Human standard pressure

In recent years, physicians have been sounding the alarm, as individual diseases are rapidly becoming younger. If earlier problems with the heart and pressure traditionally disturbed the older generation, today, quite young people are turning to physicians with such complaints. In this case, a person often comes for medical help in the case when the disease has already become part of life. In order to prevent such a critical situation, it is necessary to know the standard pressure of a person.

Human standard pressure

Human pressure, norm and deviations are purely individual indicators, which are sometimes difficult to calculate. During the routine examination, the doctor must measure the pressure, hoping to see the cherished 120/80. These indicators are conventionally considered the norm, but it is desirable to pay attention to the age of the person, his physical activity and concomitant diseases. The fact is that with age, the pressure rises, so for some people the rate may be a little more. In children, performance should be much lower than in adults, although pressure jumps are often observed in adolescence. Only such fluctuations usually pass by the age of eighteen. If the pressure continues to ride, you should consult a doctor.

The doctor for a certain time will measure the pressure of a person. The norm roughly equals 120/80, but acceptable values ​​for middle-aged people are -130/80. If the figures rise above 140/90, then they talk about hypertension. After the diagnosis, the specialist conducts additional examinations, as sometimes elevated pressure is a secondary symptom. This symptom accompanies kidney disease, atherosclerosis, and diabetes mellitus, therefore, a thorough examination is necessary.

When elevated pressure is an independent disease, it is called hypertension. In such cases, you need to control your weight, monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood and lead an active lifestyle. If physical activity due to age will not be controlled by a person, you can limit yourself to a small set of simple exercises and quiet walks. In addition to the exercises, it is worth adding a diet in which salted, fatty and smoked foods are completely excluded. Just in these products a lot of salt, which causes stagnation of fluid in the body. As a result, the charge for frivolity and failure to comply with the regime will be an elevated pressure that exceeds 140/90.

There are cases when people do not strongly monitor their well-being. They do not know what the pressure of a person is the norm. When such comrades are told that they have hypertension, they are very surprised. The reasoning begins that there is a notorious working pressure of a person in which he feels normal. A person works, performs his household duties, and then abruptly wakes up in a hospital surrounded by doctors. Something like this ends most of the work pressure reasoning.

Human standard pressure

Any deviation from the norm is considered dangerous. If high blood pressure is somehow easier to diagnose, then reduced rates are often disguised as normal fatigue. When a person’s pressure is constantly kept at around 90/60 or lower, they are talking about hypotension. It often affects athletes, people of heavy physical labor and people engaged in intellectual activity. When there is a big load on the brain, it tries to defend itself – and reduces the pressure. To improve performance, people with hypotension should move more to somehow improve their condition. It is also worth remembering that the pressure of a person whose norm is 120/80 can be increased with the help of a full sleep.

If you care about your health, take your blood pressure regularly, monitor any abnormalities – and consult a specialist in a timely manner. Only a sound and attentive attitude to your condition will help you maintain health for many years.

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