Inflammation of the lungs without cough

Can there be pneumonia without coughing?

Many wonder if pneumonia can be coughless, and doctors often give an affirmative answer to this question. All known symptoms are described in terms of a certain number of patients studied, but there are also exceptions to the general rules. Each organism has its own reaction to a particular disease, and therefore they flow differently in each one. It often happens that even radiographic studies are not able to detect pneumonia, which occurs under the condition of complete absence of cough. Children are a particular risk group for asymptomatic pneumonia. Very often, parental vigilance is dulled in the absence of pronounced symptoms of the disease and access to a doctor occurs at the wrong time. The bad thing is that in this way there is a serious threat to the health of the child.

Inflammation of the lungs without coughing symptoms

Symptoms of pneumonia without coughing are fever, indicating the presence of infection in the body. The main difficulty in this situation is the impossibility of determining the presence of inflammation in the lungs. In this case, the diagnosis should be differentiated, subject to the exclusion of the relationship with other painful conditions.

Inflammation of the lungs without cough

When diagnosing pneumonia should pay attention to signs of a non-specific nature, which include:

  • pale skin;
  • unhealthy blush;
  • low susceptibility of physical activity;
  • appeared dyspnea;
  • chest pains accompanying every movement.

Determining the latent inflammation of the lungs, it is most difficult to examine a small child. He cannot really describe his condition, and when trying to do this, he is often confused. In this case, the consultation of a qualified physician will help, providing for the possibility of carrying out laboratory tests in order to correctly establish the diagnosis and assign the appropriate treatment.

Inflammation of the lungs without fever with cough

Pneumonia without fever with a cough is a very dangerous disease that can result in the death of the patient. The danger lies in the absence of symptoms, allowing time to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Cough in this case plays an insidious role, being a symptom of a disease of another kind and thus causing the possibility of making a wrong diagnosis. A sick person may not guess the nature of his condition, taking measures to relieve him, while he will be treated completely from another disease. Thereby, his condition will be aggravated more and more. In order to prevent this from happening, you should undergo a radiological examination in a timely manner in order to identify the true cause of what is happening.

Inflammation of the lungs without cough and temperature

Symptoms of pneumonia may be absent due to the localization of the disease in a particular segment or part of the lung tissue. In this case, the patient does not suffer from pain in the lungs, and he has no cough. Body temperature also remains in the normal range. This becomes possible when the patient’s immunity is weakened, or it can occur against the background of an uncontrolled intake of antibiotics. Also, the cause of the onset of pneumonia, occurring in the absence of cough, may be taking medications, the action of which is aimed at eliminating cough. Such a pathology is extremely dangerous in pediatric practice, since the child cannot correctly describe his feelings. Statistical calculations indicate the fact that pneumonia without coughing and temperature in most cases ends with the death of the patient. This fact explains the need for a clear understanding of the nature of the disease, the forms of its course and methods of dealing with it.

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