How to raise the temperature

Almost every person at least once in their lives would like to wriggle out of work or an event, making themselves a day off. And if in childhood and student years elementary tricks passed, then in adulthood just not to come to work is fraught with consequences. The only good reason – the state of health. For example, fever, which reflects the general condition of the body. So how can you raise the temperature of the body so that on examination by a doctor they fix this fact?

What causes a rise in body temperature?

To begin with, to raise the body temperature to 38 ° C, it is necessary to understand why it may change. Body temperature is a reaction of the body to both internal processes and external factors. Its change is necessary to protect the body from hypothermia or overheating of the body from the inside.

How to raise the temperature

Thermal control function in the body fills a separate center of the brain – the hypothalamus. It responds to changes in internal temperature. If it is elevated, then it gives a signal for the blood vessels to expand. Then the skin is heated and the body temperature rises to 39 ° C, for example. Heat is given to the external environment and sweating is actively carried out. If there is a lower internal temperature, the hypothalamus gives a signal to constrict blood vessels, so that as much as possible the heat remains inside.

That is why, answering the question of how to artificially raise the temperature of the body, you need to understand – from what, from what irritants it can occur. Ways to raise body temperature are based on the fact that when antigens enter the body – foreign protein particles (bacteria, viruses, drug serums) – heat transfer increases. Antigens are neutralized by the body’s antibodies, which is accompanied by the production of pyrogenic substances. The latter and can help in how to raise body temperature.

If the reader is interested in how to raise a low body temperature, then it is better to contact a specialist. Constant low temperature often speaks of health problems. There is even a direction in medicine – pyrotherapy, which with the help of pyrogenic, horse serum or other group blood allows you to normalize body temperature.

Ways to raise body temperature

If the question is how to artificially raise the temperature of the body in order to skip working days with a valid reason, there is a huge amount of popular methods. However, it should be remembered that all of them do not remain without consequences, since at elevated temperatures the immune system is depleted.

The first way to raise body temperature is to rub armpits with onions or hot peppers, however, this procedure is extremely unpleasant.

The second is to eat the lead from a simple pencil. One of the most common and most effective ways is to drink a couple of drops of iodine. But in no case can you use it yourself! How, then, can I raise my body temperature with iodine? 4-5 drops can be applied to refined sugar and eat this piece. Or add 15 drops to sweetened water. Another way to raise body temperature is to lower your legs in hot water with mustard.

How to raise the temperature

How to raise body temperature in the presence of outsiders? You can attach something to the armpit in advance. This something must be very warm so that the mercury on the thermometer crawls to the desired value. On how to raise the temperature of the human body by rubbing the armpits with various stimuli, has already been mentioned.

However, before artificially raising the temperature of the body, you should think a million times, since these manipulations can have negative consequences. Increased heat transfer wears down the human immune system. And maybe, instead of thinking how to raise the temperature of the body, it is better to figure out how to cope with your problems without damaging your own health?

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