How to speed up the arrival of the first monthly


Monthly bring a woman a lot of trouble throughout her life. Pain, discomfort, feelings, weakness – all these feelings are a monthly “bonus” provided to a woman by her body.

Monthly bring a woman a lot of trouble throughout her life. Pain, discomfort, feelings, weakness – all these feelings are a monthly “bonus” provided to a woman by her body.

But there are days when the appearance of menstruation is completely undesirable. This may be some significant events, holidays, trips to rest.

In such a situation, women often ask themselves questions: how to remove their periods, or how to reduce their periods, so that nothing is darkened by pleasant moments. There are many ways to influence the appearance of menstruation, for example, for this you can use a variety of folk remedies.

In our article you can read how to make the monthly shorter, how to accelerate the monthly or delay their arrival. But do not forget that the body reacts negatively to any interference in its processes from the outside. To shorten the monthly can only in extreme cases. And if the monthly cycle of your already stable is no different, you need to think a hundred times whether it should be done at all.

How to speed up the arrival of menstruation at home

First of all, make sure that the delay is not caused by pregnancy. Since in this case, provoking monthly, you can harm yourself and your baby. In addition, the delay may indicate the presence of various diseases. In this case, you need to fight not with the delay itself, but with the cause of its occurrence. Late treatment to the doctor and self-treatment can lead to serious consequences. But if you still decide to cause menstruation with a delay, some sparing folk recipes are described below.

  • Cook the parsley broth. The tool should be taken 100 ml 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening. For better effect, you can also eat fresh parsley, for example, in a salad;
  • such a healing plant as tansy, growing in the middle lane, also proved itself well. It can be bought at the pharmacy. Broth is prepared in the following way: 2 tbsp. l plants pour 200 g of boiling water. Means insist half an hour. Take 70 g of this broth 3 times a day about 30 minutes before meals;
  • You can also use a decoction of chamomile. The tea of ​​this medicinal plant is drawn for 20 minutes. Chamomile tea should be drunk three times a day;
  • if you need to call monthly only a couple of days earlier, a decoction of bay leaf will help. For its manufacture need 60 pcs. Bay leaf pour 2 nd glasses of water and put the pan on the fire, after boiling, leave the broth to cook for a few minutes, then strain. Use this tool should be on an empty stomach. Monthly, as a rule, should go the next day;
  • if you use hormonal contraceptives, then you can speed up your period by not taking them a couple of days earlier. But remember that when taking the pills from the next package within 2 weeks, you will need to use additional methods of contraception.
  • Prepare a herbal decoction of valerian, oregano and chamomile. To do this, you will need to mix 4 tbsp. l oregano, 4 tbsp. l daisies and 3 tbsp. l valerian root (crushed). Pour boiling water over one tablespoon of herbal mixture and leave for about an hour. Drink the infusion of 100 g in the morning and evening, until the monthly appear.
  • Another result is a good result, which consists of mint, knotweed, elecampane, rhodiola root, nettle and yarrow. All components take in equal proportions and mix. For cooking broth 2 tbsp. l mix up 1 liter of boiling water. Use an infusion of 100 g throughout the day.

It should be noted that hot baths, whose effectiveness can be enhanced if you drink a glass of warm wine, are a great alternative to taking herbal infusions and medicines. Bath, sauna and hot foot baths will be no less effective to provoke the arrival of menstruation. But there are some contraindications to these procedures: diseases of the uterus and ovaries, as well as high blood pressure.

How to speed up the arrival of menstruation with a delay

Long periods can be a sign of the presence of gynecological diseases in a woman, and periods like snot are a sign of pregnancy. Therefore, before reducing the duration of menstruation, make sure that you are completely healthy. The following are the most effective ways to help reduce the duration of menstruation:

How to speed up the arrival of the first monthly

  • so that your period ends faster, drink plenty of fluids from the beginning;
  • Many say that if a woman plays sports her period passes faster, and the allocation does not differ in abundance. Here the main thing – to avoid excessive physical exertion;
  • The easiest way to reduce the number of days of menstruation is to use tampons that have a greater absorption capacity. The girls who tried this method say that menstruation is really faster. However, menstruation can not end in one day, because the endometrium needs time to exfoliate. Therefore, this method can be used only in the last menstrual days, when the detachment of the endometrium has already ended, and only blood remains are released;
  • there is an opinion that sexual relations on critical days shorten their duration and facilitate their flow. But in the first 2 days of monthly sex, it is desirable to postpone sex, since sex in this period can cause activation of pathogenic bacteria that can get into the uterus.

Often, with strong menstruation, they use tea and decoy from burnet. To prepare the broth, you need 2 tbsp. l rhizomes pour boiling water (200 ml) and leave for 30 minutes. When this broth is cooled, it is filtered and topped up with another 200 ml of cooled boiled water. To use the product is 5 times a day after meals, 1 tbsp. l

How to reduce the monthly

If you urgently need to delay the arrival of menstruation for a short time, try the following popular methods.

Citrus contains vitamin C in large quantities. Due to its property to influence the vessels, it can contribute to the delay of menstruation. The method consists in the following: 5 days before the menstruation, eat 2 lemons. But remember, to eat this fruit on an empty stomach is impossible.

The specified tool can stop the monthly period for 10-18 hours. For its preparation, nettle leaves (1 tbsp. L.) Pour boiling water (300 ml). When nettle decoction cool, drink it. Take this tool 3 times a day.

Broth from the highlander pepper

In the highlander pepper (water pepper) contains a lot of vitamin K, contributing to the delay of menstruation. To make the product, pour the dried water pepper (40 g) with boiling water (500 ml) and cook for 5 minutes. Take the broth to 4 days before the possible onset of menstruation.

It should be noted that experts extremely do not recommend using emergency contraceptives and hemostatic drugs to influence the duration of menstruation. Do not self-diagnose and treat yourself, as you may harm your own health.

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