How to treat herpes on the body

Herpes is a common disease, its different forms are found in many people, while getting rid of them can be very difficult or virtually impossible. The situation is complicated by the long-term asymptomatic presence of the virus in the body, it may not show signs of its presence as long as the immune system is able to restrain its activity.

All features of this disease, its varieties, symptoms and methods of treatment are discussed in detail in this article.

What is herpes?

Herpes refers to diseases of the viral type, almost every person at least once in his life has met with its pathogen. Infection most often occurs from person to person through contact, and the impossibility of treatment is due to the introduction of the virus into the central nervous system, where it remains forever.

It may exist for a long time in a passive mode and not cause any clinical manifestations, but when the condition of the immunity is first worsened, the herpes pathogen starts its activity.

Herpes simplex

Herpes simplex virus is the most common disease caused by it has the following features:

  1. The main manifestation is the occurrence of dermatological eruptions on the sides of the nasal wings, lips, or the area around the mouth.
  2. In the most severe situations, there is a general deterioration, fatigue, weakness and a feeling of muscle pain.
  3. If the virus concentration is too high in the patient’s body, a fever may occur.
  4. A number of experts believe that this virus is able to provoke the occurrence of aphthous stomatitis when infected in childhood, but this theory has not yet received scientific confirmation.

Herpes Zoster

Most children infected with the varicella zoster virus had chickenpox. With repeated infection in adulthood, a disease called herpes zoster occurs, contrary to the erroneous opinion – these are two different diseases, despite a similar etymology and a single pathogen.

At risk are people with low immunity and over 50 years, over the years, the disease is getting harder. A characteristic feature is the appearance on the body of a rash and bubbles filled with fluid, which is highly infectious. Infection of people around can occur as airborne, and contact-household way.


Cytomegalovirus is another representative of herpes viruses, it was opened only in the middle of the last century and its study is still ongoing.

Its main features are discussed below:

  1. Infection in adults most often occurs during kissing or unprotected sex, children become infected through breast milk or during contact and play with their peers.
  2. After ingestion should be a long incubation period., which may be several months. Due to the lack of clinical manifestations, the diagnosis of the disease more often always occurs with a delay. Prolonged or severe hypothermia, severe emotional distress, or a sudden deterioration of the immune system can provoke the first symptoms.
  3. Cytomegalovirus is often confused with acute respiratory diseases., since they have similar symptoms, consisting in a strong increase in body temperature, headache and general malaise.
  4. Timely recognition and prompt treatment is required, otherwise, serious complications can occur. In particular, cytomegalovirus can cause arthritis, pneumonia, or encephalitis. The consequences may be irreversible.

Herpes is a viral disease with characteristic rash of blisters on the surface of the skin. To eliminate this problem, people use hormonal ointments, antibiotics, or even pick a sore, which is absolutely impossible to do!

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Causes of herpes on the body

The causative agents of herpes on the body are viruses of various types, but the main cause of the disease is the deterioration of the immune system and the presence of other serious ailments.

In this regard, the following main factors provoking the appearance of herpes on the body can be identified:

  1. The impact of low temperature for a long time.
  2. The presence of diseases in a chronic form.
  3. Older age and body changes associated with the aging process.
  4. The presence of inflammatory processes in sluggish form.
  5. Lack of a full and balanced diet, long fasting.
  6. Frequent stressful situations, emotional turmoil.
  7. The presence of any factors that violate the immune system of the body.
  8. Blood diseases, circulatory disorders.
  9. Excessive physical exertion, systematic overwork.
  10. Serious injury.
  11. Long-term drug therapy, most often herpes provokes the use of corticosteroids.
  12. Chemotherapy or exposure to a variety of radiation treatments that are used to treat malignant tumors.

Herpes on the body in an adult

After varicella in childhood, the virus remains forever in the human body, localized in the nodes of the nervous system. For this reason, under the influence of provoking factors or with the aging of the body, it can occur re-activation, which leads to the appearance of herpes on the body.

The elderly and the patient, weakened by other diseases, are primarily at risk, but this ailment can affect absolutely anyone.

Herpes on the body of a child

Fully healthy children rarely get herpes; a child can be at risk if the following factors are present:

  1. HIV infection.
  2. General weakening of immunity for any reason.
  3. Infection of the mother during pregnancy. In this situation, the clinical manifestations of the disease occur at the age of 3 years.

How to treat herpes on the body

One of the most serious types of herpes is genital. Here you can see a photo of genital herpes in a child.

The course of the disease depends on the age of the child, all the main features are listed below:

  1. Preschool children suffer the disease most easily: skin rashes are insignificant, slight redness of the skin and pain may be present.
  2. School-aged children suffer the disease more severely, the main danger lies in the probability of skin lesions in the areas near the ears, which increases the risk of serious consequences in the form of facial nerve paralysis.
  3. After covering the ulcers on the body with a crust, the child becomes non-infectious and can return to school or preschool. In the presence of crusts on open areas of the body, it is recommended to close them with protective dressings.

Below is a photo that clearly demonstrates the appearance of herpes that affects the human body:

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What is dangerous herpes on the body?

At a young age, herpes is usually tolerated without significant complications, the prognosis is almost always positive. Despite this, you need to carefully monitor the symptoms and respond promptly to any changes in your condition.

Elderly patients should take special care and strictly follow all the recommendations of specialists, since complications after herpes can even be fatal.

The most serious hazards are the following effects of the disease:

  1. Unbearable pain, which a person suffers with difficulty.
  2. Damage to the spinal cord or brain at the cellular level.
  3. Paralysis of the limbs or facial muscles.
  4. Impaired respiratory function.
  5. The development of inflammatory processes that affect the eyes, leading to corneal damage, the development of glaucoma and other ophthalmologic diseases. This can cause complete loss of vision.
  6. Damage to the internal organs, which can lead to pneumonia or impaired liver function.

How to treat herpes on the body

Can’t cope with herpes?

Herpes on the lips is a common virus; more than 90% of the population is infected with them. The disease begins with an itch, one or more bubbles appear, as soon as a person has a cold or a cold.

It is better to start the treatment as soon as you see the first signs. Before the bubbles appear, “experienced” patients already feel the first signs – itching, tingling, or burning sensation in the area of ​​manifestation of the sore. If you start treatment right away, you will be able to stop it!

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It has the following properties:

  • Strengthens the body’s immune system and suppresses herpes eruptions.
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  • Instantly relieves pain and dry lips
  • It is quickly absorbed and completely invisible on the skin.
  • Fights complications

Herpes is characterized by a prolonged asymptomatic course, however, the following clinical manifestations gradually begin to occur:

  1. General weakness; fatigue even with little physical activity.
  2. Increased body temperature, a false sense of cold.
  3. Headaches; sensations of severe pain during a nerve. In some cases, pain leads to nausea or excessive vomiting.
  4. Sensation of pain when touching the skin near the ribs or on the back. Sometimes pain is localized in other parts of the body.
  5. The appearance of characteristic skin rashes, outwardly, they resemble a cluster of small blisters, which are grouped in separate areas of the body. Inside they are filled with clear liquid.
  6. Redness of the skin in the immediate vicinity of the rash, its soreness and the sensation of itching or burning.
  7. Gradual transformation of skin rashes into small ulcers that become crusted. In fact, this is always accompanied by the disappearance of the primary symptoms of herpes, discomfort continues to be felt only in the area of ​​the affected areas of the body.

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What doctor treats herpes on the stomach?

If you have herpes on your stomach or any other part of the body, you should immediately seek help from a dermatologist or therapist who will prescribe:

  1. Testing, conducting laboratory diagnostics, which allows you to identify a specific type of virus.
  2. Inspection by an immunologist or allergist, who must determine the exact cause of the disease.
  3. Examination by a urologist or gynecologist if skin lesions began to spread in the inguinal zone.

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How to treat herpes on the body?

When infected at a young age, no enhanced measures or hospitalization are usually required, recovery comes, after 1.5-2 weeks.

However, in patients of advanced age or with impaired functioning of the immune system, this period can be significantly extended; it is imperative to be observed by a specialist who determines the specific treatment depending on the particular situation.

Here you can read in detail how to treat herpes in a child.

Treatment of herpes zoster at home

If the patient has no acute symptoms or a serious condition, hospitalization is not required. The specialist, after being familiarized with the clinical picture, prescribes therapy, and the treatment is carried out at home. The main methods are medication and local treatment of the affected skin. The features of each technique are discussed below.

Tablet form

The basis of drug treatment is oral medication in the form of tablets:

  1. Acyclovir or Zovirax are the main antiherpetic drugs.
  2. Alpizarin is an antiviral medication, usually prescribed as part of a drug course.
  3. Famciclovir is another antiviral drug, undergoes processing in the liver, after which penciclovir is transformed into a substance.
  4. Paracetomol necessary with increasing body temperature and the occurrence of a feverish state.
  5. Cycloferon assigned to maintain the immune system, the regimen is determined by a specialist.
  6. Vitamin and mineral complexes, which must necessarily include vitamins A, B, C and E.

The following ointments are allowed:

  1. Alpizarin, Panavir or Bonafton are the primary means for local processing.
  2. Gels containing lidocoin or acetaminophenn, are used to eliminate severe pain.
  3. Depantenol can be used as an aid to speed up the healing process of ulcers.
  4. Fenistil Pentsiviril is the main analogue of Famciclovir, produced in tablet form.

Treatment of herpes on the abdomen folk remedies

Means of traditional medicine in the treatment of herpes does not immediately give a positive effect, for the most part they are aimed at eliminating sensations that create discomfort for the patient.

Some methods are described below:

  1. About 200 grams of dried burdock are diluted in 200 ml of water., the agent should stand for several hours. The infusion is taken orally 3-4 times a day, which allows you to stop the inflammatory processes and eliminate pain.
  2. In a glass of water divorced one tablespoon of dried lemon balm, after which you should wait for the cooling of the infusion. You can drink it throughout the day, the tool will have an antiviral effect and will get rid of the main manifestations of herpes.
  3. About 10g of dried Hypericum is diluted in a glass of water., the agent is brought to a boiling state, then settled for an hour. You need to drink it three times a day before each meal, this infusion is considered very effective in the treatment of herpes on the back or stomach.

Summing up, it is necessary to remind that herpes is a serious illness, but timely referral to a specialist to determine the appropriate course of treatment prevents serious complications and consequences.

Do not leave the first symptoms of the disease without proper attention, first of all it concerns patients with impaired immunity, persons of elderly and pre-retirement age, as well as pregnant women.

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