How to remove hemorrhoidal bumps

Good afternoon, Anton writes you. I work as a driver in a freight forwarding company. My activity is connected with long journeys, and recently I discovered hemorrhoids. At first I did not notice, but gradually began to disturb painful hemorrhoidal lumps in the anus. Periodically they passed, but now they are constantly disturbed for several weeks. Sometimes there are a few drops of blood during bowel movements. Tell me, are these bumps a manifestation of hemorrhoids or is it a separate disease? What is the cause of their occurrence and how to remove these structures in the anus? Work shift, in a remote area. I rarely go to the city; I will not be able to make an appointment with a qualified specialist in the near future.

Hello Anton. The symptoms described by you are characteristic of an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, that is, these are not the initial manifestations, but signs of a progressive course. However, a more detailed description of the cones that appear, including their shape, size, and consistency, is required. Despite the fact that you can only be given the most effective treatment by a proctologist after examining and conducting diagnostic tests, you can take some measures yourself by finding out and eliminating the cause of the disease. In addition, there are a number of available medications for the treatment of manifestations of hemorrhoids, including hemorrhoids, or bumps. If we talk in general, the bumps of hemorrhoids may look, for example, as a photo that we placed at the beginning of the article.

What are the causes of cones?

Hemorrhoid cones are varicose dilated vessels that fall out of the anus. As a rule, the appearance of this symptom indicates an exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids. Such hemorrhoidal lumps are a characteristic symptom for the late stages of the disease, since in the initial stages the nodes do not cause clinical manifestations and periodically independently set themselves inside the intestine. For the later stages of hemorrhoids, painfulness of the enlarged nodes, bleeding from the anus, especially after an act of defecation, limitation of movements are characteristic.

The causes of hemorrhoidal cones are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Poor diet;
  • Bad habits;
  • Excessive consumption of coffee, energy drinks;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (varicose veins, congenital pathology of the vascular wall).

Disposal methods

Although the treatment of hemorrhoids requires careful monitoring in a specialized unit, there are a number of common methods of conservative treatment of these manifestations.

Conservative treatment of cones

Hemorrhoids are amenable to conservative treatment. Various creams, suppositories and antihemorrhoidal gels are used for this purpose.

How to remove hemorrhoidal bumps

To achieve the desired effect, complex therapy is prescribed, which includes two different drugs. For example, effectively interacting components are candles Nurofen or Papaverine, which have analgesic and antispasmodic effect and a special hemorrhoidal cream (Relief, etc.). The duration of treatment is 10 days. Before treatment, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the anus area, then treat the hemorrhoids with cream, and then insert the candle into the anus. After carrying out these manipulations, the patient should be in a supine position for 15 minutes.

In addition, the cause should be determined. Avoid hypothermia, adjust the driver’s seat, eat properly, perform special exercises for the muscles of the perineum. Check for signs of varicose veins in the lower limbs and other organs. Perhaps it will be necessary to use venotonics (phlebodia, detralex).

Operational methods for the removal of hemorrhoids

The effectiveness of conservative treatment for hemorrhoids reaches 75-80%, so you can count on getting rid of the nodes for about a month after the start of treatment (provided that you follow all the recommendations). If the described methods have no effect, then surgical treatment is indicated to you.

Today, there is a wide range of methods for removing hemorrhoidal cones, with increasingly frequent preference given to non-traumatic methods:

  • Laser treatment;
  • Sclerosing nodes;
  • Latex rings.

These are, in fact, non-surgical methods that allow one to achieve the degeneration or complete death of hemorrhoids without risk to the patient’s health. But for treatment with these methods, you need to undergo a thorough examination by a proctologist and follow the established postoperative regimen without heavy physical exertion.

In addition, for the prevention of relapse, it is important to comply with the mode of work and rest, metered loads, proper nutrition and the rejection of bad habits.

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