory tract, with timely and adequate treatment, laryngitis can be cured quickly and causes no complications. However, the lack of proper treatment can be quite dangerous to health. First of all, it concerns children, since, due to the smaller volume of the larynx, there is a risk of narrowing of the respiratory channels. This condition is life threatening and requires immediate medical attention.

Laryngitis in adults usually occurs in a mild form, subject to the recommendations of the doctor, the disease goes away after seven to ten days.

Throat treatment with folk remedies

Every person had a sore throat. There is no one person to whom she from childhood would sometimes not burden her life with her presence. Gargling with soda, potato inhalations and other “grandmothers” methods, along with medical treatments for sore throat, are known to all. Today we talk about those folk throat treatment, who are not familiar to everyone. And also about how dangerous it is to treat a sore throat yourself and why it is not recommended to do this.

Sore throat, sore throat

In particular, sore throat causes a strong inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the lower pharynx. The tonsils and soft palate are the most inflamed. The main symptom of a sore throat is an unpleasant sensation when swallowing – it can be a feeling of irritating dryness, or aching pain, and sometimes burning and tightness in the throat. Discharges from the mucosa or excessive dryness accompany sore throat throughout the course of the disease. During treatment, sore throat, dryness and pain disappear.

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