How to treat herpes

Herpes on the lips is a problem familiar to many. And the arsenal of tools that help fight it varies from grandmother’s methods to serious preparations. Do not relax and those who are not accustomed to face the problem of herpes on the lips. Learn how to deal with a problem timely.

According to various statistical studies, 80 to 95% of people are carriers of simple viruses. herpes I type. But the most unpleasant thing is that the virus once settled in the human body remains in it forever, because there are still no means that can completely destroy this virus. Most carriers of the virus have a common cold on the lips from 2 to 10 times throughout the year, but more often it occurs in the autumn-winter period and in early spring, that is, during rampant of various SARS and flu.

But you need to know that the reason for the activation of the virus is not in weather conditions, but in a decrease in immunity, therefore stress, indigestion, excessive drinking and overwork can provoke inflammation of herpes. Those who are familiar with herpes firsthand know that the “favorite” place of its localization is the lip rim, but rashes can also appear in the oral cavity: on the gums, the inner surface of the cheeks and lips; and even on the nose, cheeks, in the ear, on the forehead.

Be always on guard!

In order to prevent a situation when herpes blooms on the lip or in other places in a lush color, causing itching and unpleasant pain, it is necessary at the initial, that is, the first stage of the disease, to try to get rid of it. By the way, do not forget about the pretty spoiled appearance of herpes sufferers – these unpleasant pimples interfere in your personal life and at work create inconvenience. However, in order to “see” from which the carrier of the virus can be spared, having taken measures in time, we will consider successively all stages of activation and development of the disease.

First stage. It all starts with the unpleasant sensations of tingling, tingling; the skin on the inner surface of the lips, in the corners of the mouth, in some cases on the tongue begins to itch and reddens. Sometimes these unpleasant sensations of the initial stage of the disease spread to the entire face.

Second phase. At the second stage, the inflammatory process begins, when a small painful vial appears, filled with a clear liquid. The bubble gradually grows in size, and the liquid becomes cloudy.

The third stage. This is the most painful and dangerous stage for other people.. A ripe vesicle burst, releasing a liquid containing millions of viral particles, which, with an insufficient level of hygiene of the carrier of the virus, quickly penetrate into the environment. An ulcer is formed at the site of the vesicle.

Fourth stage. This stage is characterized by scabbing. A crust forms over the ulcers, which must not be touched, much less attempted to tear: firstly, it hurts, secondly, bleeding may occur, and thirdly, the course of the disease may be exacerbated.

How to treat herpes

How to fight?

Having such a disease, you should always be ready to fight back at the very first initial stage. The development of herpes can be stopped by applying at the site of localization any of drugs based on acyclovir. If the initial stage is accompanied by severe itching, you can take a paracetamol or aspirin pill.

In the case when the disease is started and ulcers have already formed, you should not forget about the rules of hygiene. In no case should the ulcers be touched, much less ripped off. Apply therapeutic antimicrobial ointment (baneocin and others) need only clean hands, which after the procedure, be sure to wash, and even better to do it with hygienic rods, so as not to carry into the wound a foreign infection.

Although the appearance of the lips at this time is “not very”, do not try to mask the disease with cosmetics – this can lead to the development of additional inflammation. But, nevertheless, lips should be moisturized, so always use oily hygienic lipstick – so the disease will pass faster.

Contacts with other people are very dangerous at this time: give up kissing for a while, do not drink with someone from one glass. Moreover, the patient must have an individual tableware and wash it thoroughly after each use.

In order not to cause even greater irritation of lip fever (this is also called herpes) – at the time of illness, give up salty and sour foods.

If you notice that herpes virus activated under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, do not forget to use sun-protection cosmetics – special lipsticks containing sun-protection components have been developed.

Treat people’s methods with caution – many of them do not withstand criticism and can aggravate the process. But such a proven conservative remedy, like an infusion of medicinal chamomile inside and externally useful. The recipe is simple: 1

How to treat herpes

If the disease lasts more than 10 days, you should contact a dermatologist and be examined. In some cases, herpes may indicate the presence in the body of other diseases.

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