How to remove the corn on the heel

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Corn on the heel can occur in any person, regardless of his age. The cause of this phenomenon can be uncomfortable squeezing shoes, irregular gait, flat feet, walking in high heels, swelling. Often there is a disease in people with excess weight.

Kind of corns on the heel

There is the following classification:

  1. Soft callus. It includes scuffs, dropsy.
  2. Solid. This natoptysh, heel spur, a variety of thickening.

For the treatment of corns on the heels to be effective, it is necessary to determine what kind of it you have. She might look like:

  • As the keratinous area of ​​the epithelium. Determine the dry and wet variety.
  • Like a bladder with lymph (when wet), blood (with blood), pus (with inflammation).
  • Like corns with rods that grow into the skin and are characterized by tenderness (plantar wart).

Heal callus treatment

The easiest way to prevent the appearance of corns. But if it so happened that they arose, they can be treated in several ways, depending on the species.

For example, pivotal varieties when exposed to medications and folk remedies are not marked by rapid healing.

How to heal a callus on the heel, because to cut and get rid of the upper layer will not succeed? There are several ways:

  1. You can refer to proven grandmother’s recipes. Do the trays with mustard powder, baking soda or liquid soap. After blowing your legs, use a pair of scissors to remove the damaged layer. Treat the core with citric acid, vinegar or celandine, and cover the wound with a plaster.
  2. An excellent remedy for corns on the heels is Salipod plaster, which will ease the pain.
  3. Drill rod with a cutter. In this case, the impact occurs only on the problem area, and healthy cells remain undamaged. Antiviral agent is dropped into the hole.
  4. Innovative treatment – treatment of the patient area with a laser, after which the wound is treated with a special tool. After a short time, it will heal without leaving a mark.
  5. Cryotherapy procedure. In this case, liquid nitrogen is used, after exposure to which the treated keratinous tissues will be rejected, and after a while new skin will appear.

How to put a corn on the heel of the dry type?

This kind of appearance is characterized by the appearance of a hardened area of ​​round contours and a small size, soreness, discomfort and cracks in the heel area.

How to heal the corn on the heel and get rid of the problem forever? Do cold foot baths, use moisturizers, or take care of your skin by using a bath, which you add to soda and soap.

How to anoint a corn on the heel? – Get salicylic ointment, which includes benzoic acid. Excellent proven vegetable oils. With the help of olive, flax or corn oil in a few days the problem will be solved.

At the first opportunity, buy Compeed patches – they are easy to use and act quickly. The treatment will not last more than 4 days. Note that you should remove the patch when it began to fall behind. It is advisable to use (until the complete disappearance of the problem) keratolytic cream or gel. Such funds soften the skin.

They know perfectly well how to treat a callus on the heel, and in beauty salons. Pedicure masters use a machine (boron) in their work, which has fine-grained and coarse-grained attachments. Thanks to such a device, keratinized layers are easily removed.

Pharmacies once again want to cash in on diabetics. There is a sensible modern European drug, but they keep quiet about it. It.

Were tortured with his corn on the heel, you don’t know how to get rid of it, and you don’t want to trust traditional medicine? Then buy Super Antimozolin or Bensalitin ointment at the pharmacy. Apply strictly according to the instructions.

Wet heel treatment on heel

The main prohibition – do not pierce the blister. Breaking such a taboo puts you at risk to exacerbate the situation, since there is a big risk of infection.

How to relieve a callus on the heel, which exhausts you and disrupts the usual rhythm of life? Buy any pharmacy drug, but follow the recommendations for use.

If the bubble burst, then use the callus ointment on the heels, for example, Keeper. The wound will be rather delayed, the inflammation and pain will pass.

Before applying any means is to prepare the wound. It must be washed with soap and water. Only then can antibacterial drugs be used. From above it is necessary to impose a gauze bandage.

Independently open the bubble can only be in cases where the heel and then rubbed with shoes. To do this, take a needle, treated in an alcohol solution.

How to remove the corn on the heel

How to smear a corn on the heel, when there is no opportunity to go to the pharmacy for a special tool? It is allowed to process the wound with green paint, and in the summer period – to apply the crumpled leaf of the plantain.

How to cure a corn on the heel: a natural pantry of drugs

Every person has encountered at least once such a problem as a callus. And many do the simple advice of moms and grandmothers. Here are a few of them:

  1. Combine in equal proportions some raw potatoes, onions and aloe. Gruel is applied to the problem area. Then apply a bandage or patch. After a day the skin softens, and you can easily remove the horny layer. Apply cream to the wound.
  2. How to remove the callus on the heel using celandine? Make a juice or ointment on the basis of pork fat (mix in equal parts).
  3. An effective remedy is propolis. Apply a small amount of it on the affected area and attach the patch. Repeat the procedure every day, removing the top cornified layer.
  4. Dandelion juice is great for dry growths.
  5. Apply a slice of lemon at night, tightly tightening the bandage. Preparation is to take a bath. The procedure will be effective if the legs are well steamed.
  6. How to remove the corn on the heel with potassium permanganate? Dissolve it before the appearance of a dark brownish hue. In the solution, hold the sore heel for 15 minutes. Then lubricate the wound with iodine. Repeat the procedure every other day for two weeks. You will be surprised, but after 14 days there will be no trace of the recent problem.
  7. Bubbles come off faster if you do night compresses. Take fish oil and aloe juice in equal parts. Moisten the cotton wool in such a mixture and attach it to the heel.
  8. During the week, before bedtime, apply breadcrumbs dipped in vinegar. In the morning, remove the compress.

What to do – the corn on the heel does not pass?

In the event that self-treatment does not bring any result, and vice versa, pus appears, the wound begins to bleed, the pain intensifies – rush to a specialist immediately! Perhaps you have no calluses at all. Many try to diagnose themselves with the help of photos of corns on the heel, the treatment of which is subsequently erroneous. The doctor will conduct the necessary studies, and after determining the cause, she will be able to select the optimal drugs.

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