Inflammation of the foreskin photo

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Show a photo of the result of the operation circumcision

The appearance of the penis before and after circumcision of the foreskin of a man: during the operation, the foreskin is removed and the plastic bridle is held.

Be careful when choosing a surgeon – Do not risk your health!

In modern society, circumcision of the foreskin is increasingly seen from the standpoint of medicine and physiology, even if the procedure is performed on the basis of religious issues. Despite the great history of circumcision as a ritual, surgery often performed by doctors wrong!

In our practice, we regularly correct unsuccessful circumcision results in patients from OTHER clinics. Photos before and after such surgical corrections are presented on our forum.

What is circumcision

Male circumcision – one of the most frequent urological operations. It is widely believed that circumcision is a very simple, routine procedure. But it is not so! To get after surgery excellent aesthetic result (rather than a rough, pulling, asymmetrical scar) – it is very important that the procedure is performed experienced urologist surgeon.

According to medical indications, male circumcision is somewhat different from the traditional one and is more effective in treating phimosis, balanoposthitis, rapid ejaculation, or elimination of hygiene problems.

Testimonials from our patients after circumcision

At the medical forum, you can read the reviews of our patients after the operation of circumcision. Reviews are presented in the form of postoperative photo reports, where you can see how healing was going on, what problems arose after the operation and how they were resolved.

The forum discusses the treatment of balanoposthitis, phimosis, rapid ejaculation caused by hypersensitivity of the head and foreskin, and other problems that completely disappear after circumcision of the foreskin.

We perform aesthetic circumcision, when the foreskin is not simply removed, but the patient’s wishes regarding this or that type of circumcision are also taken into account, and an almost invisible scar is formed after the operation.

When male circumcision is performed

Often circumcision is done simply at the request of men. Circumcision in this case has several goals: it is the solution of problems with the hygiene of the penis, an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse with increased sensitivity of the head, the prevention of inflammatory processes.

An important question is the appearance: some believe that the penis should look natural, others, on the contrary, are confident that after cutting the member looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Male circumcision for medical reasons. carried out in the treatment of phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin of the penis). Also, circumcision is a treatment for chronic balanoposthitis (inflammation of the foreskin and head), with no effect from conservative therapy.

Cases of circumcision in older men and overweight people are associated, as a rule, with the development of diabetes and a decrease in local immunity, when chronic inflammation of the foreskin occurs with frequent exacerbations, resulting in the formation of a narrowing. The operation is aimed at eliminating the substrate of the inflammatory process – the foreskin.

In some cases, the removal of the foreskin is carried out with the correction of the curvature of the penis, as well as before using the extender to enlarge the penis. In the latter case, the operation is justified in terms of ease of use of the device extender (the head is easier to fix when the bridle and foreskin do not interfere and are not pinched).

Why circumcise: the pros and cons

What are the main advantages of a circumcised penis over an uncircumcised:

  • eliminating the risk of phimosis
  • prevention of inflammatory diseases and genital infections

Inflammation of the foreskin photo

In addition, the advantages of circumcision include:

  • the increase in the duration of sexual intercourse due to some reduction in the sensitivity of the head of the penis. At the same time, the fullness of sensations during sex does not decrease, but, on the contrary, increases due to the fact that the head no longer covers the foreskin during frictions, but is in contact with the entire surface of the vaginal walls.
  • a significant reduction in the risk of infection during sexual intercourse of women with the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer (in men, this virus causes genital warts).

However, whether an operation is necessary for a male circumcision in the absence of phimosis and inflammatory changes, only he himself can decide.

Inflammation of the foreskin photo

Genital Hygiene Indeed, the open head is more hygienic. The fact is that between the foreskin and the head of the penis accumulates smegma. Like any biological fluid, it is a favorable environment for the development of infection. Moreover, it has been proven that when it gets on the cervix during sexual intercourse, a stagnant smegma contributes to the appearance of a tumor there (cervical cancer). To avoid all these troubles, the man has to regularly (at least twice a day) hold the toilet of the genitals – move the foreskin back and wash the smegma. After circumcision, the need for such thorough care is eliminated. And the rumors about the need for smegma for normal sex life – are greatly exaggerated.

Decreased sensitivity of the head and an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse After circumcision, the head of the penis becomes less sensitive, and because of this, sexual intercourse is prolonged.

Sometimes the time of sexual intercourse may not increase at all, if a quick ejaculation in a man was not initially related to the sensitivity of the head of the penis, but was caused by other reasons.

In order to determine whether the duration of sexual intercourse will increase after circumcision and decrease the sensitivity of the head, lidocaine test: treat the head of the penis with lidocaine spray or gel, and then, when the drug is absorbed, wash off the remnants of water and have sexual intercourse (you can instead use a condom with an anesthetic). If ejaculation occurs later than usual, then we can confidently say that circumcision will help to prolong sexual intercourse.

On average, after 1-3 months. after surgery, the head becomes less sensitive, and the duration of sexual intercourse increases by 2-3 times.

Nevertheless, the decrease in sensitivity can be considered as a minus of circumcision. According to our observations, problems occur in 0.5-1% of patients, if a man has before surgery There were problems with the completion of sexual intercourse.

Male circumcision surgery

Male circumcision surgery – Circumcision – performed under local anesthesia. Anesthesia is used for circumcision in children, or at the urgent request of the patient. The operation is performed for the treatment of phimosis and balanoposthitis (for medical reasons), as well as during circumcision for religious reasons or the man’s own will.

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Show video surgery circumcision in men

Video surgery circumcision. Presents the main stages of the operation.

The operation of circumcision in the majority of cases is carried out on an outpatient basis in a day hospital. Hospitalization is rarely required in the presence of severe comorbidities.

Male circumcision: cost of surgery

Cost of operation circumcision with plastic bridles – aesthetic circumcision is performed with formation neat subtle postoperative scar! – 27

The cost includes absolutely all costs associated with the treatment: the operation itself (12 thousand rubles), anesthesia (5 thousand rubles), preparation for the operation (2 thousand rubles), stay in the ward + necessary drugs (3 thousand rubles.), postoperative observation for 2 months! (5 thousand rubles.). You don’t need to pay anything more!

An operation is possible in our clinic. circumcision on the day of treatment. The stay in the clinic is only 2-3 hours!

Make an appointment with our urologist and ask all your questions by phone: 8 (495) 722-19-28

How is circumcision performed

After treating the skin of the penis with a disinfectant solution, local anesthesia of the surgical area is performed. To this end, a rubber turnstile is temporarily superimposed on the base of the penis and anesthetic injection into the penis is performed. The puncture of the skin is the only unpleasant moment for the patient. After the injection of the anesthetic, the pain sensitivity is completely switched off for the time required for circumcision.

Below is a diagram of the standard version of the circumcision operation using the two cuts method:

Through a circular incision around the head of the penis is the mobilization and excision of the leaves of the foreskin with simultaneous plastic frenulum (red dotted lines – the sites of incisions).

In the case of incomplete circumcision, the second circular incision is made in such a way as to preserve more of the skin of the penis, which will later be folded over the head of the penis and imitate the foreskin. The very foreskin (inner leaflet) and scar tissue (in case of phimosis) are removed in any case so that there is no recurrence of phimosis or the formation of a tightening ring (in case of an incorrectly performed circumcision).

At the final stage of the cutting operation, absorbable sutures are applied along the skin incision, as well as sutures in the bridle area. This operation ends. A bandage is applied to the patient. And after 1-2 hours you can go home.

How the penis will look like after circumcision

After healing of the wound, an imperceptible scar (up to 1 mm wide) located circularly at a distance of 3-5 mm from the coronary sulcus of the penis head remains.

At the request of the patient, incomplete or partial circumcision is performed (when most of the skin of the penis remains, imitating the foreskin and partially covering the head), the standard version (the head is open in the resting state of the penis), as well as tight circumcision (after which the foreskin , but most of the skin of the penis).

Circumcision of the foreskin in Moscow: our clinic

If you are going to circumcise the foreskin to eliminate phimosis or to treat balanoposthitis, for reasons of aesthetics and hygiene, or to prolong the time of sexual intercourse, we invite you to our Specialized Clinic on Savvinskaya Embankment, located at Moscow, Bolshaya Savvinsky Lane, 12 page 12

If you live far from Moscow, you can go through a remote examination on our forum and come immediately for an operation.

You can make an appointment with our urologist, and also ask all the questions you are interested in by calling a medical consultation: 8 (495) 722-19-28

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