Inexpensive remedy for thrush

Thrush, or vulvovaginal candidiasis, is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and forces women to see a doctor or go to a pharmacy. For the treatment of this disease, the doctor or pharmacist may recommend taking pills or using topical products (creams, vaginal tablets, suppositories).

Inexpensive remedy for thrush

Why are the remedies for thrush different?

According to modern requirements, the doctor does not have the right to prescribe any particular drug. He can give a prescription in which only the international non-proprietary name (INN) of the drug is indicated.

Inexpensive remedy for thrush

Preparations for the treatment of thrush are produced by many pharmaceutical manufacturers under various names. The active ingredient in similar means is the same, and brand names are different. Quite often there are no other significant differences between such analogues. The difference in price is due to the costs of development and advertising, the peculiarities of the manufacturing technology, the presence of auxiliary substances and many other factors. In many cases, the cheapest means work no less effectively than advertised expensive drugs. In addition, inexpensive drugs are less likely to be falsified.

In fairness, it must be said that not all generics (analogues of the original drug) have the qualities of a proprietary agent. Therefore, when visiting a doctor, you need to clarify exactly what means he recommends, and whether it is possible to purchase a cheaper equivalent.

For the treatment of thrush use systemic and local antifungal drugs. At the first appearance of thrush, vaginal tablets or suppositories (suppositories) are usually prescribed. With the recurrence of the disease, you must use drugs for oral administration. Let us consider in more detail the cheapest, but at the same time effective medicines for thrush.

Remedies for local use

For local treatment of candidiasis, the doctor usually prescribes an ointment or cream, vaginal suppositories (suppositories), and vaginal tablets. The active substances from such dosage forms are practically not absorbed into the bloodstream, having an effect only on the surface of the mucous membrane. This helps to improve tolerability.

Ointment and cream

Ointment and cream Clotrimazole are produced by many manufacturers. The active ingredient of the ointment destroys the membrane of fungal cells, causing their death. It concentrates in the surface layers of the mucous membrane and skin, without being absorbed into the blood. Ointment and cream is most conveniently used for lesions of the vulva, applying to the surface of the external genital organs twice a day for five days. Before use, you should carefully wash with soap and drain the crotch.

The use of ointment or cream Clotrimazole may be accompanied by a burning sensation, tingling, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes. In this case, it is recommended to change the drug. Sometimes allergic reactions and contact dermatitis occur. Ointment and cream Clotrimazole is not recommended for use in the first trimester of pregnancy. The cost of one package often does not exceed 100 rubles.

Vaginal suppositories

Candles for insertion into the vagina – the main component of the local treatment of thrush. One of the inexpensive means – vaginal suppositories Primafungin. They contain natamycin – antifungal antibiotic. It is not absorbed from the surface of the mucous membrane into the blood. The advantage of this drug is the lack of fungal resistance to it.

Suppositories Primafungin injected deep into the vagina, one at night for 3 – 6 days. They can cause a slight burning sensation that does not require discontinuation of the drug. A contraindication is only individual intolerance. Primafungin can be used during pregnancy and lactation. The introduction of candles is interrupted only during menstruation. The cost of packing of three suppositories is about 200 rubles.

Vaginal tablets

Tablets for insertion into the vagina – less convenient, but cheaper form than candles. Vaginal tablets Clotrimazole are inserted into the vagina at night one by one for 1 to 6 days at a dosage of 100 or 500 mg. They cause the rapid death of fungal cells and getting rid of the symptoms of thrush.

When using vaginal tablets may be a slight irritation of the mucous membrane, usually not requiring discontinuation of the drug. Vaginal tablets Clotrimazole are contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy. Their use during lactation has been little studied. The cost of a single 500 mg tablet is 10 to 50 rubles; the price of a 100 mg tablet is usually slightly lower.

Preparations for oral administration

If thrush recurs, capsules or tablets for oral administration are used to treat it. Fluconazole is the most effective treatment for this. Fluconazole preparations are produced by more than 30 pharmaceutical companies. One of the cheapest and at the same time sufficiently effective means are the capsules Fluconazole Stad.

The active ingredient of this medicine kills fungal cells. The drug helps to cope with the symptoms of recurrent thrush, including against the background of immunodeficiency. It is also used for systemic candidiasis with damage to internal organs. For the treatment of recurrent genital candidiasis, it is usually sufficient to take one capsule of Fluconazole Stad 150 mg.

Short course drug treatment is usually well tolerated. Individual intolerance (allergic reaction) in the form of pruritus, urticaria, angioedema is possible. With regular intake in large doses, the function of the nervous system, the digestive organs can be disrupted, it is likely that hematopoietic depression, the development of rhythm disturbances and other undesirable effects are possible.

Inexpensive remedy for thrush

The cost of one capsule of Fluconazole Stade 150 mg is about 100 rubles. Other low-cost fluconazole drugs are Flucostat Pharmastandard and Mikoflukan. They are also quite effective for treating thrush.

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