How to remove a burn

Under the influence of chemicals or high temperatures, skin injury occurs.

Many people have experienced personal burns.

But what to do after they occur, unfortunately, not many people know.

Burns: home treatment – views and ambulance

You can get a burn in several ways, which is why you can divide them into several types:

1. Heat burn – occurs due to the action of steam, fire, hot liquid on human skin.

2. Electric – from the name it is clear that it occurs after contact with lightning or electrical appliances.

3. Chemical – tight skin contact with irritating chemicals.

4. Beam – usually occurs due to prolonged exposure to the sun or in a solarium.

Regardless of what caused the injury, as a result, the skin is still irritated, thereby causing severe pain and redness.

Degree of burns

There are many reasons contributing to the formation of burns, but it is impossible to start treatment without setting its exact degree. Conventionally, they can be divided into first, second and third degree burns.

First degree burn

Slight damage to the skin can be attributed to the first degree. A slight redness appears on the skin, the person feels a little pain. Hospitalize with the patient is not necessary, because you can cure him at home.

Second degree burn

This degree is characterized by the penetration of the burn deep into the skin. There are not only redness, but also blisters filled with clear liquid. As a rule, they appear after scalding with a hot liquid, or after contact with chemicals. After the treatment, scars and scars may remain. It is necessary to know that if the burn area is larger than your palm, then it is necessary to consult a specialist. Treatment can be carried out at home, using for this pharmacy drugs.

How to remove a burn

Third degree burn

This is the most dangerous degree. After its receipt, the integrity of the skin is destroyed, it is possible that nerve endings and subcutaneous tissues will be affected. Get a burn can be after contact with electricity, chemicals. In this case, the patient’s condition can be both severe and moderate. Treatment can only be in the hospital. Almost always requires skin grafts.

How to give first aid

After a person has received a burn of any degree, it is important to give him first aid as soon as possible in order to alleviate the condition. And how literate it is, the further recovery depends.

The most important thing is to calm the victim and yourself. After all, only a collected person can carry out the necessary pre-medical measures. Then you need to carry out the following steps:

1. Stop patient contact with the heat source. Know if it is under electrical current, in any case, do not touch it. To do this, you need to take any isolated item. If after the contact is terminated, the fabric continues to break, be sure to attach something cold to it for about 15 minutes.

2. Give an analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory.

3. Treat the damaged area and apply gauze on it.

4. Thermal or chemical burns are recommended to be treated with running water.

For chemical burns, only a doctor can provide the necessary assistance. But if it is not very large, rinse it with cold water.

After the first aid has been rendered, wait for the ambulance to arrive. Be sure to tell the experts about how you took the measures and what drugs were given.

What to do in no case

If first aid was rendered incorrectly, serious complications could occur. which will subsequently affect the treatment. Therefore, in no case do the following:

1. No need to lubricate damaged areas with vegetable oil.

2. Do not use drugs that contain alcohol.

3. Blisters should not be opened by yourself.

4. If there are pieces of clothing on the wound, do not try to remove them.

5. Do not use urine.

Remedies for burns at home: pharmaceutical preparations

It is believed that the best remedies for burns at home are pharmaceutical preparations. Depending on the stage of the disease, there are several effective means:


It is an effective remedy for thermal burns. Ponyon-iodine is especially popular, the iodine content in the ointment is large. In addition, the ointment contains special preparations that contribute to the rapid healing of tissue.

Another effective ointment – Procelan. In addition to good bactericidal properties, it promotes the healing of burns. Also, the ointment contains painkillers, they relieve pain.

Sprays and sprays

Apply them with severe burns. Spray can be quickly and easily sprayed onto the skin, while avoiding painful contact with it.

For the treatment of burns, doctors recommend the use of aerosols for external use containing dexpanthenol, which has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Such a component is part of the European-quality medicinal product – “Panthenolspray” aerosol for external use. The drug has anti-inflammatory effect, improves tissue regeneration, is rapidly absorbed (absorbed) by the skin. There is no age limit, individual intolerance is possible, use in children should be made under the supervision of adults. You need to be very careful when buying a drug at a pharmacy,

The original drug (Panthenolspray) aerosol for external use is sold in white packaging, with orange letters and a smiley next to the name of the drug. On the new packaging (from 2017) there is a sign made in Europe.

How to remove a burn

Anti-burn dressings

For example, Apollo’s dressing is impregnated with a special solution that anesthetizes the wound.

Special adhesives

The most popular cream argakol. It has a fairly strong antimicrobial action. After it dries, an airtight film forms on the skin.

Many believe that the best remedies for burns at home, it is also popular methods. But we will talk about this below.

How to treat a burn at home: folk methods and means

It should be understood that care for a burn at home cannot fully replace traditional treatment. If you have a severe burn, second or third degree, in any case, do not self-medicate. The recipes given below help in the case when the area and depth of the burn is not large. The use of oil means is possible only a few hours after injury. After receiving the burn, immediately cool the affected area under running water. If the burn is very small, then after water it can be wiped with vodka or cologne.

How to treat a burn at home – effective means

Aloe or Kalanchoe

The juice of both plants has a good regenerating property. Pluck a few leaves, squeeze out the juice and wipe the affected areas with it once every few hours. You can also finely chop the leaves, to the formation of gruel and apply to the place of the burn. With thermal burns of the mouth, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with juice. After sunburn, you need to dilute the juice of the agave, soak gauze and apply it to the affected area.

Aid for home burns with plantain juice

How to remove a burn

This is one of the best plants that has wound healing and antimicrobial action. Plantain leaves grease burnt areas, or knead the leaves and make compresses for the night. Similar properties has such a plant as nettle. But in the case of it, not the leaves themselves are taken, but the juice squeezed out of them.

Hypericum oil

It is an effective tool used to treat damaged surfaces. Oiled lubricate the skin once every few hours.

Ointment made from burdock root

Ointment is effective only for shallow burns. Take burdock root and boil it in water for forty minutes, then mash well with a fork and mix with butter in a ratio of 1: 4. Lubricate sore spot several times a day.

Burns: homemade treatment with fermented milk products

Since ancient times, use sour cream, yogurt or kefir with sunburn. Thanks to these means, the redness is quickly removed, the skin calms down and heals. All you need to do is lubricate the skin.

Help with a burn at home: at the stage of healing

How to treat a burn at home at the stage of its healing, you need to know for sure. Indeed, at this stage, the main task is disinfection and healing of the skin. Quite often after burns blistering occurs with a clear liquid content. If at this moment to carry out the correct treatment, then you can avoid the festering and inflammation. A new skin will form under the blister, in a few weeks the damaged skin will dry out and separate, a new pink skin should remain in place of the blister.

After burns, the skin becomes very sensitive and tender, in order to speed up the regeneration process, you need to use various ointments and creams. Thanks to him, the damaged tissue is restored, and burn marks are eliminated.

If something goes wrong, it is possible the development of the infection. The skin can become inflamed, pus will appear. The patient will begin to complain of feeling unwell, the body temperature will rise. Infection can cause scars and scars.

If the wounds heal for a very long time and constantly become wet, it is recommended to use potassium permanganate. It dries the wound and promotes its healing.

You can also use lard, egg oil, cottage cheese, in order to speed up the healing process.

What is better from burns with boiling water at home?

Before treating a burn at home, you need to get rid of unpleasant symptoms by taking the following measures:

1. Remove clothing that has boiled water as soon as possible so that it does not stick to your skin.

2. Turn on the cool water and place the affected area under the stream. Thanks to this, the pain will disappear, at least for a while.

3. Then apply drugs and apply a bandage on top.

After all these methods are done, you can take the following measures against boiling water at home.

There are several effective drugs that relieve swelling and pain:

Burns: home treatment can not always be made with drugs, because at this moment they simply may not be in your first aid kit. That is why you can use some of the means of traditional medicine:

1. Raw potatoes. Take a few potatoes and rub on a grater, then put in place burned with boiling water. If you change the compress every 5 minutes, you can avoid the appearance of blisters.

2. Take black or green tea and brew it. Take the tea itself and place it on the affected area, then re-dress it with a bandage. This compress should be done about eight times a day.

It is easy to get rid of boiling water burns at home, the main thing is to take all measures on time.

It is better not to try to cure the burn at home on your own, especially if it is accompanied by peeling skin. Consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Be careful and do not allow harmful substances on the skin.

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