I cured neurosis on my own

This article – feedback on the cure of neurosis an ordinary average person who is not particularly different from the majority. The article is designed to answer the frequent questions of those who suffer from neurosis and possibly help to believe in themselves.

Is it possible to cure neurosis forever

Among the methods that can be treated, it is possible to distinguish those that are being treated slowly, but there are also very nimble :). But with confidence we can say that neurosis is curable and this is a fact. The fact is confirmed by the practice of not only mine, but many other people who have chosen the same way as me (a quick way to heal from neurosis).

I cured neurosis on my own

How long does a neurosis take?

Let’s first decide what to call recovery from neurosis in order to understand what conditions must be fulfilled in order for the goal to be considered achieved. By recovery we mean a problem-free state in which you can safely build your life and be stress-resistant. Yes, by the way, stress tolerance is one of the signs of good mental health and lack of neurosis. This means genuine inner peace, not self-restraint.

If we take the above described for a cure, then personally I cured a neurosis in a year or two. Why so vague? Because the system / psychotechnique used by me is of very high speed and this affected the state of health by long negative states, and it was difficult to determine the recovery.

But as soon as the “quantum leap”, the “enlightenment of the mind” happened, while working with it, the recovery of the psyche became obvious. So it’s probably better to count with a margin of 2 years. Again, this is a specific system (here you can get it).

Cure for Neurosis – Review

I believe that the most important result is inner peace. Yes, that’s so trite and it seems that simple. But this is probably the most valuable condition. And no wonder everyone intuitively tends to it. How? Usually with the help of alcohol and drugs. Someone finds peace in your favorite business. But for some reason you have to look for it in something, instead of having it for free and without effort. After all, it is the natural state of any creature.

Why do I say that peace is the most valuable state. From this state, the effectiveness of any action increases. But this is if you take the household level. And so it is in itself has value for anyone, because it is the nature of each of us and it is our essence.

And of course you can write a lot of results in connection with a cure for neurosis, but whatever one may say, it all comes down to getting calm. So, the results:

  • got rid of background anxiety (main component of neurosis)
  • lost fears
  • became stress resistant
  • became confident
  • Thinking became clearer, faster and as a result began to receive the results of the initiated cases faster and easier.
  • intuition increased
  • communication with people is easy and free
  • stopped worrying that I don’t have a million rubles a month income :)
  • and

I cured neurosis on my own

There are a lot of results and it’s just not realistic to list them all, and I don’t want to. And I want to wish everyone who has decided to recover from the neurosis of success and speedy recovery. Good luck!

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