How to reduce male hormones in the female body

Testosterone is considered a typically male hormone. However, it is produced in the female body, being a precursor of estrogen, it is just 10 times smaller.

The functions of testosterone in the female body

  • growth and formation of muscle fibers, bone tissue;
  • regulation of the balance of the ratio of muscle and adipose tissue;
  • sexual desire;
  • regulation of the function of the sebaceous glands;
  • growth of hair follicles;
  • participation in the process of follicle formation in the ovaries as a precursor of estrogen.

Signs of increased testosterone in women

  • hair growth on atypical for women places – legs, face, back and phalanges of fingers;
  • on the head, hair can grow less intensively up to baldness;
  • increased activity of the sebaceous glands leads to acne;
  • increased muscle growth and a gradual decrease in body fat lead to a change in the shape of the male type;
  • follicle formation is disturbed and the possibility of conception is reduced, sterility develops;
  • in cases of a significant increase in this hormone, the menstrual cycle changes, up to amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).

Normally, testosterone levels increase during pregnancy. Also considered the norm is a natural increase in the level of this hormone in women after 40 years and older. During menopause, in almost all women, an increased level of testosterone in the blood is determined.

Causes of increased testosterone in women

In women younger than 40 years, an increase in testosterone levels can develop due to a number of diseases: the hormone rises in case of reducing tumors of the adrenal glands, pituitary, or ovaries. There is a genetic predisposition to an elevated level of this hormone. However, functional reasons are more common:

  • long-term use of hormonal contraceptives;
  • stress;
  • sunburn;
  • excessive consumption of foods with a high content of artificial sugar;
  • strength training with the simultaneous adoption of anabolic steroids, as well as professional sports (weightlifting).

How to reduce male hormones in the female body

Often, elevated testosterone levels are found in neurological patients taking barbiturates or in patients with arterial hypertension who are treated with clomiphene.

How to reduce testosterone in women

Before reducing the level of this hormone, it is necessary to find out the cause of the hormonal failure of the body. To do this, blood testosterone is determined on the 7th day of the cycle and examined by an endocrinologist. If necessary, conduct additional studies to determine the state of the ovaries, pituitary and adrenal glands (ultrasound, MRI). If the presence of hormone-producing tumors has not been confirmed, proceed to the reduction of the hormone with medicines or folk methods.

First of all, they fix the diet and adjust the composition of the products used:

  • With increased testosterone, women are recommended to use protein foods (meat, fish, chicken).
  • In the diet, dairy products (cottage cheese, full-fat milk, cream) are necessarily included.
  • From vegetarian food is better to refuse.
  • We can not allow long breaks between meals, since the decrease in glucose and, accordingly, insulin in the blood increases the production of testosterone. The optimal break is 3-4 hours.
  • A number of products contain free testosterone – eggs, pulses, garlic, hazelnuts and almonds. They need to be excluded from the diet.
  • Sweet foods must be present in the diet, but those that contain natural sugars (fructose). These are dates, sweet fruits, honey.
  • To reduce the level of testosterone in women will help foods with low molecular weight sugars – potatoes, white bread, cereals (especially oatmeal). The use of natural sugars stimulates the production of estrogen and insulin.

The normal content of these hormones leads to a natural decrease in testosterone in women.

Folk remedies to reduce testosterone in women

After adjusting the diet and diet, you can begin to adjust the level of testosterone with the help of folk remedies:

  • Fresh celery juice and carrots. Accepted on an empty stomach, a glass a day. Juices are best alternated, for example, one day – celery, the second day – carrot juice. It should be borne in mind that long-term intake of carrot juice can lead to yellowness of the skin and sclera, therefore it is better to take it in courses of no more than two weeks.
  • Tea with the addition of licorice root. A pinch of chopped licorice root is added to regular tea before bedtime.
  • Infusion of flax seeds. A tablespoon of flax seeds poured half a cup of boiling water. Infusion is taken in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Infusion of peppermint. A tablespoon of dry grass pour a glass of boiling water and soak for 20 minutes. On the day it is recommended to drink no more than two glasses of this infusion, as mint has a sedative effect.
  • Oatmeal jelly. Natural grains of oats (not ready processed flakes) need to be poured with a glass of cold water and left overnight for swelling. Then cook over low heat for one and a half hours, periodically pouring water. After that, you need to strain the oats, rub it through a sieve, add the rubbed mass into the broth and mix. This jelly can be consumed three glasses a day.

In addition to folk remedies, yoga classes and acupuncture are recommended to reduce testosterone levels in women. If the effect of non-drug therapy is not achieved, hormonal treatment is indicated.

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