How to measure the temperature of water without a thermometer

You feel weakness and weakness, hot flashes and manifestations of ARVI, but you can not know for sure what the temperature of your body is, because the thermometer is not at hand? This often happens in field conditions, after moving to another place of residence, and even on a “civilized” journey. How to measure the temperature without a thermometer?

How to do without a thermometer?

Of course, the grandmothers advice does not guarantee you accuracy, but they will help you find out if there is a fever in fact. The most famous way to identify fever is to touch the forehead.

Ask a loved one or friend to touch your forehead with the palm of your hand, or better with your lips, because their skin is more sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If the forehead is hot – it is definitely present. If cold – everything is in order.

A significant disadvantage of such a primitive method is the impossibility of recognizing subfebrile, which is truly dangerous, especially if a significant amount of time is retained. It is subfebrile body temperature (a slight increase from the norm by 1-1.5 degrees), can become an alarming bell about the onset of an inflammatory disease.

Another simple measurement method requires you to know your own heart rate in a healthy state. Measure the pulse now that you feel worse. The fact is that when the temperature rises in an adult, breathing and pulse speed up. Therefore, fluctuations in performance may indicate that there is still a fever. This method is not relevant for children.

Measuring body temperature without using a thermometer is possible with the help of breathing. A healthy person in a calm state makes 12-17 breaths and exhales per minute. With an increase in the normal temperature index, this value increases by 1.5-2 times. However, each organism is unique; therefore, one should not place serious hopes on the clear reliability of this method.

How to measure the temperature of water without a thermometer

Consider, if your loved one has delirium, fever or convulsions – urgently call for urgent help! If, on suspicion, there is a slight fever, arrange abundant drinking, give the patient a mild antipyretic, use the popular recipes for the treatment of respiratory diseases. But if the dynamics is negative – be sure to consult a doctor!

Electronic thermometer

If you have an electronic thermometer in your arsenal, but so far you have not dealt with it, using mercury, the following information will be useful for you. Digital thermometers are safer than their prior mercury counterparts.

They do not fight, emit a special signal at the end of the measurement, do not need the usual shaking. However, they have certain subtleties in the application.

How to measure the temperature of an electronic thermometer?

  • Prepare the thermometer for work: wipe it with a damp cloth and press the power button, waiting for the Lo and C symbols to flash on the display;
  • Consider the air temperature in the room: if it is too high, the measurement result may be distorted;
  • The ideal measurement is oral. It gives the most reliable result. To get the result, you need to open your mouth and lay the device from the side of the tongue. At the same time for a minute you can not talk and move. As soon as the result is recorded, the thermometer will give a characteristic signal;
  • When axillary (axillary) method of measurement, make sure that the cavity was not wet. Wipe it off your sweat with a dry cloth;
  • If you put a thermometer in your armpit, create tight skin contact with the sensor, holding your hand near the body;
  • Axillary measurement lasts 1.5-2 minutes, and after the signal it is necessary to hold the device under the arm for a few seconds;
  • Attention – the axillary measurement is not as accurate as the oral one, so the result may be 1-1.5 degrees lower.

Basal temperature: compile graphics

The basal or rectal temperature is the lowest in our body. Traditionally measured in the rectum. Its definition is especially relevant for women planning pregnancy.

With the help of making special schedules, it is possible to calculate the days favorable for fertilization, recognize the conception occurred and assess the general condition of the reproductive organs.

Rectal temperature is also measured to obtain reliable information about the presence of an inflammatory or infectious process in the body. What kind of thermometer measure basal temperature? There are special devices designed for this purpose.

Their sensor has a short rounded end, which makes the procedure as safe and painless as possible. If you don’t have one in your first aid kit, you can use a standard electronic or mercury thermometer while observing extreme caution. In general, the result of a normal thermometer does not distort the real situation.

Here are the rules of measurement:

  • Measure rectal temperature is best in the morning, after waking up, without getting out of bed;
  • Beat down the indicator on the thermometer to 35 degrees;
  • Lubricate the tip of the thermometer with a fat baby cream or petroleum jelly;
  • Take a horizontal lateral position and insert the device into the anus to a depth of 1.5 cm;
  • How much to measure the basal temperature of a mercury thermometer? About 2-3 minutes, a little more than is required for the axillary method;
  • If you use an electronic thermometer, remove it after a signal that the result has been successfully recorded;
  • The result obtained is normally 36.5-37.1 degrees. If you determine the temperature for another purpose (menstrual cycle and pregnancy) – follow the specific instructions for scheduling.

Good old mercury thermometer

Surely you yourself are aware of how much and how to measure the body temperature with a mercury thermometer – the oldest and most reliable assistant in this matter.

If in doubt, our small educational program is at your service:

  • Measurements with a mercury thermometer are best carried out twice a day – from 7 to 9 in the morning, and from 16 to 19 in the evening;
  • The axillary method is firmly rooted in our national habits, but it will be useful for you to know that measuring the temperature under the arm is the most unreliable variant, and its results are always distorted by 0.5–1 degrees, unlike other methods;
  • The axilla should be strictly dry, to avoid moisture being cooled by the sensor;
  • The mercury tank itself should be in close contact with the skin on all sides;
  • The measurement lasts at least 5 minutes, ideally 10 minutes (especially for older devices).

Determine the water temperature

If you urgently need to determine the temperature of the water, and only a medical thermometer is at hand – do not worry, it is possible to do this with it. True, provided that the thermal properties of the liquid are adequate, and you do not immerse the device in boiling water. Also note that the measurement interval can be only within the marking.

How to measure water temperature with a standard thermometer?

  • For this purpose, a household thermometer is better suited – it will help you determine the temperature of water quality up to 50 degrees, while the medical one will not stand more than 45 degrees;
  • If you determine the temperature of the water in the aquarium, we strongly advise you not to use mercury thermometers: the slightest failure in the process is guaranteed to lead to the death of the fish;
  • Put your thermometer in a container with liquid and wait a couple of minutes;
  • Be careful with the electronic thermometer: do not drop it into the water and do not enter below the permissible limit;
  • The measurement is performed within 1-5 minutes, depending on the characteristics of your thermometer.

How to measure the temperature of water without a thermometer

To measure the temperature without a thermometer is impossible, you can only determine the absence or presence of heat. But accurate information such methods will not give you. We recommend that you purchase a quality thermometer and follow our instructions, depending on your current goals. Be healthy!

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