How to vomit

Artificial induction of vomiting is useful in situations where you need to urgently get rid of substances hazardous to human health that have got into the stomach. The easiest method is to irritate the tongue closer to the root. At this place you need to gently push several times with clean fingers or a spoon, deeply inserted into the oral cavity. To cause vomiting quickly, 3-4 clicks are enough.

How to vomit

For those to whom this method is not suitable, the method adopted by the ancient Romans may be useful. Sated patricians tickled the throat with peacock feathers to make room in the stomach for the next portion of dishes. By their example, the root of the tongue can be annoyed with the tip of a clean bird’s feather or a dense leaf of a tree, grass plant.

Other ways to induce vomiting at home:

To irritate the weak vestibular apparatus by riding on a swing;

Drink strong tea with milk, 2-3 tablespoons of soapy water;

Swallow 1 tsp. toothpaste;

Take medications for this purpose (Likorina hydrochloride, Apomorphine).

How to vomit

Before you apply these methods, you need to drink plenty of water. The optimal dose for an adult is about 2-3 liters. Drunk water will make the contents of the stomach liquid, reduce the concentration of gastric juice, help protect the esophageal and pharyngeal mucosa from injury and irritation.

It is advisable to add to the water a few crystals of manganese or a pinch of salt. Manganese is stirred until completely dissolved so that the gastric mucosa does not get a chemical burn. Vomiting is caused until clear water comes out of the stomach.

How to vomit

To cause vomiting in a child at home, it is placed on the stomach on the knees of an adult or on a flat surface. Then the adult inserts 1-2 fingers deep into his mouth, presses on the root of the tongue and slightly moves them. After the first portion of vomiting, children are given at least 0.5 liters of a pink solution of manganese or salt to drink, and an attempt to induce vomiting is repeated.

All of the above methods are used in emergency cases, in order to reduce the negative effects on health.

Does vomiting for weight loss help?

A girl or woman who has a slim figure, in the eyes of society, automatically falls into the category of successful and modern. In pursuit of the forms of ideal proportions apply the most incredible ways to lose weight. One of them is artificial induction of vomiting, which does not require financial investments, physical and time expenditures. It would seem that you can eat anything that pleases, and then just cause vomiting and get rid of extra calories.

Indeed, losing weight in this way can save girls from extra pounds, but somatic problems and mental disorders will pay for ideal forms and a beautiful figure. Vomiting after eating is self-deception, adversely affecting the health of a woman. Durable results in the form of a beautiful figure will bring only reasonable restrictions of a diet, refusal of an overeating, physical activity. If, after all, these reasonable arguments do not outweigh the desire to lose weight in this way, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

What can you drink to induce vomiting for weight loss:

The easiest way is to drink heavily salted water. However, excess salt is very harmful to the kidneys, so the method is contraindicated for the systematic use of

3 liters of boiled water in a quarter of an hour;

3 cups of tea, with 4 tablespoons in each serving. l milk and 1 tsp. salts;

1-2 liters of warm pink manganese solution in 10 minutes;

5 glasses of salted water in 10 minutes;

A glass of water with a small piece of laundry soap dissolved in it.

Each method ends by pressing the fingers on the tongue to induce an emetic reflex.

Vomiting tablets

Vomiting drugs belong to the pharmaceutical group of emetics.

Types of emetic preparations:

Funds with central action. Apomorphine – activates the emetic center in the brain. Contraindications – tuberculosis, heart failure, gastric and duodenal ulcer, atherosclerosis.

Means with a reflex action. Copper sulphate, zinc sulphate, ammonia compounds, herbal preparations (Sapega, Ipekakuan, Baranets, Istod) – irritate the nerve receptors of the mucous membrane of the digestive organs. Purpose – the rapid elimination from the stomach of toxic substances, toxic food with the impossibility of gastric lavage by alternative methods.

As a remedy against alcohol addiction, the herb decoction is used baranets and apomorphine. These tools help develop aversion to alcohol.

Expert Editor: Pavel Alexandrovich Mochalov | D.M.N. general practitioner

Education: Moscow Medical Institute. I. M. Sechenov, specialty – “Medicine” in 1991, in 1993 “Occupational diseases”, in 1996 “Therapy”.

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