How to shave a bikini area without irritation

Almost all women regularly encounter irritation after shaving. Typically, this problem occurs in the intimate area or in the armpits, as there skin is more thin and sensitive. Irritation in most cases occurs due to improper and careless shaving.

Important! Many women prefer depilation (shaving of the visible part of the hair) epilation (removal of hair with the root). Surface shaving is performed with a razor.

Tools and Instruments

There are many tools designed specifically for long-term hair removal – hair removal. For depilation, there are several types of razors, for example, models with a movable head that allows you to shave hard-to-reach areas.

Important! Another disadvantage related to both shugaring and wax depilation is that before the procedure the hair will have to grow to 6-8 mm. That is, for some time a woman will need to walk with quite noticeable bristles.

Additional products used for any kind of hair removal:

How to shave a bikini area without irritation

  • moisturizing and / or nourishing cream;
  • alcohol disinfecting solution or antiseptic without alcohol (for sensitive and allergenic skin);
  • shaving foam (improves the slip of the tool, used in conjunction with a razor).

These are the basic tools that may be needed in order to make the procedure more comfortable and reduce the risk of irritation.

How to shave a bikini area so that there is no irritation

After shaving the skin may appear red rashes, purulent pimples. Many women feel itching all day long after the procedure, and some experience discomfort for several days. So how to avoid all this? Golden rules for hair removal and depilation:

  1. Prepare the skin with warm water. This will help avoid irritation, as it will reduce the number of microdamages. The skin will parry, due to which even ingrown hairs will be removed less painfully.
  2. Shave / depil hair in the direction of their growth. Many women remove hairs against their growth, thereby significantly increasing the risk of redness, pimples, and even full thin cuts.
  3. Shave as often as possible. It would seem strange advice, but in fact it is very useful and effective. The skin gets used to regular shaving or depilation, due to which it ceases to react violently to these procedures.
  4. Cut hair before shaving if it is rather long. This can be done as a trimmer, and simple nail scissors. Pre-hairstyle makes shaving easier and helps avoid irritation after it.

These are the basic rules regarding shaving.

By the way, useful advice – for a better razor slip, you can apply not a special foam, but an unnecessary balm for hair. The main thing is to thoroughly wash it off after the procedure.

How to care for skin after shaving

Some women complain that they have pimples after shaving or excessive dry skin. As a rule, such problems arise precisely because of improper care or its complete absence.

Itching in the intimate area is also due to the fact that there are microdamages on the skin, the healing of which can be significantly accelerated with the help of a base cream with panthenol. In general, it is proper care that is able to provide comfortable sensations and aesthetic appearance (for the sake of which shaving is carried out).

In order to avoid dryness, you need to use a cream. The basic version is a remedy for Nivei. Ideally, the shaving and aftercare procedure should look like this: remove hairs in the evening, then treat the area with an alcohol solution and a rich cream. In the morning, wash and, if necessary, repeat the part of the care.

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Should I shave a bikini area: other ways to remove hair

Each woman chooses whether she should shave her hair in the bikini zone and on the body in principle. Epilation and depilation are mostly aesthetic procedures that do not carry any global benefits. But still they help reduce the activity of pathogenic microflora.

Because of the hair, some areas sweat a lot, and the moisture forms an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, there is a certain sense in shaving. Of course, with daily washing twice a day, you can not shave, but in all other cases, depilation helps to avoid unpleasant smell, itching and discomfort.

In addition to depilation with a razor, there are such hair removal methods as wax, trimmer, and so on. Their advantages and disadvantages have been described above.

A woman needs to choose the way of shaving that suits her best. Especially now there is a huge range of tools and hair removal products.

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