Hurts belly down

Everyone knows the well-known folk expressions “the navel will unleash” (about the impending hard work), “you tear up your stomach” (means either something very funny, or, again, a difficult undertaking). However, from a medical point of view, there is a trauma suitable for the term “tore open stomach”. Her symptoms are exactly the same as for an umbilical hernia. What is not surprising, since it is called in simple way the tear of the abdomen. True, sometimes this term implies stretching the abdominal muscles, but this interpretation is rare. A torn stomach happens in people who have sharply lifted a significant load or have long carried (pushed, pulled) heavy, at the limit of physical abilities, objects. Physiologically, the injury is manifested by the lowering of the spool below the place – by the rules, it must be located in the navel.

Signs of tear

If a woman has torn up a stomach, the symptoms appear as follows: there are strong, shooting pains along the entire border of the loin. Similar sensations appear in the lower abdomen. Often the displacement of the spool causes bloating and rumbling of the abdomen followed by diarrhea. It can be prickled in the side like it happens after a quick run or with renal colic. Sometimes severe abdominal pains are accompanied by recoil in the groin, and it is so sensitive that it becomes difficult to walk. In some cases, a person cannot straighten up or breathes shallowly — it hurts to breathe deeper.

However, you should not immediately conclude that your girlfriend has torn stomach. Symptoms may indicate other problems with the internal organs – from gynecology to appendicitis or a jumped vertebra. It is difficult for a non-specialist to make an accurate diagnosis, so that for painful sensations in the abdomen, it is better to move in the direction of the clinic.

First aid to get to the hospital

If a person has severe pain in the abdomen after “working as a loader,” and the surrounding people suspect a tear, first of all, he must fix the affected area. It should be placed on a flat and hard surface on the back and take a dense fabric under the lower back – for example, a hard sheet folded three times diagonally. The band should not be too narrow, but not wide – at 20-30 centimeters. The first coil is done at the bottom, near the groin itself, the second – above, right along the navel. If the length of the cloth is enough, it is better to make the third coil, under the diaphragm. Strong pressure can not be, but the bandage must be tight. Especially carefully it is necessary to act if this woman has torn up a stomach: the symptoms may indicate acute problems with reproductive organs that have arisen – the signs largely coincide. The victim should stand up carefully, sideways, and not straight from the back.

Hernia repair

If the person who is nearby, has the skills of a massage therapist, he can help the victim if he is sure that she has torn a stomach. What to do:

Hurts belly down

  1. Lay the patient straight, arms outstretched (bend at the elbows or throw over the head can not).
  2. To feel the area around the navel to find a shifted zolotnichka.
  3. Lubricate the skin with petroleum jelly or fat cream.
  4. Hands folded together (like a butterfly), fingers bent.
  5. Press down the organ that has come down — strongly, but smoothly and not sharply — and move forward in the direction of the correct location.
  6. When the spool reaches the desired point, hold your hands in this place for fixing.

The same actions are made from the sides of the navel. After the procedure, a dense clump of tissue or a skein is put on the navel, and the injured presses it to the stomach so that the muscles remember the desired position.

On one occasion, success is usually not achieved – several procedures are required. However, one should not rush, so as not to hurt with sharp actions.

Recovery period

Regardless of the fact that no matter who has caused the victim a zolotichnik – a doctor or a massage therapist, the patient cannot immediately consider himself healthy. Rehabilitation will take about two weeks. And the person who ripped the belly, the treatment should support and their own efforts.

First, it is necessary to get up after sleeping sideways: roll over, dangle your legs, lean your hand and then lift your torso.

Secondly, until the stretched muscles strengthen, a bandage should be worn. And it is necessary to put it on before the rise, lying on your back – just as the ripped belly was fixed for the first time.

Third, no weight lifting and sports exercises. Leaning is also undesirable, so as not to get a re-offset.

How can people help

Healers believe that the navel is untied due to a lack of silicon. Therefore, the unfortunate who torn stomach, treatment can accelerate oat broth: a glass of grain (not flakes!) Boil for half an hour in a glass of water and wring out. The volume of the potion is unlimited – you can drink instead of tea or other drinks. Water for drinking is advised to insist on flint (sold in pharmacies).

For poultices, a tablespoon of wolf bast (also a pharmacy ingredient) is boiled in a glass of water; after complete cooling it drains. Even cold can bake the skin. Therefore, a person with a torn stomach will have to make a device for himself: cut a hole with a diameter of the navel in a thick fabric and apply it on the stomach. Cotton wool soaked in tincture is inserted into the hole, and the whole structure is fixed at night.

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