How to reduce bruise

You do not particularly brawl, and do not fight with just anyone, but even when playing with your child, you can get quite a strong hook from a child’s hand. So the next morning you may have an unattractive bruise under the eye, what to do? Or maybe you really are fighting a lot or fighting in the section, then bruising is the norm. But you need to make every effort to bruise was not visible.

How to reduce bruise

Cooling bruise under the eye.

If you hit hard or hit something, it’s best not to wait for the bruise under your eye, looking at it in the mirror, but to prevent the bruise from appearing due to the cooling of the sore spot. This is the easiest and fastest way to solve a problem. Attach to the place of injury, in our case under the eye, something cold. Ice pack, frozen meat or even frozen patties. From the cold, the vessels will narrow, which will either cause the bruise to not appear or reduce the bruise. Ice can also help make a bruise less noticeable. Apply cold to the bruise for about five minutes, especially if the bruise is in such a delicate place as the eye. Otherwise, overcool this area. But 2 hours after the application of ice, reapply it for 5-7 minutes.

Heating the bruise under the eye.

To improve the metabolism, to increase the movement of blood near the eye with a bruise under it, this place must be heated. Due to the warming up of the bruise under the eye, it will resolve much faster. To warm a bruise, arm yourself with a simple heating pad – this is the best option. Many people use special pepper plasters, but they can be hazardous to health,

Cosmetics against bruise under the eye.

How to reduce bruise

Despite the fact whether you were able to do something with your problems or not, you need to go to work in the morning or visit your relatives. It is unlikely that one of them will be pleasantly surprised by your bruise under your eye, especially if you work as a person at work. So, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, it is important for you to turn to cosmetics against a bruise under the eye. Makeup will have to use about 4 days, until the hematoma under the eye resolves. It is clear that you cannot sit at home: who will let you go quietly, will allow you to sit at home without a sick-list. Well, if you are given leave at your own expense, but if you need to work a lot and hard, then proceed to disguise the bruise with improvised means. Apply to the skin a tonal foundation slightly lighter than the color of your skin. You can choose the yellowish shade toner, which will hide the yellow bruise. Tonalka is applied to the entire face so that it is not noticeable, so bear with the man. On top of the tonal layer it is necessary to put a small layer of powder on the place under the eye, so that the face looks natural and the makeup is not noticeable. If a bruise under the eye appeared in a woman, you should carefully tint the eyes, and so make up your lips so that all the attention was drawn to them.

Drug against bruise under the eye.

There is another method of getting rid of a bruise under the eye – a variety of ointments against hematomas. If you pick up the ointment correctly, the bruise will quickly disappear from your face. You can consult about the ointment with both the therapist and the pharmacist at the pharmacy. You can read reviews on the Internet about those or other ointments, “Badyaga” helps someone, “Troxevazin” helps someone, someone makes an ointment on their own from various herbs. Nobody canceled national recipes yet. And do not forget to clarify that you need ointment from a bruise under the eye,

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