How to strengthen the lungs

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Knocked down in search of a good fur coat or a quality sheepskin coat?

Already traveled dozens of fur shops, browsed hundreds of sites on the Internet and can not find the right thing? Not your size? What is suitable for the price – I don’t like it at all, but what you like is like a new car?

How to strengthen the lungs

The exit is simple!

Come to the showroom of the fur manufacturer LEON ELITE. It is here that you can find yourself a fashionable fur coat or sheepskin coat of excellent quality and cut at a price that suits you. The exhibition of fur products manufacturer Leon Elite is notable for some of the features:

The richest offer

In the exhibition hall the best models of fur clothes and accessories are collected. Fur manufacturer seeks to use its chance: to show the goods face, to make advertising, to strengthen the reputation. Therefore, models of impeccable quality, created with all the latest trends, are selected for the exhibition. The products of high-quality furs purchased at international auctions are presented to your attention: Soyuzpushnina in St. Petersburg, NAFA in North America, FFS in Finland. .

You are waiting for hundreds of models created in our own creative laboratory together with leading fur designers. We offer you to buy fur coats from stylish and fashionable author’s collections. A fur coat directly from the manufacturer allows you to save a lot when buying and gives you the best price guarantee. Here you can also find a refined headdress that fits perfectly with your chosen fur coat or sheepskin coat.

The selection of fur products is truly overwhelming. Here you can buy a fur coat made from mink, fox fur, beaver of any cut, be it short, which will emphasize the beauty and harmony of your legs and will not interfere with driving a car, or a warm plush fur coat to the floor. Or maybe you like completely democratic sheepskin coats from seals, in which slush and rainy winter weather are not terrible? Or high-quality and lightweight fur vests? Buy a fur coat of the author’s collection of Leon-Elite and you will amaze your friends and will certainly make them a little envy you!

In addition to clothing and hats at the sale you will find a lot of accessories: this is elegant capes, and warm, cozy fur vests.

Proven quality

In the face of fierce competition in the fur market, no manufacturer can afford to hit its face in the dirt. Therefore, the quality of furs purchased at auctions is impeccable. This concerns both the materials themselves and the technology of their manufacture. Production of the company is equipped with a unique, modern industrial equipment, it guarantees the safety of the shape and shine of your fur coat in any weather.

The best prices and discounts personally from the owner of the factory!

Sales are great because prices are moving, especially at the end of the fur season. The sale is, first of all, the live communication of the manufacturer with the customer. Visit the exhibition hall and you may be lucky to meet the owner of the factory or someone from the top management, discuss the nuances of the purchase and discuss the size of the discount.

How to strengthen the lungs

Note that the prices in the exhibition hall are slightly lower than the prices for the same things in the branded fur salons of Moscow, for example, in the stores “Snow Queen”, “World of Leather and Fur” and many other large shopping centers. Such a pricing strategy for sales directly from the manufacturer is clear to all and justifies itself: in the conditions of competitive demand and beneficial to the buyer!

If you temporarily do not have the necessary funds, the problem is solved simply: you can take out a loan in any of a dozen banks that provide consumer loans. Special credit departments help to do this as quickly as possible.

Certificates for furs and fur warranty

Regardless of whether you purchase a fur coat with a discount or an exclusive model of the author’s collection, you will be presented with a certificate for each product and each purchase will be issued with a guarantee from the manufacturer. Therefore, if the need arises, it will always be possible to return the product in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection.

How to strengthen the lungs

Feel our concern for you

The customer service staff at the exhibition hall did everything to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible. Before visiting, you can call +7 (495) 605-09-48, +7 (495) 605-02-31 and clarify the availability of your size models . We treat each visitor of the exhibition “from the bottom of the heart!” And you will definitely feel it. Products that you purchased from us will warm you and delight you with warm memories of its purchase.

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