How to remove itching from thrush

Pathological reproduction of the fungus Candida on the mucous membrane of the vagina and vulva causes an inflammatory process called candidiasis.

Symptoms characteristic of thrush

The second name thrush disease was due to the characteristic symptoms:

  • plentiful allocation, on a consistence remind milk with cottage cheese grains;
  • weak sour smell.

Normally, the microflora of the mucous membrane of the genital organs contains fungi of the genus Candida. Their reproduction is “controlled” by lactobacilli. When hormonal failure, taking antibiotics, weakening the body’s defenses sharply increases the growth of fungal cells. Discomfort to the woman delivers:

How to remove itching from thrush

  • burning in the perineum;
  • itching in the vagina and vulva, which is aggravated by mechanical irritation;
  • tissue swelling and local fever;
  • redness and pain.

Causes of itching

The answer, “why the itch of thrush is intolerable,” gives an understanding of the nature of the infection. Candida mushrooms multiply rapidly, while waste products accumulate on the mucous tissues of the vagina and vulva. Waste irritates the nerve endings of the sensitive area. Allergic manifestation of infection, in which trophic epithelium suffers, is intensifying. The density of tissues is reduced, the mucous is easier to injure.

The intensity of itching depends on the severity of the infection. There are 3 forms:

The third form is transferred the hardest, itching the perineum and vagina constantly. Attempts by a woman to relieve stress do not give relief. Scratching increases the itching even more, pain appears. Cutting during urination interferes with the free emptying of the bladder. For thrush, there is only one question for patients – how and how to quickly remove a strong, incessant itching.

When the thrush of the genitals of women, itching often occurs in the anus. Candida mushrooms live on human mucous tissues, that is, in the oral cavity and intestines. When candidiasis of the intestine appears local irritation of the skin and mucous membrane in the anus. Later perianal mycosis is not excluded, that is, the defeat of the anus. It is difficult, the large intestine is involved in the pathological process. Infection develops in HIV-infected and homosexuals.

Personal hygiene rules help to cope with the symptoms of candidiasis

Itching causes a woman suffering, she can not lead a normal life, including sexual relations. The patient is nervous more often than usual, irritated and unable to concentrate. This affects her emotional health, but as soon as she manages to soothe the itching, her condition quickly returns to normal.

How to behave at home with thrush and what should be avoided to quickly remove the itch:

  • Every time after going to the toilet, wash with cool water to wash off white deposits from the mucous membrane of the vulva and urine residue. Do not use soap to avoid overdrying.
  • Do not use tampons during menstruation. Only gaskets, they must be changed as often as possible. Be sure to frequent washing away.
  • Wear cotton underwear only. Briefs should be of the classical form (synthetic, thong, tango banned).
  • Stop taking alcohol and nicotine.
  • Temporarily refrain from sex with a partner.

Do not prescribe treatment yourself. At home, it is permissible to carry out procedures that improve well-being, help relieve itching and get rid of burning. There are many ways; they are aimed at quickly eliminating pain on the mucous genital organs. From thrush can be used, both women and men.

We help ourselves

A woman with an exacerbation is constantly worried about itching. Sometimes it is so unbearable that combing them, it injures the mucous. Cracks and areas of inflammation are formed, which, with the slightest irritation, cause pain and burning. During this period, therapy is aimed at the destruction of Candida fungi.

Only a doctor recommends drugs that prevent irritation, and relieves the symptoms of thrush. The independent choice of medical means is dangerous!

Medical methods

With the help of drugs can quickly arrest the symptoms. Their action is aimed at the destruction of the fungus. The permeability of the cell membrane increases, which leads to its death. How can you relieve itching and pain in thrush?

  1. Clotrimazole cream. Apply immediately, at the first symptoms. The action is soothing. Destroys the fungus Candida. A thin layer of the preparation is applied to the cleaned-up crotch and gently lubricate the inflamed tissue. A similar effect in the drug Miconazole.
  2. Clotrimazole vaginal tablets. With the introduction of the vagina can relieve the flow of thrush and get rid of irritation of the mucous membrane of the vulva, vagina and in the anus.
  3. Candles Poliginax. They restore the trophism of the mucous membrane, compact it and have a detrimental effect on Candida fungi. You can get rid of the infection in a short period.
  4. Terzhinan. Complex drug. Candles contain several slaughter components that have an antiseptic effect.
  5. Diflucan. For treatment, use one capsule. Drive deep into the vagina. In mild thrush well helps.

Folk remedies

There are recipes that traditional medicine has long tried. They do not cause damage to health and help relieve itching in the vagina and in the anus. First of all, use natural ingredients and natural products.

How to remove itching from thrush

  1. Broth chamomile, sage, leaves of Hypericum, yarrow, calendula has an antimicrobial effect. One tablespoon of herbs is poured with a glass of boiling water, cooled to normal temperature. Apply for douching. To do such irrigation when itching. Undermining with infusion eliminates the symptoms of candidiasis, flushes off excess secretions and reduces itching in the vagina, in the anus and perineum.
  2. Baking soda is effective because it quickly alkalizes the vagina and makes further reproduction of Candida mushrooms impossible. Itching is much easier and safer to remove the itching in thrush, to soften the course of infection than to use drugs that you are not sure of. Prepare a mixture of a liter of water (boiled!) And a tablespoon of soda. Some recipes add a tablespoon of salt. Stir the contents until complete dissolution and conduct douching. The method is effective, immediately acts and reduces pain and itching. Use for irrigation and washing away.
  3. Oak bark works well for thrush. Brew 2 tablespoons in boiled water. A slight astringent and a drying effect will soothe the inflamed tissues of the vulva and help to remove the itching in the anus. Cooked infusion is poured into a basin and sit in it for 15 minutes. After drying with a towel and apply a healing cream prescribed by a doctor.
  4. The use of lotions from borax and glycerin soothe the skin during thrush. Provides removal of itching, swelling and swelling of the perineum.
  5. Potassium permanganate, its weak solution is used for irrigation of the vagina, flushing and baths. It has a detrimental effect on Candida fungi and destroys its structure.

Women are interested in how quickly and with the help of some drugs to get rid of itching in thrush. The danger is that not everyone treats the infection with proper attention. It is dangerous to engage in self-treatment not only during pregnancy, but also in other cases when a woman frantically searches for the answer to the question “what to do?”, Experiencing severe itching, entrusts to the advice of her friends and forum messages.

Contact with the doctor, examination of the gynecologist helps relieve itching for thrush, solve the problem faster and safer than the doubtful sources advise.

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