How to treat bruises

Bruising (contusion) is a closed mechanical damage to tissues without disturbing the integrity of the skin. It occurs under the influence of short-term effects of the traumatic factor.

Home treatment for various bruises

When mild bruises treatment is carried out at home. The recipes of folk remedies for controlling pain and relieving tumors are below.

Compresses in the treatment of bruises

Plantain for the treatment of bruises

Required: 1 tbsp. l minced plantain leaves, 1 tbsp. l grated on a fine grater onions, 1 tbsp. l honey

Cooking Mix components thoroughly.

Application. 3 times a day for 10 minutes to apply to injuries in the form of a compress.

Requires: 200 g of fresh inflorescences of Hypericum, 200 g of vegetable oil.

Cooking Hypericum pour oil and insist 2 weeks in a sunny place. Then drain the butter.

Application. 2 times a day, rubbing oil at the site of injury.

Requires: 1 small horseradish root, 1/3 cup of vodka.

Cooking Horseradish grate on a fine grater and mix with vodka.

Use at home. Applying to bruises in the form of a compress.

Requires: fresh grass wormwood.

Cooking Pound the grass with a wooden pestle.

Application. Applying to bruises in the form of compresses, changing every hour.

Yarrow in the treatment of bruises

Required: 50 g fresh plantain leaves and yarrow.

Cooking Rinse the leaves thoroughly and grind with a wooden pestle.

Application. Applying to the sore spot.

Clover and coltsfoot

Requires: fresh clover leaves and coltsfoot, taken in equal parts.

Cooking Rinse and chop the leaves.

Application. Apply for home treatment in the form of compresses.

Home treatment of tumors for bruises

With injuries of varying severity have to face quite often. In the presence of bruises you should not postpone the visit to the doctor, because they can be accompanied by injuries of internal organs or the appearance of cracks. If the traumatologist did not find anything serious, then in order to get rid of the tumor in case of injury, you can use the people’s advice.

On the first day, cold lotions should be applied at the site of injury. To prepare them, you should brew such herbs as plantain, yarrow, St. John’s wort, wormwood, heather. One or more of these herbs must be brewed, infused for half an hour, cooled, moistened with a bandage or a scarf and applied to the tumor. This folk remedy for contusion best helps from the appearance of a tumor after an injury to the eye, while the scarf must be periodically cooled in the freezer and applied again.

Chilled tea brewing is also used for treatment. On the first day, all folk remedies should be applied at home, chilled or frozen.

Another effective remedy for a tumor with bruises is bodyaga. The powder should be diluted with water to obtain a thick cream, then apply to the injury site, and cover with a cloth or compress.

The tumor from a bruise on the leg or arm on the first day should also be treated with cold, but if the bruise is observed in the area of ​​the joint, a light massage should be done by adding a drop of essential oil of geranium, fir, lemon.

Massage of a tumor from a bruise at home is necessary even if the tumor does not subside in the following days or even hardened. If the tumor in the following days has become dense, then it is necessary to apply the same compresses, but not in the cooled, but in the form of heat. You can lightly rub a bruised spot using the “Asterisk” balm, or you need to make a similar balm from essential oils (eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, fir, and other oils). It is necessary to take a teaspoon of vaseline, drop there two drops of five different types of essential oils and five drops of alcohol, mix well and store the mixture from the tumor in a jar.

A large folk remedy like cottage cheese helps to get rid of large bruises of the extremities, as well as tumors after them, it is applied in a cold form to the sore spot. By the way, if the cottage cheese is a little podkis, it can also be used. It is the acid that promotes the resorption of tumors from bruises. Therefore, for compresses from tumors, you can use vinegar, previously diluted in half with water.

How to get rid of bruise pain?

With the help of vinegar (9%) and salt, you can quickly get rid of the pain that always accompanies the injury. This recipe for home treatment of bruises, despite its simplicity, also contributes to the rapid elimination of bruise and resorption of hematoma. To obtain drugs in 1/2 cup of vinegar dissolve 0. 5 tsp. salt. In this solution, moisten a piece of cotton material and put it on the injury site for 30 minutes.

How to treat bruises

Ice has long been considered one of the most effective means of how to get rid of bruises. If there is such a possibility, then ice should immediately be put on the injured area. The best result in the home treatment of bruises can be achieved by massaging the hurt part of the body with a piece of ice.

Of cones of hops and interior oil, you can make a traditional remedy for bruises, which also helps with abrasions. It is well stored in the refrigerator, and therefore, will not be superfluous in the home medicine cabinet. For its preparation, you need to take 50 g, crushed to a state of powder, hop cones and 200 g of melted fat. Fat is heated in any dish, then vegetable powder is poured into it and boiled on low heat for 5 minutes. This folk remedy for bruises is smeared on the bruised place 3 times a day.

You can, when this problem occurs, advise to use flax seed. The use of this drug allows in a short time (2 days) to remove bruises on all injured places, including under the eyes. To achieve this goal, flax seed is ground into powder, poured into a bag made of natural fabric and dipped in boiling water for a few minutes. Wait until its temperature decreases slightly and attach to the sore spot. Keep until complete cooling of flaxseed. This procedure for bruises during the day must be repeated 3 times.

Everyone probably knows the old method of alternative medicine for the treatment of injuries. In fact, it is very simple, and its huge plus is that after applying this method for treating bruises on the body, there will be no accumulation of fluid or some edema if, for example, the knee was bruised.

You need to have vegetable oil, vinegar and boiled water. All the ingredients you need to take in the amount of one tablespoon and mix. The use of injury medicine is very simple. It is necessary to soak a small piece of cotton cloth in the resulting mixture, and then put it in a bruised place. Cover the fabric with cellophane and then tie it with a handkerchief. After the treatment procedure is performed several times with constant regularity, the injury will disappear.

One of the old recipes for home bruising is the use of heat from the stove. After heating the stove with birch wood, you need to roll out the heat of a golden color to the sockets. The man had to lie next to this heat, warming up for a whole hour. Most importantly, instead of bruising a person does not have a burn.

Homemade ointment for bruises

Applying various ointments for bruises helps everyone very much. There are a huge number of different variants of ointment recipes that can help in this case. For the preparation of one of these ointments will need birch tar, fir resin and lard unsalted. All ingredients must be in the same proportions. All components must be placed in a clay pot, which is closed with a lid.

For greater likelihood of the top cover to cover with a thick layer of dough. After all the manipulations, it is necessary to put the pot in the oven where the bread has just been baked. The ointment should be left to stand in this form for about a day. The ointment will cool as the ointment cools. After the ointment is finally ready, it will need to be applied to the bruise to be applied to the tissue and then applied to the hurt place. Before making the dressing, it is necessary to warm the fabric for dressing and ointment in the oven.

This recipe for home bruising treatment is useful to those people who have suffered a severe injury. So strong that a bone was damaged and a serious suppuration occurred, which can then develop into a more complex and unpleasant disease with sad consequences. Such a folk remedy helps even from severe bruises, when the bone is damaged and suppuration occurs.

Breast injury treatment

Breast injuries in the form of contusion can cause subcutaneous or deep hematomas, necrosis of fatty tissue. When deeply located hematomas may develop false cysts. When infected hematomas suppurate. Replacement of necrosis of adipose tissue with scar tissue causes deformity of the gland, the appearance of a tight knot, and skin retractation. These changes can be mistaken for signs of breast cancer.

For bruises, the mammary gland is given a raised position with a bandage. In the formation of false cysts, cicatricial changes, nodes, suspicious tumors, the therapy is performed in the hospital using resection of the affected area with a mandatory histological examination of the macropreparation.

Types and symptoms of bruises

The degree of tissue damage (subcutaneous tissue, muscles, small vessels, nerves) and the symptoms of bruises depend on the nature of the traumatic agent. Depending on the strength and location of the impact (injury), bruises varying in severity occur, from small organs that do not disrupt the function to extensive damage that is life-threatening. For minor injuries, microcirculation disorders with traumatic edema develop.

More intense contusion leads to hemorrhages of varying degrees, from pinpoint to diffuse tissue soaking with blood (imbibition) and the formation of subcutaneous, intermuscular and subfascial hematomas – limited accumulations of blood in the tissues to form a cavity containing liquid or coagulated blood. In soft tissue bruises, hematomas are localized in the subcutaneous tissue and muscles. According to the condition of the erupted blood, hematomas are classified into coagulated, aseptic, infected, festering.

The clinical picture of small injuries without damage to internal organs is characterized by the presence of pain, limited swelling, bruising, fluctuations on palpation, impaired function of the corresponding muscles. With extensive bruises in place of extensive bruises with hematomas, reactive inflammation (aseptic) can develop, followed by germination of connective tissue with the formation of a scar, sometimes subject to petrification.

Symptoms of complications of bruises

In severe bruises, primary thrombotic necrosis may develop due to crush of soft tissue. In cases of bruises, accompanied by severe hemorrhage, as well as tissue crush, aseptic inflammation develops, and traumatic edema is enhanced by reactive inflammatory edema.

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