HPV treatment regimen

Allokin Alfa is an antiviral drug of Russian origin. Analog interferon. Effective against herpes and HPV. Good reviews among doctors and patients – up to 98% cure.

HPV treatment regimen

Manufacturer: FMBA Russia.

In the photo: packaging Allokina

HPV treatment regimen

About the drug

Trade name: allokin-alpha (see the photo).

Active ingredient: alloferon. This is an analogue of human interferon.

Previously, alloferon was obtained from insect larvae. Currently, it is produced by chemical synthesis, that is, by artificial means.

In the human body Allokin:

  • stimulates the production of human interferon
  • stimulates the work of natural killer cells – immune cells that kill the virus.

After the injection of Allokin-alpha, the therapeutic effect lasts for 7 days.

To purchase, you need a doctor’s prescription.

HPV treatment regimen

Allokin-alpha performed well in the following viral infections:

  • Human papillomavirus, especially its oncogenic types (read detailed information about HPV)
  • Herpes virus 1 and type 2
  • Hepatitis B virus
  • Flu virus

Instructions for use

Allokin alpha is available in ampoules, in powder form. The box can be 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 ampoules. One ampoule – one injection.In tablets is not made.

How to breed?

The powder in the ampoule is diluted with 1 ml of nat. solution (this is 0.9% NaCl) immediately before the injection. Pause for 1-2 minutes until the powder is dissolved. The solution is drawn into a syringe.

Where to prick?

Injections put subcutaneously: in the shoulder or thigh.

According to the instructions

Treatment of HPV Infection produced by a course of 6 injections, which put through the day. For the best effect, Allokin-alpha should be used in combination with other antiviral drugs and removal of papilloma or cauterization of the center of cervical dysplasia (read information about cervical dysplasia).

Often doctors combine injections of allokina and interferon in suppositories. In this case, the course of treatment does not take 6 ampoules, but 3 ampoules. But in any case, the volume and scheme of treatment is chosen in each case individually, depending on the prevalence and neglect of the process in the patient.

Treatment of herpes. Allokin-alpha is placed every other day in 1 ampoule – in the course of 3 injections. It is also recommended to combine this drug with acyclovir for a better and lasting effect.

Hepatitis B treatment Allokin-alpha is placed every other day in 1 ampoule – a course of 9 injections.

Attention: the earlier the treatment of all viral diseases is started, the faster the cure will come. Delay with treatment can lead to a lack of effect from the use of alloquin and other antiviral drugs.

At an early stage – a cure in 98% of patients.

In the later stages – significantly less (by 20-30%).

Analogs Allokina-alpha

  • Panavir (more about Panavir).
  • Genferon (candles).
  • Other interferon preparations under different trade names.
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