How to measure the basal temperature

Any profession is important for people: a teacher, an accountant, a hairdresser, a cook, a builder, a fireman, a driver, an engineer, a veterinarian salesman – they all benefit humanity, and without them it would be very difficult for us.

Already in childhood, children know exactly what they want to be in the future. They represent themselves as astronauts, pilots, dream of a beautiful and necessary business of their life. Subsequently, this passion passes, and the child can choose a completely different profession. But for children it is very important to know what their representatives are doing and what difficulties they will have to face.

Pictures for children will help to tell the children about the professions.

How to measure the basal temperature

How to work with the material?

Here you can free download pictures of various professions for children. They are suitable for thematic classes, both at home and in clubs of early development, in junior high schools. Your child to get acquainted with such professions as: secretary, carpenter, cook, reporter, guide, police officer, director, welder, courier, nun, psychic, inspector, dentist, pharmacist, drummer, driver, artist, stylist, local policeman, waiter, nurse, stewardess, bellhop, pilot, architect, nanny, doctor, singer, guide, cashier, musician, ceramist, fireman, hairdresser, photographer, salesman, engineer, vet, teacher, accountant, builder.

Consider with the children of the people who are depicted on the cards. Tell us what this or that person does, what is his profession. If the child knows the profession, then first let him tell about what he knows about these works, and then you will complement it. Help your child with a story about the professions in pictures.

Pictures and discussion on the topic of professions for children with a common kit can be downloaded here:

Little genius (cards and conversation on the back)

More materials on the topic:

Questions for conversation

Ask leading questions about occupations, such as:

  1. What is the name of this profession in the picture?
  2. What is the person wearing at work?
  3. Does he have a special form?
  4. What is he doing at this job?
  5. Where he works?
  6. What does he need for work (tools, special devices)?
  7. Why do you need this profession?
  8. What benefits does it bring to people?

How to measure the basal temperature

How best to tell? (With examples)

  1. For example, tell about the profession of a doctor. The doctor is a very necessary profession. The doctor is wearing a white coat, he has a special cap on his head. This is a medical form. The doctor treats children and adults for diseases. The doctor works in the hospital. For his work, he needs special tools, such as a phonendoscope, syringe, thermometer and

    Pictures for children on our site will help children learn more about the professions and feel what their future recognition is. The main thing is to instill the respect of kids for any kind of activity. Whoever it is – a fireman, a teacher, a doctor, a builder, a driver – must be treated carefully by any person.

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