How to reduce pressure without medication

People who suffer from high blood pressure have many difficulties with the normalization of this indicator. Necessary medicines are not always on hand. How to quickly reduce the pressure of home remedies?

Anyone who is familiar with this problem knows that sometimes physical exercise, weather changes, or a little stress are enough to dramatically increase blood pressure. The person, as a rule, begins to feel tired, dizzy, may lose consciousness for some time. In this state, he needs to restore his normal state of health as quickly as possible. There are several tricks to help him do this.

It should be emphasized that all of the above methods may not help or lead only to partial success. They are not able to replace medical care, so you can not neglect it. In the case of a large increase in blood pressure, call an ambulance.

How to quickly lower blood pressure without medication?

To reduce the pressure in the home can be in several ways. First you need relax and calm down, since any physical exertion and experiences will only aggravate the situation. Then need normalize breathing – it is necessary to inhale deeply to hold the air on each exhalation for 10 seconds. Therefore, it is better to hold your breath for 3 minutes. But this is only the preparation of the body, since the pressure after such a reception will decrease only partially.

How to reduce pressure without medication

Well helps to deal with the problem of water. Under no circumstances should a bath be taken at elevated pressure. Can do hand bath – immerse your hands in warm water with a temperature above 37 degrees, and gradually raise the temperature, adding hot water, reaching 45 degrees. In such water, hold your hands for about ten minutes. Useful to do warm foot bath to reduce the pressure. At the same time, the vessels in the legs dilate and the pressure decreases slightly.

Apple cider vinegar can significantly lower blood pressure. One way is to put vinegar compress on the soles of the feet. Vinegar take apple or table, they are soaked with a cloth made of cloth and placed on the feet for 5-10 minutes. This is usually enough to reduce the pressure.

Helps to reduce pressure diuretics. If there is no medicine for pressure, but a diuretic was found in the first-aid kit – use it. When water is removed from the body, the pressure in the vessels decreases.

How to reduce the pressure of home remedies?

If the increase in blood pressure is often worried, then you need to try effective folk remedies to reduce it.

Suffering from high blood pressure should be a habit to drink every morning before eating on an empty stomach. two glasses of warm water temperature of 25 degrees and above. This procedure will help stabilize blood pressure.

To minimize high blood pressure attacks without medication, from your diet. cross out salty foods, including smoked meats, and also reduce salt intake to a minimum. An increase in pressure indicates that a volume of fluid that exceeds the norm moves along with the blood through our vessels. That is why people suffering from high blood pressure, drink diuretic drugs to reduce it. And salt has the ability to retain water in the body, not allowing the body to remove its excess.

A person needs only 1 teaspoon of salt per day, and reducing its content in the body can reduce pressure in the coming weeks. And it is not only about salt, which is added to dishes during cooking – salt is contained in nuts and bread, there is a lot of it in crackers and chips, as well as in smoked meat and pickles. Salt can be successfully replaced with herbs. In this sense, parsley, garlic, oregano and basil are suitable, as well as marjoram. Garlic in this row – the champion in the ability to reduce pressure.

In America, the so-called “dietary approach” to the problem of high blood pressure is very popular: elaborate diet, which is based on fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Fats, red meat, as well as sweet foods and sweet drinks are minimized. This diet helps to lower the upper systolic pressure by more than ten points. Studies by American scientists show that such nutrition more effectively helps against hypertension than regular intake of special medications.

Do not forget that pressure decreases with weight. Hypertensive patients who lost weight, managed to adjust the pressure for every ten kilograms of twenty points. Therefore, if the pressure begins to often jump up – urgently go on a diet.

In order to normalize blood pressure, it is important take potassium to maintain the heart muscle. Potassium acts as a diuretic, and therefore helps to rid the body of unwanted fluids. Potassium can be ingested from potatoes, beans, sea kale, as well as raisins, peas and prunes. There are also in grapes, apricots and peaches.

A real assistant to hypertensive patients may become a pomegranate, which protects a person’s heart and blood vessels, keeping blood flowing to the heart, especially under stress. It is recommended to drink a glass of pomegranate juice per day, but be sure to dilute it in half with water, as it can damage the walls of the stomach and spoil the tooth enamel.

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