How to speed up the process of menstruation

Probably, each of us at least once in our life had to think about how to speed up the menstruation process, so that instead of the usual 6-7 days, the months would go 3-4 days. Well, who likes to fall out of life every month for a whole week?

How to speed up the process of menstruation

Is it possible to speed up your period at home?

There are really ways to speed up the end of menstruation, but, as well as attempts to push back or bring the term of the onset of menstruation closer, these methods are not always safe. But of course, here we are not talking about some wonderful pill, after drinking which you will speed up the passage of menstruation. How then to speed up the end of menstruation? It’s simple, use folk remedies.

How to speed up the end of the monthly folk remedies?

  1. To make monthly periods faster, you need to use more fluid from the beginning of your period.
  2. What products accelerate the monthly? It is considered that lemons help well in this case. Therefore, starting from the third day of your period, you need to drink a glass of lemon juice every day. It is natural to drink pure lemon juice with a whole glass in one gulp. It is necessary to divide the norm (a glass of lemon juice) into several receptions. And so that the stomach does not rebel, from such a “gift”, the juice must be diluted with water, in a ratio of 30:70, respectively.
  3. Many people notice that during sports, menstruation is faster, and for athletes this period is generally limited to a few days, and the discharge is usually not very abundant. On the one hand, the problem is solved, the sport is good – and the muscles will be in good shape, and the periods will end earlier. On the other hand, playing sports on critical days can be dangerous for women’s health. If overloaded, the endometrium can enter the abdominal cavity. If the tissue survives there, then the woman gets endometriosis – the disease is quite serious, from which it is not so easy to get rid of. Therefore, hard to play sports during menstruation is not worth it. It is advisable to take a break for the first days of menstruation, and then return to the usual training pattern. But if you haven’t been involved in sports before, then you don’t need to start during menstruation – 2 extra days, those “taken” from your period are not worth a possible long-term relief from the disease.
  4. A fairly simple way to reduce the number of days of menstruation is the use of tampons with greater absorbency. Ladies using this technique claim that menstruation is much faster. But do not rely on this method. Monthly can not pass in one day – the endometrium needs time to move away and in such a short time it can not happen. Therefore, this method can only come in the last days of menstruation, when the dying off of the endometrium has already stopped, and the remnants of blood continue to go. But with the selection of the size of the tampon is to be careful – too big can injure the vagina and without that more sensitive these days.
  5. It is believed that sex critical days shortens their duration and facilitates their flow. But this is already a scientifically proven fact, but a significant shift in the timing of menstruation will be only in the case of intense sexual intercourse without the use of condoms and with a bright orgasm. The fact is that with monthly endometrium produces prostaglandins, which help the body get rid of the endometrium. Sperm also contains prostaglandins, when it enters the body, the volume of these substances increases and the monthly run out faster.
  6. Often with very heavy menstruation, decoctions and burner teas are used. You can drink them and if you want to speed up the passage of menstruation. But often this is not worth doing, since the burnet has also fixing abilities and is used for diarrhea. To prepare the broth you need 2 tablespoons of rhizomes, pour a glass of hot water and warm for half an hour in a water bath. Next, the broth is cooled to room temperature, filtered and topped up with plain water to 200 ml, the broth is taken in a tablespoon after meals 5-6 times a day.
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