How to remove toxins from the intestines

Many women and men ask how to remove toxins and toxins at home. To carry out such a procedure, it is necessary to carry out correctly only 5 simple steps, which are described in the article below. Also, information about the reasons for the need to clean the body of toxins constantly, and not episodes, will be useful to the reader.

Detoxification of the body

When a person does not intervene, detoxification of the body (cleansing) occurs naturally, but in modern conditions it is not effective. Cleansing organs (liver, intestines, kidneys, skin) are overworked due to overload with toxins from outside.

Without intervention (on their own) they remove only processed products of metabolism from the body and partially slags with toxins (they do not cope with poisons, heavy metals, synthetic compounds).

To avoid toxins in the body is impossible. See what’s around us: wallpaper, paint on the walls, suspended ceilings, flooring. All of them release into the air dangerous doses of organic compounds.

  • Furniture made of chipboard is unsafe due to the content of phenol in it, which evaporates into the indoor air at a temperature of +20 C and above. Phenol is a carcinogen, a dangerous enemy of the nervous system.
  • Plastic panels emit harmful substances (at high temperatures).
  • Phosphorescent wallpaper poison the body with radioactive radon.
  • From cheap linoleum from the high temperatures of the batteries during the heating season, including the kitchen stoves, formaldehyde and benzene evaporate.
  • Plastic film laminate is also harmful to health.
  • Carpet (synthetic) poison the air with chemicals.

How to remove toxins forever, if volatile organic compounds are everywhere in the countless everyday things around us, such as paints, air fresheners, carpets, cosmetics, detergents?

To remove toxins at home, you can quickly, but not forever. Such procedures must be carried out continuously throughout life. We all live in critical conditions, and not everyone can surround themselves with safe life or environmental repair. Even if we create an ideal microclimate at home, detoxifying the body without our help is impossible due to the negative effect of vehicle exhaust gases or urban industrial emissions.

How to protect the body from toxins

For a start, you can throw away toothpaste with triclosan, forget about fireworks, do not buy personal care products with parabens, do not use plastic utensils.

When you begin to strive to choose eco-friendly products for your life (clothes, shoes, cleaning products, cosmetics), you can protect your body from the lion’s share of slags and toxins, which can, by the way, provoke even obesity.

When is detoxification of the body with our intervention necessary? Observe for yourself, symptoms such as:

  • headaches or irritability without a cause;
  • sleeplessness at night, daytime sleepiness;
  • problem skin on the face;
  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • poor appetite, bad breath;
  • pain in the joints;
  • memory problems (forgetfulness).

How to cleanse the body of toxins

Purify the body of toxins, mucus and waste at home can be folk remedies, correctly performing 5 simple steps.

Honey massage

According to reviews, honey massage is considered one of the most popular and effective ways to detoxify. Due to the valuable qualities of honey, there is an intensive cleansing of the body from toxins and slags. He pulls them from the inside to the surface of the skin.

How to perform a massage at home?

Apply natural liquid honey all over your body after an allergy test. Spread a few drops on your shoulder, after 30 minutes see the reaction. Blisters, rashes or red spots should not appear. Ask someone at home to do honey massage on his back. This part of the body is processed first, and after the legs, the abdomen and chest.

How to remove toxins and toxins with honey?

  • Rub the warm honey over the entire surface of the skin (until it hardens).
  • Now press your palms firmly against the sticky skin, and then sharply tear off the body.
  • Remove recycled honey with warm water using a soft washcloth.
  • After the procedure, apply a moisturizer.
  • Wrap a warm blanket and rest for a while.

Honey massage is recommended once every three months.

Foods and diets

Fiber has the effect of a brush (it helps to easily remove slags and toxins).

Add in your diet natural juices, fruits, vegetables. They contain antioxidants that are needed to fight free radicals (derived from toxins).

Every day, eat onions, garlic, all kinds of cabbage. Exclude processed foods with preservatives, artificial flavors, trans fats, nitrates. Do not store food in plastic containers, and canned food in open iron cans.

Green grapes have powerful detox properties. It transports waste to the intestines. The effect exceeds all expectations, provided that at the same time consume a lot of water. Green grapes help to remove toxins and lose weight quickly.

To clear the body of toxins, mucus and waste can be different diets.

  • Fruit (5 – 7 days before the diet, drink 8 glasses of distilled water every day). In the first three days, in addition to distilled water, include in the diet natural fruit juices (or fresh plums, peaches, pears, apples, oranges, grapefruits). On the fourth day (add salads from raw vegetables). From the fifth day diversify the menu with cereals, and after a week you can even afford to lean meat. Want to lose weight fast and stay in shape? Go back to the fruit diet every quarter. In the interval, drink a glass of kefir for the night, and in the daytime eat 1 to 2 apples.
  • French (1500 kcal per day). Diet will appeal to all who count calories. It allows you to lose 8 pounds in 14 days, is designed for two – three weeks and a six-fold daily meal in small portions. The main menu consists of fruits, vegetables, fish, rye bread, eggs, various drinks (this is unsweetened coffee, green tea, mineral water, natural juices).
  • Rice diet (helps cleanse the body and lose weight). Every day, boil a glass of rice without salt, soaking the grains overnight. Eat during the day several times 1 to 2 tablespoons. Drink enough water. Do not delay with the rice diet for more than 5 – 7 days, as it is incomplete.
  • Protein (diet for the day: fresh cucumber, boiled egg, chicken breast without salt, 2 liters of pure water).
  • Carbohydrate (to lose weight and remove toxins from the body, during the day, eat salad in small portions, cooked from carrots, cabbage and raw beets, taken at ½ kilogram).

What folk remedies can cleanse the body of toxins and at the same time lose weight?

In pharmacies, you can find a large selection of herbal preparations for removing toxins from the body. Try also to drink in the mornings before breakfast such a healthy drink as warm water (a mug) with lemon juice (juice of one fruit), apple cider vinegar (1–2 tsp), a pinch of cayenne pepper.

It will add energy to the body, increase the level of metabolism, cleanse vital organs of mucus, waste.

At home, help to lose weight and remove toxins vegetable infusions, decoctions, healthy drinks and oils.

collecting cleans the blood, helping the liver to remove toxins and slags

You can also remove toxins and slags at home with the help of infusion from buckthorn bark and ginger root or milk thistle. Drink 1 glass of drink before meals, three times a day (two days).

Filtered water (cleans the blood in sufficient quantity, flushes out toxins and slags from the body).

A 0.25 liter beaker (250 ml.) Is recommended for a child to drink per day if it weighs 9 kilograms. 18 kg. – 2 glasses and so on.

For an adult, the rate of water consumed per day is as follows: divide your weight by three and move the comma one digit to the left. For example, with a weight of 60 kilograms, you need to drink about 2 liters of water per day.

Physical exercise

To remove toxins and toxins, vigorous activity must be up to sweat. Saunas and baths – an alternative detoxification. They help to remove up to 20% of slags and toxins through the skin.

Do not forget about the benefits of breathing exercises. With a powerful inflow of air, the blood is purified from harmful impurities and is saturated with oxygen. Take deep breaths for 5 to 10 minutes every morning or during the day.

When the colon is clogged, intestinal absorption of toxins, which instantly seep into the blood. Headaches start without a cause, skin rashes and

How to remove toxins from the intestines

The preparatory period begins two weeks before the procedure. You need to provide yourself with a diet without meat, fish, pastries, dairy products, salty (spicy, smoked) food, drinks in the form of tea, coffee, cocoa, alcohol. Do not interfere and visit the bath or sauna (twice during the preparatory period).

To clean the intestines from toxins at home you will need an Esmarch mug. It is filled with boiled water (36.6 degrees) and suspended at a height of one and a half meters. Enemas are carried out in the morning hour or before bedtime, but always only at the same hour.

How is the procedure performed correctly?

  • Get on your knees and elbows (you can also lie on your right side, bend your legs and pull them to yourself).
  • Relax your belly.
  • Insert the tip, hold the liquid inside for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Empty your intestines.

Folk remedies (using enemas) also get rid of parasites. For the procedure will need a slice of garlic and boiling water. Prepare the infusion in the evening. Such a remedy is effective against all parasites and their toxins.

After, after a quarter of an hour, repeat the enema, but with a saline solution (1 tablespoon of salt; 1 liter of water). Enema from parasites is done three times (three days).

Restore intestinal motility after sessions with enemas will allow breathing exercises, self-massage of the abdomen, herbal extracts, herbal tea.

Folk remedies can get rid of parasites such as ascaris, hookworm, Giardia, fungi. They enter the body in many different ways. See the examples below in the incomplete list:

  • unwashed fruit,
  • bananas with black spots on the peel,
  • polluted water
  • undercooked foods.

Bitter herbs and anthelmintic substances help to get rid of parasites: garlic, tansy, wormwood, celery, parsley, cardamom, cumin, fennel seeds.

Cleansing the body of parasites for preventive purposes is carried out twice a year (they make enemas and drink bitter infusions). One of them is prepared as follows: tansy, wormwood and cloves (1 mug: 1 mug: 10 grams) are mixed and crushed (in a coffee grinder). The powder is ingested 1

Such parasites are expelled at the same time as ½ cup of sunflower oil are taken, and after emptying, additional enemas are made. But not everyone can drink sunflower oil in large quantities. In this case, you can try another way to cleanse the intestines from parasites. It is designed for 7 – 14 days, depending on the degree of slagging. You will need garlic (three cloves), milk (glass). Tomite infusion in a water bath for half an hour. Drink 1 each

Natural methods of cleansing the body with folk remedies at home are effective and do not cause side effects. We described above about 7 simple steps that helped many women get rid of toxins, slags, mucus and at the same time from many serious diseases, including diabetes.

How to remove toxins from the intestines

How to cleanse the body of alcohol

After stormy holidays with strong alcoholic drinks, there always comes a hard morning with a pressing problem of how to cleanse the body of alcohol. Many people know the unpleasant symptoms when you feel like a hangover. At such a moment, people drink again, and afterwards they suffer not only from nausea, but also from headaches.

What helps to cleanse the body of alcohol? Clean water (in unlimited quantities), rice diet, natural fruit juices, dairy products, green tea, simultaneous intake of vitamins C and E, an infusion of oats (purifies blood from all toxins), a decoction from the chain (1 tablespoon grains or herbs to steam ½ liter of boiling water, after drinking during the day).

Purify the body of alcohol possible activated carbon. This sorbent effectively purifies the blood and removes all harmful substances that poison the life of an exhumed organism.

Charcoal cleaning

Cleansing the body with activated carbon – a simple and effective way to get rid of toxins. Pay attention to the contraindications:

  • ulcers of the digestive tract;
  • stomach bleeding.

Activated carbon must be used regularly by city dwellers, as they live in high-risk areas. Every day in their bodies accumulate harmful and toxic substances from the polluted atmosphere.

Ways to cleanse the body with activated carbon.

Enterosorption (taking pills 1 pc. Per 10 kilograms of weight).

Tablets remove toxic substances through the intestinal tract. Including, their formula cleanses the blood, has a positive effect on the metabolism of fats. A cleansing course takes two to four weeks. In the next few days it is useful to include drugs with live bacteria in the diet. And in the days of purification with activated charcoal, two things are necessary: ​​diet and clean water.

Hemosorption (not a home method of purification with activated carbon). Blood is released from toxic substances by adsorption of poison on the surface of the sorbent, passing through columns with coal or mass exchangers with filters.

In the walls of the house, blood is purified by diets and infusions. Choose one of the ways that are acceptable to you.

  • Fasting two days. From the third day the ration should include cabbage and beet salads, fresh juices from grapes, cranberries and blackberries (they are drunk ½ cup three times a day).
  • Infusion of pharmaceutical herbs.
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