How to organize joint purchases

Description: Joint ventures or joint purchases have become popular on mother forums, and not only. The point is to collect a group of buyers in such quantity to buy goods at the wholesale price. Both buyers and the organizer benefit from this, taking a percentage of the transaction. An interesting field of activity, accessible to almost everyone. But not everyone knows how to make money on joint purchases without investments Payment: 5-30% of the wholesale price of goods (from 10 to 50

How to make money on joint purchases

1. We define the goods for the joint venture. To get started is to determine the direction of work – what exactly will you buy? It all depends on the audience with which you work, but it is better to focus on popular products:

  • Toys for children.
  • Children’s clothing.
  • Baby accessories for the first years of life.
  • Clothing for adults.
  • Accessories.
  • Bijouterie.
  • Perfumes and cosmetics from famous brands.

But be sure to work in the area that is close and interesting to you, otherwise it will be difficult for you at first. After all, you need to know a lot of small things that should be considered when choosing a product.

2. We are looking for suppliers – you need to find sellers who sell quality goods at the lowest prices. It is necessary to discuss all the conditions of cooperation: the size of the wholesale supply, discounts, prices, delivery, shipping and many other nuances.

3. Open a current account – In any popular bank in the region with online banking. Usually they use Sberbank, because everyone trusts him and many have an account with this bank. In addition, you can always consult on any matter with friendly staff, if there are any difficulties.

It is better not to use your main account in order not to mix the personal finances and money of the participants. You will need to monitor the arrival of all participants in the joint venture, then recalculate and transfer money to the supplier. It will be better if your personal money is not on the card.

4. Create accounts in all popular forums in your topic. Where is your target audience? Various mother and city forums, groups in social networks. Create Temko with a proposal for the joint venture. It is desirable that some famous people from the forum / group speak out to you – so people will trust you more.

There is a special site for joint purchases –

5. Place an ad and accept applications. It is necessary to show photos of the product, description, prices, from where we order, how many people need to dial. Look at other people’s announcements on the joint venture and do about the same. The more information you give to the participants of the joint venture, the more willing they will be to order the goods – because no one wants to take the cat in the bag.

6. Process applications, keep records and, when the necessary number of orders is collected, place an order with the supplier and pay for the goods.

Then we will have to wait for some delivery time and constantly answer the questions of the JV participants in a “when to wait?” Style. People are nervous, they want to get a purchase faster, and it’s not worthwhile at this moment to keep silent and throw them at a loss.

7. Get the goods and start distributing to the participants. If you spend a joint venture exclusively in your city, then you can immediately warn about self-delivery, so as not to waste time on delivery. If you work with other cities, you will need to send the goods to the recipients.

8. Get paid for the work – when everything is ready, you can enjoy your income. Usually it is 10-30% of the wholesale value of the goods.

This is how the approximate step-by-step plan of work by the organizer of joint purchases looks like. Each stage has its own possible problems and nuances that will have to be solved independently and consult with professionals. But the course is set, you roughly imagine what kind of work it is.


  1. You will need a small amount of free money to redeem 1-2 goods, if necessary, to collect a number. This product can be sold through bulletin boards or on the JV website.
  2. Try to work with prepay. Having received the entire amount on the bank account, you can not worry and calmly send the goods to the participant of the joint venture. Working without prepayment, you can become a victim of fraudsters and lose goods and money.
  3. Work on your reputation – in joint purchases everything rests on trust, so that buyers will communicate with each other and ask for your opinion. Therefore, never be rude and try to settle everything in peace. In controversial moments, make a compromise so that everyone has a positive impression.
  4. Work quickly – the more transactions you make per month, the higher your income. Quickly answer the questions of potential participants in order to quickly assemble a number, immediately agree with suppliers and after receiving the goods, disassemble / dispatch it, too, without delay. After some time, you can hire assistants for routine tasks to speed up the turnover.
  5. On many sites, newcomers are not allowed to work with a prepayment in order to protect JV members from deception. So first give preference to inexpensive goods that can be quickly attached on a resource or sold off. Even if a part of the product hangs, it will not afford much, and then you will catch up.


How to work in some area, not understanding the basic terms. Be sure to study the vocabulary of the joint venture, but for now I’ll give you a list of the most important words to start:

  • GlavShop (org, organizer) – a person who organizes a joint purchase. In other words, it is you.
  • JV member – in other words, it is the buyer.
  • Org% – organizational percentage

    How to make money on joint purchases without investment

How to organize joint purchases

And now the most interesting thing is is it possible to create a joint venture and make money on it without investing your money?

As elsewhere, here, too, you can start without investments or with minimal ones, only this will be more difficult. First you have to recruit the participants of the joint venture from scratch so that they trust you and agree to order goods with full prepayment.

Then, having received the proceeds from the first joint purchase, you will be able to act freely, having finances in your hands for unforeseen expenses. It will be possible to buy the missing goods, pay for the defective goods, and organize a joint venture without prepayment in order to increase the number of participants in the joint venture.

But, as in any business, a lot here depends on your skills, acumen, commercial vein and the ability to search for lucrative offers and convince people. Well, good luck will not be superfluous!

Before you engage in this business, it is worthwhile to weigh and think about everything well, since not everyone will be able to make money on joint purchases without investments. And if you invest your money, you can end up in a loss.

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