Inflamed lymph node in the neck how to treat

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Lymph nodes are the basic components of the lymphatic system, which are sources of lymphocyte production. These immune cells can neutralize viruses that enter the body from the outside.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes occurs in many infectious diseases and some pathological conditions. When an infectious agent enters the body, the lymphatic system is activated and the production of such cells is enhanced, which causes an increase in the lymph nodes.

Inflamed lymph node in the neck how to treat

Causes of lymph node enlargement

Why do the lymph nodes in the neck become inflamed? This question worries many victims. The reasons are varied. Inflammation can be both an independent disease and a manifestation of a completely different pathology.

The lymph nodes in the neck are the result of many processes in areas such as the face, neck, mouth, and auricles. That is why the following causes of their inflammation can be identified:

  1. The causes may be in the infectious pathologies of the respiratory system and mouth. This may be an infection of ARVI, influenza, sore throat, chicken pox, as well as otitis media, caries.
  2. Immune causes, namely, undertreated pathologies, hypothermia, lack of vitamins in the body, severe stress.
  3. Traumatic causes: accidental mechanical damage and injuries of knots.
  4. Other reasons may lie in impaired metabolism, thyroid disease, allergies, chronic alcoholism.

If the lymph nodes are inflamed from behind and there is pain, this indicates such pathological processes in the body:

  • rubella;
  • the occurrence of toxoplasmosis;
  • manifestations of acute pharyngitis;
  • presence of systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • also the inflammation of the lymph nodes in the back indicates the presence of tuberculosis.

If there is pain and inflammation only on the right side, this signals existing processes in the body, such as inflammation in the right half of the throat, an increase and inflammation of the right thyroid lobe or inflammation of the tonsil on the right.

How can I detect inflammation of the lymph nodes?

If there is inflammation and swollen lymph nodes, these symptoms may appear.

Pain is the first and most frequent symptom of inflammation. The neck and throat are painful when swallowing, especially after passing food through the larynx. This symptom can often radiate to the chin.

In the place where there is pain, a pea is sensed, which is mobile. When the inflammation is quite pronounced, an increase in such a pea is already more noticeable and can reach 5 centimeters in diameter. In this case, you will need anti-inflammatory treatment.

In a situation where the tuberosity and fuzziness of the pea contours is noted, it is immobile, this may indicate the presence of a lymph node with abnormal cells. In this case, lymphadenopathy occurs.

The area above the inflammation may turn red.

Also manifested common symptoms: general malaise, fever, headaches.

Symptoms of inflammation of the lymph nodes occur after provoking their causes: pain in the throat, acute respiratory infections, lesions in measles or rubella, etc.

The symptoms of this pathology in a child may be as follows. If inflammation is a result of sluggish inflammation in the head and neck area or the child’s immunity is not strong enough to quickly eliminate the infection, it develops a chronic degree of neck limadenitis. At the same time, the pain is almost not felt, the lymph nodes are slightly enlarged. The general condition of the child is unchanged, the body temperature does not rise.

If the inflammation and swollen lymph nodes are a consequence of a bacterial or viral infection that is localized in the mouth, soft tissues of the neck or head, symptoms such as fever, swelling of the cervical region, loss of appetite occur. Older children develop symptoms of nausea, lethargy, weakness, sleep disturbances and wakefulness.

How to treat inflammation of the lymph nodes?

Treatment of such phenomena as an increase and inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck, the doctor determines, based on how old the patient is, his general condition, the results of the examinations, the causes of the pathology. It is very important to listen to the recommendations of the doctor and promptly resort to his help, because such a disease is dangerous.

Basically, when there is pain and inflammation of the lymph nodes, conservative treatment is prescribed. This treatment is indicated when there is no risk of spreading the infection. At the same time, a person must comply with bed rest, stay outside for a long time, avoid heat, strong wind, and not attend sports sections.

Also, when the inflamed area is severely sore, the doctor prescribes treatment with antibiotics, which he selects, based on how sensitive the person is to them. Aggravation of the course of the disease can occur with strong feelings, stress, stress, failure to follow the diet and daily regimen.

No less effective nutritional treatment. In other words, a person should follow this diet:

  1. Exclusion from the diet of spices, spices, spicy, fatty, fried foods, pickles, alcohol and soda.
  2. You need high-calorie food.
  3. Food should not irritate the throat.
  4. Liquid must be warm.
  5. It is recommended to include liquid porridges and soups in food.
  6. It is also advisable to consume boiled vegetables and fruits, fish, meatballs.

In the event that such a disease is a consequence of a viral infection, the treatment is supplemented with multivitamin and immunostimulating drugs.

If the pain and an increase in the lymph nodes is characterized by a purulent form of the disease, the doctor prescribes a surgical treatment, during which the lesion is opened and its contents are removed. The following shows antibacterial treatment.

Inflamed lymph node in the neck how to treat

Sometimes pain and swelling are eliminated by physiotherapy. But such treatment must be carried out carefully.

Is it possible to treat this disease at home?

Sure you may! Even need! Everyone should be aware that only comprehensive treatment will help get rid of the pathology.

Home treatment may be as follows:

The use of decoctions. If your lymph nodes are sore and inflamed, you can make various decoctions for treatment. Example: hop cones, oregano and yarrow are mixed in the same quantity and poured over with boiling water. Leave to infuse the remedy for ten minutes. Use the resulting decoction before eating in the amount of 10 ml.

Inflamed lymph node in the neck how to treat

You can also make an infusion of horsetail, fresh leaves of mint or black currant leaves.

The use of tinctures. Eliminate pain and swelling can tincture of ginseng. Take the medicine orally 3 times a day in the amount of ten drops. Also, if the lymph node is swollen and sore, you can make an infusion from the Canadian yellow root, which is sold in many pharmacies. The tool helps to relieve swelling and has an antiseptic effect.

Rinsing. This treatment is important to do if the lymph nodes are enlarged due to infection in the oral cavity (with angina, stomatitis). In this case, it is recommended to make an infusion of chamomile flowers, which gargle the throat and mouth. You can also rinse diluted in water aloe juice.

The use of compresses. When the lymph nodes hurt, you can make such a compress: mint leaves are crushed with a blender and put on a gauze segment, rolled 2 times. Apply a compress to the inflamed area 3 times a day.

Massage treatment. When the lymph nodes ache because of their inflammation, you can do a light massage. Massage procedures can accelerate recovery, and essential oils, which are used for massage, reduce discomfort in the area of ​​the hearth.

When the inflamed lymph nodes ache, massage should be done carefully. It is necessary to observe accuracy and smoothness of movements. Lymph nodes can ache when performing massage. In this case, it is important to change the movement for lighter. During the massage, the person should lie with his chin slightly elevated. The duration of the massage should not exceed ten minutes.

When performing massage use oils such as eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree.

With the help of ointments. As soon as the massage was performed, it was recommended to lubricate the site of inflammation with an anti-inflammatory ointment. This may be Vishnevsky ointment, Ichthyol ointment. Such an ointment can be made at home: the interior fat is melted in a water bath, a boon spoon is added to the herb and left to steam for one hour. After that, the fat is drained from the grass and used to grind the inflamed area.

It should be noted that any treatment must be agreed with your doctor. Otherwise it will be inactive!

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