Hurts over the navel

Abdominal pain in the area above the navel can occur for a variety of reasons. In this zone, the stomach and the upper part of the duodenum are located, so any pain requires a very careful attitude and treatment to a specialist.

Pain can be sharp, cutting, aching, they can appear once or occur constantly. Since they are indicative of various pathologies, if the stomach is painful above the navel, it is imperative that you consult a gastroenterologist and undergo a full examination.

Causes of pain

The cause of pain can be acute gastritis.

Pain in the area above the navel can be an alarming sign of an acute or chronic illness of various calving of the digestive tract.

As a rule, its appearance indicates the presence of the following pathologies and inflammatory processes:

  1. Acute gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach resulting from the activity of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium and disruption of normal diet. Abdominal pain is complemented by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a gray patina appears on the tongue. The disease requires both medical treatment and adherence to a special diet to prevent the transition to the chronic form.
  2. Cancers of the stomach. This is the most dangerous condition; cancer remains one of the key causes of death worldwide. In the initial stages, cancer is curable: the first sign is persistent persistent pain at the site of the tumor, in addition, symptoms of gastritis, a feeling of spreading, a sharp decrease in appetite and weight loss are observed.
  3. Peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Usually pains appear in the morning hours, they can also occur with large intervals between meals. Often they are so strong that the patient has to get up at night to drink an analgesic or to eat, while the pain disappears after eating.
  4. Pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas. If the inflammation affects the head of the gland, the pain will be localized to the right in the upper abdomen, and during inflammation in the central part the pain will appear above the navel. The disease is also manifested by indigestion, diarrhea, and the appearance of mucus particles in the feces.
  5. Duodenitis is an inflammatory process in the duodenum. The pain appears in the epigastric region, it is especially noticeable with pressure. Patients have a decrease in apatite, after eating a feeling of nausea.

The most dangerous condition that can manifest as pain in the area above the navel is appendicitis – inflammation of the appendix. In this case, the pain first occurs in the middle part of the abdomen, and then they go to the right and down. There is tension in the muscles of the abdomen, the pain increases with movement.

If you suspect appendicitis, you need to urgently call an ambulance.

Why does the stomach hurt children?

Children suffer from lactose intolerance.

Not always the appearance of pain in the abdomen in the navel – a sign of a serious inflammatory process. They can also be the result of disorders of the digestive process, especially often it occurs in children.

As the digestive system continues to form, any deviation from the diet or eating unusual foods can cause pain, nausea, and stool disorders.

In young children, abdominal pain often occurs with lactose intolerance. In the process of digestion, it is broken down by a special enzyme – lactase.

If it is produced in insufficient quantities, pain will appear, in addition, children will have bloating. If the pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other alarming symptoms, an urgent need to consult a doctor – only a specialist can make a correct diagnosis and start treatment in a timely manner.

Children often experience functional abdominal pain: they are not associated with inflammation, but with nervous disorders. They occur with stress, strong feelings, depression, increased anxiety – all this can provoke a short-term digestive upset and cause abdominal pain without any physical reason.

Thematic video tells about why the stomach hurts above the navel:

Pain in the navel for diseases of the small intestine

Pain can be associated with very dangerous conditions that threaten the patient’s life.

Very often, pain near the navel occurs in diseases of the small intestine: they occur both above the navel and in the area below it, depending on the pathology present.

Pain can be associated with very dangerous conditions that threaten the patient’s life.

The pains of the cramping character appear around the navel when there is obstruction of the small intestine – it occurs under the influence of mechanical causes, or when squeezed due to adhesions or twisting of the intestines. Severe pain is accompanied by repeated vomiting, it does not lead to an improvement in condition.

No gas and diarrhea. If you do not take action in a timely manner, the pain may disappear, but a shock state develops with a sharp drop in blood pressure. Without urgent surgical intervention, the patient will die, so an urgent need to take him to the hospital.

Another cause of pain can be chronic jejunitis – inflammation of the jejunum. Pain occurs in the umbilical region, with flatulence and repeated diarrhea with a frequency of up to 20 times per day. Fecal masses become foamy and get an unpleasant smell. The inflammatory process develops gradually, so it is important to start treatment as soon as possible.

The pain around the navel can manifest itself in irritable bowel syndrome – a functional illness that often occurs after eating poor-quality food. There are cramping pain, intestinal motility is disturbed, there is flatulence, this condition is accompanied by diarrhea with a slimy feces.

The pain can spread to the hypochondrium. It is important to follow all the recommendations of the doctor and follow a strict diet. Pain around the navel can also occur with cancers of the small intestine – this is one of the rare oncological diseases, people over 30 are at risk. Additional signs of the tumor process are nausea, bloating, the appearance of spastic pain. In the future, there is a rapid weight loss, deterioration in overall health.

Treatment of pain in the navel

Enema can be used only after consulting a doctor.

For any prolonged or recurring abdominal pains, it is important that you get expert advice as soon as possible and follow all of its recommendations.

It is unacceptable to take pain pills yourself – they lubricate the clinical picture and do not allow to accurately diagnose the disease.

This leads to a delay in treatment and deterioration of health. It is strictly forbidden to apply a warm heating pad to the abdomen – for appendicitis, it helps speed up the process and the development of peritonitis.

In identifying inflammatory processes in the intestines, the doctor will prescribe antibacterial drugs, and also prescribe a diet that will help the intestines recover faster. The patient is prescribed a copious drink, and any sodas and alcohol are completely excluded from the diet.

Sharp, fatty, smoked, fried foods are also excluded, the basis of the diet is the most easily digestible food. When treating diseases of the intestine, fractional nutrition is prescribed: food is taken in small portions 5-6 az per day to reduce the load on the stomach and intestines.

If you follow the recommendations of a specialist, you will feel better after a few days, but you must follow the prescribed regimen until the end of treatment. Any folk remedies: tinctures, decoctions of herbs, enemas, etc. can only be used after consulting a doctor. Even if they do not cause harm, they may not give a result, as a result of which the provision of real assistance is delayed.

Any inflammatory process in the digestive tract can become chronic, leading to a deterioration in the quality of life of the patient.

Pain in the navel during pregnancy

Pain in the navel during pregnancy can be a sign of an intestinal infection.

Hurts over the navel

Abdominal pain in the area near the navel occurs for various reasons: they can be normal or a sign of serious pathology. Most often they occur due to several factors:

  • Increase the abdomen in size. This is a natural process, however, due to the increase in the uterus, tension of the round ligament of the liver is sometimes observed. This leads to constant, but weak pain.
  • Umbilical hernia occurs, as a rule, with poorly developed abdominal muscles. The pain may occur at 13-1 week, but over time it passes. Sometimes complications arise6 pain becomes severe, vomiting or constipation occur, an urgent need to consult a doctor.
  • Intestinal infections. The body of a pregnant woman is especially vulnerable to pathogens: intestinal infections can cause miscarriage, therefore, at the first symptoms need the help of specialists.

In all cases, pain in the navel requires careful attention and medical advice. If any pathology is detected, it is necessary to follow all recommendations for a speedy cure.

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