How to treat a pip on the tongue

Pip is the common name for various types of inflammation of the tongue. In scientific medicine, this disease is known as glossitis (from the Latin. Glossitis – language + inflammation).

How to treat a pip on the tongue

There are several generally accepted types of pips, depending on the etiology of the disease:

  • Traumatic (independent) pip. This type of glossitis is characterized by mechanical origin. It is formed with traumatic injuries – household and chemical burns, cuts, injections and bites. Such a pip manifests itself through burning, stinging and boiling pain. Unpleasant sensations are enhanced by the absorption of spicy, hard, hot and sour food. The pimple hurts when you touch the affected area and prevents you from moving your tongue freely. The process is accompanied by increased salivation, mouth discomfort and slurred speech. A person suffering from inflammation will try not to touch the sore area, which is why speech is severely distorted. To injure the tongue can be very simple: prick with a toothpick, bone, broken tooth. Many of us burned our tongues with hot tea or coffee. There is also a high probability of getting glossit when piercing;
  • Symptomatic pip is a consequence and symptom of other diseases. These are most often diseases of the stomach and intestines, anemia and lack of trace elements and vitamins. This type of glossitis is dangerous due to infection in the body. In this case, the infection threatens with phlegmon and abscess of the lingual muscle. Pathogenic microorganisms, falling on the surface of an open wound, begin to multiply vigorously, which leads to a sharp increase in body temperature, the tongue swells and grows numb. If the case is neglected, the patient suffers from asphyxiation, inability to swallow, and excessive salivation. At this stage, it will be very difficult to get rid of the infection, only a laryngologist and a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs will help you.

The main causes of the tipun in the language

As already mentioned, the causes of the appearance of the abscess can be completely different, have both mechanical and infectious etiology.

Consider the most common ones:

  • stomatitis, glossitis and other diseases of the oral mucosa occur with a decrease in immunity and metabolic disorders;
  • the classic case is infection;
  • diseases of the intestine, endocrine glands, intoxication;
  • neurodystrophy, allergies, blood diseases, avitaminosis;
  • development in case of injury (eating spicy foods, the effect of alcohol, acid, vinegar, shards of nuts, seeds and fish bones).
  • due to the development of oral candidiasis, with tuberculosis, influenza.

Remember, irritation develops into a pip, if you do not adhere to the rules of personal hygiene (wash hands before eating, eat only clean products, brush teeth on time), use questionable toothpaste and rinse, ignore the general deterioration of health and symptoms of other diseases. Suppose that you adhere to the correct lifestyle and hygiene, but the tongue still jumped pip. What to do in this case?

How to successfully get rid of the tipun in your language?

If you have good immunity, and glossitis has an independent character, it will disappear as soon as the cause of the disease is eliminated. Above all, immaculately monitor oral hygiene. Go to the dentist and eliminate possible pathogens (caries, tartar, worn fillings and prostheses).

After all primary measures are completed, treatment can be started:

  • Rinse with soda, rinse, or decoction of chamomile. This is a reliable way to fight infection with simple pips;
  • Scorch the place of infection with iodine, alcohol or toothpaste in order to get rid of the abscess. Hold the toothpaste on the tongue, while it is possible to tolerate a burning sensation;
  • Use healing essential oils on the damaged surface (this can be done only in the case of simple glossitis!). Suitable sea buckthorn oil, peach or eucalyptus. Lubricate pimple need every half hour. You can also make a small cotton compress;
  • Rinse from the decoctions of the bark of oak, calendula, yarrow, elderberry and celandine;
  • Use a mixture of honey and propolis to create a compress for the sore area;
  • Avoid irritating foods until the pip is completely healed. You will have to give up pickles, sizzles, sour, alcohol, too hot or hard food, if you do not want to spoil the whole pip treatment in your own language;
  • Tobacco smoke and coffee are especially potent for pips because of the high content of corrosive substances, it is better to give up your favorite bad habit while treatment is underway;
  • Replace the sour in your diet with berries and fruits rich in glucose. Black currant berries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are best suited;
  • The epithelium perfectly restores and heals the application of retinol acetate, burdock oil and castor oil;
  • Pip on the tongue appeared due to an allergic reaction? Eliminate the allergen or use special antihistamine medications.

Be sure to hand over saliva lubricants for analysis to the laboratory to determine the infectious agent. This will help to choose the right course of drugs and rinses with antiseptics.

Strengthen your immune system with a complex of vitamin supplements containing calcium, vitamins of group B, as well as vitamin C and E. You will also be helped by treating the state of internal microflora and improving metabolism with the help of special medications. Pay attention to how you brush your teeth: do you hurt your gums, tongue during this procedure, does your toothbrush fit you in terms of hardness?

Regularly and timely clean off plaque from the tongue, rinse your mouth with medical decoction and periodically disinfect your toothbrush. If the condition of the abscess has worsened – it is difficult for you to swallow and it is painful to speak, be sure to consult a doctor, this will help avoid complications and the course of antibiotics and find out why the pip appeared.

  • once a week, rinse your mouth and throat with a solution of echinacea;
  • improve immunity through sports and proper diet;
  • in case of an injury to the tongue, be sure to cleanse the wound using fucorcin or streptocide;
  • Give up smoking and alcohol.

Getting rid of the infection will be easy when you determine the exact cause of its occurrence. Complete a complete diagnosis of the health of the body, if the pimple does not pass for a long time or appears again.

Perhaps this is a signal of your body about a more serious disease.

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