How to sit on the splits without pain

Just because the first time to sit on a full splits at home without training is very difficult. It’s almost impossible. Therefore it is necessary to conduct a set of exercises for stretching the muscles. Classes should be held daily. Twine requires well-developed muscle elasticity. A newcomer will experience short-term difficulties. Developed willpower and perseverance in achieving their goals – the best helpers in how to sit on the splits at home.

Twine can be of several types:

• transverse, when the legs are simply spread apart;

• longitudinal, when legs are spread apart (one is forward and the other is back);

• sagging when the splits are performed, for example, on two adjacent chairs. Jean Claude Vannes Dame has become famous for such splits;

• vertical, when one leg rises strictly vertically upwards;

• and any of the above, but performed standing on your hands.

Stretching in the splits also has a very beneficial effect on the state of the body: the spine is pulled out and development of scoliosis is eliminated, the peristalsis of the digestive organs and the work of the abdominal organs are normalized. This is the best prevention against varicose veins and the normalization of the female menstrual cycle. And about the magnificent strengthening of the muscles of the legs and back, in general, not even worth mentioning.

Basic principles

No sports equipment or equipment needed. It will only be useful to have a rug that helps to not slip and fix the position of the body in order to sit on the splits at home.

After the first two sessions, one day break is done, as the muscles begin to ache, because they began to work for the first time. This is a normal reaction. Further classes should be conducted daily. With this approach, the implementation of the twine is possible within one month. In practice, the hardest thing in the last days of training, when a couple of centimeters is left to the desired land. Here you need to be very careful. If you hurry and sit down through pain, it will be extremely difficult to walk in the next couple of months.

Daily exercise consists of two stages: warm-up (or warm-up) and the entrance to the splits. During the warm-up the muscles and joints warm up, warm up. This helps to avoid ligament breaks when entering a position and it becomes easier to sit on a string at home. Torn ligaments heal long and painfully. It is best to jog along the street or on a treadmill before starting a warm-up. You can jump or jump. Some sports instructors advise to lie down and bask in the bath for 15 minutes. In general, you need to perform a minimum program – warm up the body.

How to sit on the splits without pain

Men are recommended to warm up the body with a barbell. In the gym, for example, there are 15 sessions, three approaches each. Everything is used for the rod light. Next, flexion exercises are performed for the hip biceps. As in the previous task, it is performed 15 times in three approaches.

Step by Step instructions

So, the body is ready and warmed up. It is recommended to start the exercises directly.

The first exercise is performed in a sitting position on the mat.. Legs in close position are in front. Next you need to reach with your whole body to your heels, touching your toes with your hands. The back always remains straight. Bending in an arc is not allowed. Feet tightly pressed to the floor. Produced two coming up to 15 slopes. Exercise is done slowly with a relaxed state. So the muscles stretch better. Newcomers from the first classes may not immediately reach out with their toes. It’s not for long. In a couple of days – everything will turn out.

The second exercise is performed standing, shoulder width apart. Fingers folded in the lock. Bends forward forward alternately in the right, and then – the left leg. After that, the arms are stretched to the floor in between the legs. The back always remains straight. Bending in an arc is not allowed. Produced two coming up to 15 slopes.

Third exercise in order to sit on the splits at home, performed sitting on one leg, and the other – stretched back. Stretch the muscles of the extended leg and perineum. Produced two coming up to 15 slopes. Muscles stretch slowly and relaxed. Exercising with painful sensations is unacceptable.

To complete the fourth exercise you need support: chair wall In a standing position, one foot is wrapped around the foot and stretches back upwards. Beginners leg stretches to the gluteus maximus, and trained athletes – above and up, pulling the leg completely. Produced two sets of 20 extrusions. Only in this way (uniquely) the muscle necessary for the string – the quadriceps is stretched.

Fifth exercise. Standing on their feet and leaning against the wall, they swing their legs alternately. The leg rises with a maximum amplitude in different directions. Produced two approaches for 15 strokes. The back is kept upright.

The sixth exercise is taken from yoga.. It’s called butterfly. Performed sitting on the rug. The feet are connected in the crotch area. The task is this: push your knees in different directions so that they almost touch the floor. To do this, the knees must be lowered, then raised, each time bringing to the floor. Posture is held straight. Feet are held pressed to the floor and tend to touch the perineum. It is carried out 20 times on three approaches. By the way, such an exercise is extremely useful for future mothers to do – pelvic muscles stretch remarkably.

In the end – entrance to the splits. Position – standing on his feet. Legs are slowly moving apart to the sides. The legs in the knees in the process of doing the exercises do not bend. Approaching the floor continues until a strong pain sensation occurs. Spreading the legs stops and the position is fixed. The muscles are given a little time (five minutes is enough) to get used to the existing light tension. The body needs to be relaxed. When the muscles get used to the tension, approaching the floor continues. And so gradually: centimeter by centimeter the final goal approaches.

Even in the splits can enter, relying elbows on the floor. The legs in this position, as before, are also gradually divorced to the sides.

Reasons for the failures

Studying techniques how to sit on the splits at home, great care must be exercised. Nearby there is no specialist or sports coach who will monitor the training and stretching, able to stop in time or, conversely, “put the squeeze on” the load. Therefore, in independent searches it is possible to make mistakes.

First, exercise with pain is prohibited. Can damage the ligaments, the treatment of which will lead to the hospital. Stretch required slowly and gradually. Strong pain and flexibility exercises are not compatible things.

Secondly, only … children can enter the splits for a week. They have the most elastic stretching muscles. You should not build illusions. In reality, it takes a month of training to accomplish the desired.

Thirdly, in sports circles the method of dynamic entry into the splits is practiced. This is when exercises are done with jerks, and not with slow stretching. This approach is the most effective, but dangerous. This method can be used strictly under the constant supervision of a qualified sports specialist.

Fourth, postponing one workout the next day – the achievement of the result also increases by one day. To sit on the splits at home, it is important to exercise daily.

Fifth, it is the development of the wrong muscle groups. You should not expect quick results if the wrong muscle groups are stretched, therefore it is extremely important to understand the course of the exercise “in the head”, and then – to do it.

Sixth, it is important to stretch the muscles, not the ligaments. Ligaments are hard, hard to stretch the sheaths of the joints. It is impossible to stretch them by nature, but damage is real. Ligament repair is a painful process and requires long-term rehabilitation.

Precautions for the preservation of the joints:

• The knee joints are the most protected. They are the most vulnerable;

How to sit on the splits without pain

• when the bicep of the thigh is stretched, the legs of the knees bend slightly;

• in the transverse splits, the lateral load on the knees is removed by turning the toes of the legs upwards;

• The small muscles of the arms and the muscles of the shoulder girdle are stretched very carefully.

Seventh, the intensity of training. Some beginners believe that the more times to stretch – the better. This opinion is erroneous, as prolonged rest is vital for stretched muscles. It is allowed to increase the load in each new workout, but not the intensity for one day.

And finally, failure comprehends those who do the work in between. Each exercise is performed with a great deal of attentiveness and perseverance, with a feeling of feeling your own body, at the limit between comfort and almost pain. In these sports activities it is forbidden to be lazy, so as soon as you can achieve what you want with enviable hard work.

The twine has contraindications:

• presence of vertebral and pelvic injuries;

• a lowered uterus that a chiropractor and possibly a manual therapist can put in place;

• high arterial pressure.

Video instruction for exercises for cross splits:

Video instruction for longitudinal splits:

Motivational video for a good mood:

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