How to treat cracks in the tongue

Red spots on the face – a dermatological problem that many people face. Cosmetic defect is observed mainly in young women, children, teenagers.

Single or multiple spots appear on the face periodically. Sometimes they hold on for a long time, forcing a person to be ashamed of their appearance.


The rash covered with scales, plaques of pink-red color – evidence of failures in the body or exposure to external factors. Age is one of the factors affecting the occurrence of a cosmetic defect.

A red stain appeared on the face and peels off. The reasons may be the following:

  • allergic reactions to various types of irritants;
  • demodicosis – the presence in the skin of the mite Demodex;
  • violation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hormonal changes in the body (menopause, adolescence, pregnancy);
  • hypertension, lupus erythematosus;
  • helminthic invasions;
  • fungal lesions of the epidermis (dermatophytosis, mycoses);
  • vitamin deficiency in the autumn-spring period;
  • frequent stress, nervous, endocrine diseases;
  • bacterial (streptoderma), viral infections (chickenpox in adolescents, herpes.).

The skin on the face flakes and red spots that cause a lot of inconvenience due to the deterioration of the appearance – a sign of many skin diseases. Flat formations of red-pink color occur when:

  • red, rosy lichen; (how to treat versicolor read here);
  • couperose; (all about kuperoze is written in this article);
  • psoriasis;
  • rosacea; (read about rosacea on the face at this address);
  • erythrosis;
  • acne

Cosmetic defect also occurs:

  • after visiting the solarium;
  • as a result of frostbite, overheating, prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • sometimes the cause of redness, peeling, itching is increased dryness of the epidermis.

First signs and symptoms

The appearance of the spots has some differences. Symptoms depend on the reasons for the appearance of the affected skin.

Why there are red spots on the face, itching and flaking:

  • exposure to allergens. Cosmetic defect occurs on the cheeks, chin, on the nose, vague formation without clear boundaries, the skin is slightly flaky. Prolonged exposure to the allergen provokes further redness, there is a burning, itching, feeling of tightness;
  • dermatophytosis. The face is torn off by scaly plaques of various sizes. Individual elements partially or completely rise above the skin;
  • lupus erythematosus. In the area of ​​the nose, on the cheeks form a red color, resembling butterfly wings. With this disease stains constantly peel off;
  • eczema. The skin in places of formation of stains itches, bursts, cracks and scales appear. After brushing, wounds and scratches remain. Crusts exfoliate, gradually the skin tone becomes more natural. Often the epidermis dries out, easily irritated;
  • psoriasis. Pink plaques appear, covered with off-white scales. Beneath them are hidden wounds. By bending the crust, you can see a drop of blood;
  • Rosacea. Symptoms – dark pink spots, ulcers, small red veins, appearing and disappearing under the influence of various factors. Cosmetic defect visible on nose, cheeks, forehead;
  • red lichen. Pink-red spots appear on different parts of the body, including on the face. Form – oval, scaly zones visible at the edges.

Note! Irritation, redness on the face, the cause of which is nervous stresses, strong emotions, shocks after taking sedatives, the disappearance of the cause of nervous breakdown passes quickly enough. Itching, peeling disappear independently after the elimination of provoking factors.

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Diagnose trouble

Face covered with red spots and flakes. To establish the cause of skin irritation will help complex tests, visits to several specialists. Required to collect a detailed history.

Make an appointment with:

  • dermatologist;
  • a neurologist;
  • a gastroenterologist;
  • endocrinologist.

Experts will assign research:

  • immunogram;
  • general and detailed blood test;
  • scraping from the spot area to confirm or deny the presence of Demodex mite, a fungal infection;
  • tests that identify the types of allergens.

Treatment methods

The task of the doctor is to conduct therapy of the underlying disease, against which a red scaly formation on the skin has appeared. Local remedies, traditional medicine recipes will restore the healthy appearance of the skin, relieve inflammation, relieve the patient from flaking, itching, uncomfortable condition.


Modern dermatology has an arsenal of modern drugs for the treatment of skin diseases.

  • ointment with chamomile, calendula, zinc;
  • balms, ointment. Allergy creams – Traumel, Gistan, Elidel, Fenistil, Iricar;
  • tar soap, creams containing tar;
  • drugs that accelerate the regeneration of epidermal tissue – Curiosin;
  • creams with retinoids – Differin, Klenzit;
  • Menthol-based camphol alcohol cooling lotions;
  • ointment with glucocorticosteroids – Lokoid, Advantan, Sinaflan;
  • when a viral infection is detected, Acyclovir;
  • Metrogyl-gel, Erythromycin, Tetracycline ointment during the development of a bacterial infection;
  • treatment of the affected areas with keratolytics, antiseptics. Effective – Salicylic acid, boric alcohol, chlorhexidine.

Improving the patient’s condition is noticeable with complex treatment. Take:

How to treat cracks in the tongue

  • sorbents that remove toxins – Lactofiltrum, Enterosgel;
  • antihistamines that eliminate allergies – Suprastin, Zyrtec, Kraritin, Cetrin, Tavegil;
  • sedatives (sedatives) – Glycine, Novo-Passit, Persen, valerian in tablets, motherwort tincture;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes containing calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, E, PP, B.

Cosmetic procedures

With some dermatological diseases, modern methods will help to get rid of the formations on the face. In the absence of contraindications, the doctor will prescribe:

  • cryomassage;
  • vitamin masks;
  • mechanical facial cleansing;
  • clay therapy;
  • photo rejuvenation.

Folk methods and recipes

Grandmother’s recipes will help get rid of red scaly stains. A positive feedback from a dermatologist about the funds you have chosen is required. Use natural preparations, medicinal plants, do not experiment with questionable components.

  • moisturizing composition. Grate the cucumber, add 1 tbsp. l white clay, dilute the mixture with a decoction of chamomile. Keep a quarter of an hour on your face;
  • mask based on oatmeal. Mix 0.5 tsp. lemon juice, 1 tbsp. l thick kefir, flakes finely ground. Apply for 20 minutes;
  • honey + egg. Mix the yolk with 1 tbsp. l sparse honey, add a few drops of orange and juniper oils. Well nourishes the skin, relieves inflammation;
  • softening mask. Mix honey, sour cream, olive oil in equal proportions, squeeze out a little lemon juice. If possible, add 3-4 drops of oil solution of vitamin E and A.
  • mask with parsley. Crush 20 g of greens, pound, pour 100 ml of boiling water. After an hour, strain the broth, dilute it with a thick cream to an acceptable consistency. Apply a liquid mass to your face, hold for 20 minutes. The mask is effective for peeling, itching, severe irritation;
  • potatoes + sour cream. Grate 1 raw potato on a fine grater, put 1 tbsp. l sour cream, pour in 4 drops of citrus oil. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.

Proven remedies for the treatment of scaly, irritated skin:

  • decoction of birch buds. Pour 1 tbsp. l raw materials half a liter of boiling water, strain after 40 minutes. Use healing decoction for lotions. Keep the gauze soaked in the product, on the face for 15 minutes, a break of 10 minutes, once again lotion. Procedures perform daily;
  • anti-inflammatory agent. Brew in 200 ml of boiling water for 1 tsp. lime blossom, chamomile, birch buds. An hour later, strain the broth. Wipe the face twice a day;
  • healing infusion. Mix in a bowl yarrow, nettle, celandine in a ratio of 1: 1. Pour boiling water, boil for 2 minutes, let it brew for 30 minutes. Use for lotions. Inflammation decreases, itching, peeling, dryness;
  • soft scrub. Pound in a bowl of blue clay, oatmeal in equal proportions. Mix the mixture with milk to the desired consistency. Gently apply on face, rinse with cool water after 1 minute.

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Proper skin care

Prevention of skin diseases – daily work. It is important not only to monitor the condition of the skin, but also to pay attention to the work of all body systems.

Irritation, scaly patches appear in most cases as against the background of various diseases, and under the influence of provoking factors. Neglect of the rules of hygiene, irregular skin care is one of the causes of irritation of the epidermis.

What to do? How to prevent the appearance of scaly formation, redness, itching?

  • avoid contact with allergens;
  • eat right;
  • follow the rules of hygiene;
  • do not start chronic diseases;
  • stop smoking, drinking alcohol;
  • treat infectious diseases;
  • keep your blood pressure normal;
  • less nervous;
  • do not abuse drugs;
  • in the summer, protect your face with creams with UV filters, in the winter – with fat, nutritious compositions.

How to treat cracks in the tongue

Basic rules for facial skin care:

  • use good quality hypoallergenic cosmetics; select products for your skin type;
  • morning and evening, clean the epidermis from excess sebum, dust, dirt;
  • in the morning, in the afternoon, apply a light moisturizer, in the evening – a nourishing night cream;
  • make regular face masks. The number of procedures – 2-3 per week;
  • If you are prone to irritation or reddening of the skin, do not use scrubs. Make a soft peeling with natural ingredients;
  • less often use tone cream that clogs pores. Use mineral powder;
  • daily wipe your face with decoction of herbs, thermal water.
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