How to pull pus out of a wound

Minor injuries, scratches, abrasions and wounds in our lives are almost inevitable. At the same time, various microorganisms fall into the wound, and sometimes foreign bodies. It is for their removal that the immune system is activated. Blood rushes to the wound with a large number of white blood cells. And immune cells – macrophages – actively absorb foreign elements, and in the process of their digestion they destroy themselves. This is how pus is formed.

How to pull pus out of a wound

How to deal with purulent wounds?A list of mandatory actions when receiving a festering wound.

  1. Visit a doctor. He will check the wound canal for the presence of pus, supply drainage, prescribe dressings. Drainage effectively removes pus, prevents it from sticking together in lumps. Dressings are made with high-osmolar solutions (for example, 10% sodium chloride solution) and ointments that quickly and effectively draw pus. Hydrogen peroxide kills anaerobic bacteria, so it is also used in the ligation.
  2. You can apply the ointment on the basis of fat or petroleum jelly, for example, Vishnevsky ointment. After the complete release of pus, water-based ointments are used: Dioxysol or Levomekol. These antibiotic ointments act on the wound for a whole day. To remove already inanimate tissues, bandages with proteolytic enzymes: chymotrypsin and trypsin are put for 5 hours.
  3. Extensive wounds are treated with antibiotics, and seeding sensitivity to antibiotics is taken from the wound. At the same time, detoxification therapy with sorbents and with the help of an infusion of crystalloids is carried out.
  4. When the wound heals, but its edges are wide, you can try to pull them off with a plaster, but it is better to go to the doctor. He stitches, and the scar will look neater and smoother.

How to pull pus out of a woundHow to pull pus out of a wound?It is impossible to open a purulent wound yourself before going to the clinic! So that it does not become covered with a crust, a sterile bandage moistened with saline solution is put on it (1 glass of a spoon of salt is per glass of water). The bandage is periodically changed. If it has dried and stuck to the wound, then do not peel it off, moisten it with the same saline solution, water, a weak solution of furatsilin, potassium permanganate, rivanol, hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the wound with an antiseptic, and brush the edges with brilliant green or alcohol, in extreme cases, with iodine. If pus is already coming from the wound, then Vishnevsky’s ointment cannot be applied in order not to complicate this process.

Folk remedies for pulling pus. They are used at your own risk before visiting a doctor.

  1. Put on the wound cabbage leaf, aloe pulp, boiled or baked in the oven onion, honey and flour; bake garlic in the oven and mix with soap and apply to the wound.
  2. Wash the wound with furatsilinom, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide.
  3. If a purulent wound on the finger, then dip it in an alcohol solution, hot water with soda, infusion of wild rosemary, saline, solution of tincture of eucalyptus or calendula.

The pus, not removed from the wound, becomes covered with fibrin threads, forming a peculiar bag with pus, so inflammation occurs. Therefore, of course, pus must be removed from the wound. Remember that self-treatment is good, but only as a measure of help before the visit to the doctor. It may help you, of course, but the wound must be examined by a specialist and prescribed proper treatment. Because a long stay of pus in the wound contributes to the development of sepsis.

How to pull pus out of a wound

The main thing to do when getting a festering wound is to provide pus a way out. This is exactly what the surgeon will do: open the wound, clear it, remove the non-viable tissue, and stitch it.

It is very dangerous if the contents of the wound have gone from the wound, the temperature has risen, nausea and vomiting have appeared, the heartbeat has become frequent, dizzy. All these are signs of an immediate call for a doctor or an ambulance.

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