If the monthly smear and do not start

Violation of the monthly cycle happens in every woman. Brown daub instead of menstruation makes you worry about your own health. But is it all serious? Why monthly smear, but do not start?

The main reason for the strange discharge

All processes of the menstrual cycle are under the influence of hormones. The balance is very important for the normal functioning of the reproductive system and the health of the woman as a whole. With a high amount of estrogen and insufficient levels of progesterone, menstruation is delayed or is going in a strange way, namely, there is brown daub. At the same time, an insufficient amount of estrogen in the first phase of the cycle interferes with the normal functioning of the genital organs. Therefore, a new egg does not develop, ovulation does not occur. The endometrial layer in the uterus does not thicken. When it comes time to the next menstruation, there is simply nothing to reject. Instead of the usual discharge present brown daub. To restore a full menstrual cycle, you need to adjust the balance of hormones. Moreover, in case of serious violations it is very difficult to do it yourself. You need to know what kind of hormone is not enough, in what dose to take and how much time. There are a lot of factors provoking an imbalance of hormones. And people call them causes.

At the same time, there are situations when hormonal imbalance occurs deliberately, and brown daub instead of menstruation is the norm.

Scanty brown discharge on the background of contraceptive use

Their main task of birth control pills is to prevent ovulation. An insufficient amount of estrogen prevents the birth and development of the egg. There is simply no ovulation. In addition, a low level of estrogen in the first half of the cycle prevents the endometrium from developing in the uterus. Then instead of menstruation appear scanty brown discharge. Three months is getting used to the new conditions of existence. Bloody discomfort during the entire menstrual cycle. Appear can any day. Doctors regard this situation as the norm. But if the brown discharge continues to appear instead of menstruation longer than 3 months, the question arises about the replacement of the drug.

Spotting due to pregnancy

Delayed menstruation is considered the main sign of pregnancy. But this is not always the case. Due to the individual characteristics of the woman’s body and the influence of various factors, ovulation can occur not in the middle of the cycle, as is customary, but towards the end. Then the hormonal background does not have time to rebuild. First, there is a slight delay, then a scanty brown discharge. For the safe development of pregnancy is responsible for the first 3 months of progesterone. Its lack of it causes brown discharge instead of menstruation, when conception occurred. The extent to which it can rise depends on the fate of the fertilized egg. High probability of failure. If a pregnancy is not successful, the test results may be false. In the first 2 weeks, one strip will appear in the presence of tangible signs of pregnancy. If a woman wants to save the child, you should seek help from a doctor.

Spotting can be smeared in the presence of ectopic pregnancy. Then, in addition to the strange brown secretions, there is general weakness, dizziness, severe pain in the lower back, lower abdomen. The situation becomes life threatening if the brown scanty discharge turns into heavy bleeding.

In case of violation of the monthly cycle with unusual discharge instead of monthly should be visited by a gynecologist. Better to be safe.

Severe nervous exhaustion

Monthly smeared brown instead of normal discharge due to nervous tension. Especially when it comes to stress. The nervous system does not attach much importance in violation of the monthly cycle, and in the meantime it is she who is involved in the production of hormones. Regulates the processes of the brain – the hypothalamus. It is connected with the central nervous system, and it, in turn, gives instructions to the internal organs and systems about the required hormones. Strong stress or, as they say, overload, leads to negative processes in the body. The monthly cycle is broken, there are brown discharge. Monthly smear, but do not go. Moreover, short-term stress leads to severe bleeding, and long-term – to the absence of normal menstruation.

If the monthly smear and do not start

Constant nervous exhaustion causes an imbalance of hormones. Daub instead of full menstruation is observed at first, then menstruation does not come at all. On your psycho-emotional state should pay special attention.

Brown discharge after antibiotics

Taking certain medications affects the monthly cycle mediocre. Such drugs include strong antibiotics. Misconception that antibiotics only affect the intestinal microflora, cause dysbiosis and nothing more. Modern medicine has proven the link between these drugs and the violation of the cycle. Antibiotics affect the liver, pancreas, which, in turn, is fraught with changes in hormonal levels. In addition, antibiotics affect the nervous system. The delay in menstruation after a course of treatment can be from 1 week to 1 month. In this case, very often monthly smear brown, and do not go fully. After prolonged use of antibiotics. Especially in the form of injections, the menstrual cycle goes astray uniquely. In other cases, it can do without it.

If the monthly smear and do not start

Gynecological diseases

Violation of the menstrual cycle of women cause sexually transmitted diseases – chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, etc. The woman has a discharge in an increased amount, with an unpleasant smell. During the period of menstruation there are bloody discharge. If the monthly smear is not one cycle, the disease has become chronic. In addition to brown discharge, worried about the pain in the lower abdomen, weakness, general deterioration of health, fever.

Hormonal failure in the body of a woman provokes various gynecological diseases. Decreased protective functions, decreases immunity, increases the number of pathogens, altered cells. Pain in the lower abdomen, daub instead of menstruation may be a sign:

  • cervical erosion;
  • endometrial polyps;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • cancer tumor;
  • and etc.

All diseases are diagnosed in the doctor’s office, it is impossible to make a correct diagnosis at home. And delaying a visit to the doctor can result in serious health problems.

Violated cycle due to inflammatory processes in the genitals. Then, over the course of a month, a woman has transparent discharge in an increased amount, instead of menstruation, bloody discharge or daub begin. In addition, pain in the lower abdomen, lower back is disturbed, intestinal upset is observed, sometimes the temperature rises.

Brown discharge instead of menstruation should alert, if lasting a few days, a full menstruation does not begin. Otherwise, we are talking about a small hormonal imbalance, when the uterus is not yet ready to reject the endometrial layer, blood drops are released gradually. Under the influence of the acidic environment of the vagina and oxygen turn into brown discharge. The same situation may be present when after menstruation it continues to smear for several days. This is nothing dangerous, but you can reconsider your lifestyle.

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