If the pressure is low

Leading spray gun manufacturers

The Walcom brand is owned by an Italian manufacturing company with a 70-year history of Walmec. She designs and manufactures coloring equipment. Since 1945, the company operates in the market of professional painting tools.

If the pressure is low

The Japanese company ANEST IWATA has been operating in the market since 1926. Professional equipment for painting under the brand name ANEST IWATA covers a wide range of surface painting.

If we talk about professional pistol spray guns with a good reputation, then this is undoubtedly SATA. They are distinguished by reliability and durability, excellent stable torch, ease of use and cost effectiveness. These spray guns are highly appreciated by professionals all over the world.

The DeVilbiss brand for its centennial history has earned a reputation as a leader in the manufacture of dyeing tools.

The American brand Graco is well known among professional painters. Its products are characterized by high reliability, long service life, a wide range of tasks performed.

When ordering from 50 thousand rubles – 5% discount on all products

Do you want to buy a pneumatic spray? Then, before you buy, you need to answer the question: What paint material will be used? This is a very important point, since the difference in density and viscosity of paintwork materials entirely influences the choice of spray gun. You need to understand how much material you will use, and what is the size of the painted surface. When you consider all these moments it will be very easy for you to pick up a paint sprayer. Now we will sort on points:

If the pressure is low

1. When you determine what the area of ​​the surface you are painting is, then you will be able to choose the size of the spray gun itself. Suppose if you are mainly engaged in painting a small surface, then you may come up with a mini paint sprayer, and for a larger area there is a standard size. All this is for your convenience only.

2. The choice of material feed depends on how much material you will use, and how often the color changes during coloring. For example, a pressurized supply is needed to use a constant color and a large amount of material on a conveyor line (pumped or a pressure pot). Gravity feed (top tank) is used with frequent color changes and a small amount of material. Siphon feed is used with an average volume of material and frequent interchangeable color. For these purposes, suitable professional spray gun, the price of which corresponds to the functions performed.

3. Knowledge of the type, viscosity and density of the product is needed to select the suitable nozzle and air cap. Usually with low viscosity choose a small nozzle size, and high viscosity large. The smaller the grain of the material being sprayed, the smaller should be the nozzle diameter of the spray gun.

So for base coatings like metallic fit –

If the pressure is low

If you are just going to do painting, then I recommend to get a spray gun with a nozzle for a start.

4. The choice of spraying technology is also quite an important point, since it fully affects the material, air and fogging consumption. Yes, at the moment there are certain international standards for environmental protection in which the HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) system has become the most appropriate and widespread – high volume, low pressure. But manufacturers do not stand still, and more and more will improve spray systems, and this allows us to choose. Online spray gun shop currently offers the following systems: LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure) – low volume, low pressure; LVMP (Low Volume Middle Pressure) – low volume, medium pressure; RP (Reduced Pressure) – low pressure; MP (Middle Pressure) – average pressure; HTE (High Transfer Efficiency) – high transfer efficiency; HP (High Pressure) – high pressure.

So, now that you know the characteristics of the future working tool for painting, you need to choose a manufacturer, and our experts with extensive experience will help you with this.

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