How to throw caffeine without a headache

There is nothing easier than quitting. I myself threw a hundred times already! Mark Twain

Smoking – the most common of bad habits and, in general damage, the health caused to all mankind, the most harmful of the common.

Much has been written about the dangers of smoking for health. Objective facts are not obvious facts that are harmful to all smokers, without exception.

Despite irrefutable evidence, as well as an understanding and awareness of harm, millions of people continue to smoke. From this pernicious habits? Why do people smoke at all?

The question “why” is a question not only of objective factors that influence us apart from our will and desires. He may not only smoke.

In addition to the question why … there is another why do people smoke? Have you ever wondered exactly this questionwhat for?And not a questionwhy?.

The question “why” is a question about the desired-expected effect or condition that we want to get with the help of a cigarette. Why do you smoke? In this article I will try to make a few brief but informative answers to all these questions, and to become a psychologist so that he is inexperienced as a smoker with great experience, and he has the opportunity to constantly compare the written with his personal experience of smoking. Let’s start with the question why.

How to throw caffeine without a headache

Why number 1. Physiological dependence on nicotine.

Nicotine, as a psychoactive substance, causes a certain dependence on the physiological level in a smoker. Narcotic drugs, such as alcohol, morphine and even caffeine.

The strongest physiological dependence on known factors causing heroin is so demanding that it is completely rebuilt under its influence on all of its biochemistry, and without a new dose a person will have severe withdrawal syndromes (breaking) that can result in death.

I can say that it is not so difficult. physiological residual dependence nicotine is weak and does not last long.

This is quite enough to endure not caused discomfort and overcome their own strength.

Peak syndrome caused by the syndrome: symptoms of anxiety, irritability, irresistible desires, impaired concentration, drowsiness, increased appetite and headache in case of refusal from a cigarette occurs after 24-28 hours and at the end of the third day there is practically no.

All breaking is over. Why do you need to smoke a cigarette again? After all, in your body there is practically no need for a new dose of nicotine.

Why number 2. Psychological dependence on smoking.

Psychological and non-physiological nature. Smoking – it is more psychological dependence.

In turn, the key, main component of the psychological dependence on smoking (this is not nicotine!) Is banal. habit. Habit, use parasitic words, brush your teeth or drink green tea in the morning. It often works on the machine.

Feeling stress – you need to smoke. Finished the case – for a smoke break. Need to think – a cigarette. Boring – again a cigarette! Need to talk? Again a cigarette! This is due to the level of nicotine in the blood. We just got used to react to a smoke break.

When we continued to smoke regularly, we accustomed ourselves to a cigarette, like a particular procedure or a ritual, with which we reacted to different situations and different states caused by this situation. Smoking as a habit is a highly inefficient method of response, but even understanding this does not help much. The power she received from us.

Thanks to our multiple cigarettes in response to various internal and stimulating stimuli. When we see our psyche trying to fill. And then we will have everything we need so that we have the opportunity to structure our time and our activity.

Tobacco addiction we need to answer not only the question why. No less important is to try to answer the question why. Why, why do people smoke? Most likely, a cigarette is their quite deliberate choice. When this question is asked to systematic smokers, many “freeze”, not knowing what to say.

How to throw caffeine without a headache

Their answers are almost always exhausted:becauseANDbecause it helps to calm down (cope with stress, reduce negative emotions) . You can get some pleasure, in some ways, “cope” with stress. (What is its nature)? Does a cigarette relieve stress? That is the question!

Why number 1. The pleasure of a cigarette.

Allen Carr in his book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. All you need is that you experience irreparable time, only easing the discomfort caused by a decrease in the nicotine concentration in the blood.

That is, you develop a cigarette for a cigarette, and we accustom ourselves to a certain physical and psychological state associated with this increased concentration. A person in this state experiences discomfort, and another cigarette helps him to reduce his time a little. What we readily take for pleasure is only a slight and short relaxation of our sufferings caused by the nicotine starvation. That’s all fun!

Alan Carr Everything i do is what i do? »In most cases, the answer will be No !

Karm offers every time when we feel the desire to smoke a cigarette, to understand that we are doing this (remember the smell of smoke, the physical sensations from inhaling and exhaling tobacco smoke).

I try to answer the question that we will be pleasant. In extreme cases, the answer is the same – “No”.

As a former smoker. It is believed that cigarettes are rarely felt, especially if you smoke regularly and often. Smokers, even these such weak glimpses of pleasure do not feel almost never.

Smokers are familiar: “Stupidly it turns out. Kaifa is almost nothing, but there is a very tangible limitation of health and health. Cigarette death is a mirage. I think it gives you pleasure.

Why number 2. Fighting stress and tension.

If you want cigarettes to be stronger, then they should be almost the same:

  • I want to smoke during or after experiencing emotional stress (stress).
  • I want to smoke after coffee;
  • I want to smoke after alcohol;
  • I want to smoke after eating;

Question: what unites this list, which leads to a significant increase in the desire to smoke? The answer is obvious – it is stimulation and the flow of energy. (Emotional tension and stress, and a person, and experiencing, as a person, discomfort, is also, in fact, associated with a certain energy – the energy of excitement, which seeks a way out in the activity and behavior of a person).

A smoker is an influx of energy that cannot find a way out; something can not find the point of the application; as a kind of motivational itch – something, do not understand what you want

It turns out that we need to smoke when we have an abundant energy of this kind, and we do not know where to spend it, to master it! Cigarette helps us to solve this difficult task, but how!

It compensates for this excess energy, “extinguishes”, this surge of energy, in relation to its harmful effects (almost all substances that are in cigarette smoke, including nicotine, are extremely toxic substances). You have to write a cigarette, each time it encounters energy, it’s all the same. We’ll finish soon and the car itself will start breaking very soon.

Therefore, you need to go to smoke, ask yourself this question: Why am I doing this?»Deliver me a cigarette now pleasure? Will she help me now in solving my immediate life tasks?

Most likely, I will have the same physical and psychological dependence? I really get neither pleasure nor benefit – I won’t get ANYTHING! To ask a question and answer all the questions that I attached to this article were not in vain.

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