How to put an enema

Enema is a specific medical procedure in which fluid is injected into the rectum. The first item in deciding how to put an enema at home is the purchase of necessary equipment. You will need to purchase a rubber syringe or a special reservoir – an Esmarch cup. Enema put when you need to clean the lower part of the intestine and rectum, and pills and laxative decoctions do not work or there is no time to wait for the result. It is preliminary recommended to consult with a specialist (proctologist).

Preparation for the procedure

So, how to put an enema at home? In addition to the syringe or Esmarkh mug, it is necessary to prepare a wide basin and a piece of thick oilcloth (approximately 1 m 2). It is necessary to prepare in advance a suitable composition for clipping. A bed or couch should be covered with an oilcloth, the edges of which should be guided into a basin, set below the floor.

Therapeutic enema

Cleansing enema

In the process of vital activity, slags accumulate in the human body, which in the form of so-called fecal stones are deposited on the intestinal walls. Cleansing enema is used to cleanse the body of these deposits and help remove accumulation of gases in the colon. Now we will explain in detail how to put a cleansing enema. First you need to boil and cool to 35-38 about purified water. Then this liquid is poured into the Esmarkh mug and, having released air from the tube with the aid of the tap, stop the flow. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly or other oily agents on the tip of the tube and lubricate the patient’s abundant oil. Fix the mug with warm liquid at a height of about 1 m from the couch. After that, insert the tip into the patient’s anus about 10 cm and open the valve. If the question is how to put an enema with constipation, and the patient is obstructed water, you must enter the tip even deeper, while the cup with warm water should be raised as high as possible. Such a manipulation will create a lot of pressure, in which water enters the colon with a strong pressure. If this does not lead to the desired result, you should slightly pull out the tip, leaving about 4 cm, and, lowering the cup below, close and open the valve, varying the pressure. The patient himself must at this time perform deep breaths. After the patient has the urge to immediately defecate, the procedure can be stopped – water has penetrated into the large intestine.

How to put an enema

Are you wondering how to put an enema to yourself? In principle, everything here is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Prepare everything you need beforehand, fasten the mug securely, check how fast the water flows from it (so you will know how long the procedure will last). Lie on your left side and, with one hand apart buttocks, insert a pre-lubricated tip into the anus. After that, open the tap. The whole procedure will last 15 minutes. Then close the tap and lie down for some time until the injected liquid starts its “cleansing” process.

Hypertensive Enema

And how to put an enema with a syringe? It is necessary to collect the prepared solution in a balloon, then lubricate the tip with oil, as well as the patient’s anus. If there is a question how to put an enema to yourself, then after lubrication, you should dilute the buttocks with one hand, and the second at this time to introduce a syringe. After the introduction of fluid into the colon within half an hour, the patient begins to have severe diarrhea caused by the components of the solution.

Oil enema

If the patient has prolonged constipation accompanied by pain, an oil enema can help. To do this, you need to warm up to 35-38 degrees purified vegetable oil (200 ml), then dial it in the syringe. How to put an enema in this case? You should first lie on your left side or stand on all fours. Pre-smearing the anus with vaseline, gently insert the tip of the syringe at some depth and slowly pour oil into the large intestine.


Do not think that the procedure we are considering is completely safe. That is why we recommend prior consultation with a specialist. The fact is that there are a number of diseases in which clipping is contraindicated. These include hemorrhoidal bleeding bumps, various inflammations of the colon, intestinal bleeding, prolapse of the rectum, as well as oncological lesions of the colon.

How to put an enema

Now you know how to put an enema at home. Use our tips and be healthy!

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