How to make your period begin

To accelerate the process of menstruation, most women seek for the same reason as to bring their offensive closer. This “lifelong”, exclusively female “duty” carries a lot of trouble, not to mention the painful sensations, mood swings and hot love for the refrigerator. The long-awaited meeting with the beloved, vacation time or an important business trip, during which you will need well-being and absolute self-confidence, are grounds for shifts in terms. Of course, it is impossible to constantly adjust the cycle, it can seriously knock down the natural mechanism. However, in case of emergency, you can use several known methods. They will help to “slow down” the “red days”, or to make the monthly ones run out faster.

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Traditional medicine to address the issue

The following herbs have long been famous for their hemostatic properties:

How to make your period begin

In order to shorten the duration of the next bleeding, broths begin to drink from the first day of menstruation. As more experienced ladies say, the following periods, as a rule, last longer than usual. So the body compensates for the reduction of the current month.

You should not experiment with your health, trying to reduce the duration of menstruation with the help of hormonal drugs. Especially without the supervision of doctors. Medications can lead to problems with blood vessels (thrombolic embolism).

Physical education to help

To monthly passed faster, help sports. And not just physical education, but long-term yoga classes, as well as with Pilates and body flex. Practicing regularly, you can achieve constant control over the natural processes occurring inside.

Training has one more pleasant side: if you practice systematically, pain will soon cease to accompany during this difficult period. The problem with delays and cycle failures disappears.

Special preparations for the completion of the red days

Taking the pills so that the menstruation is faster, is also one of the options. Shortening this unpleasant and troublesome period to a couple or three days is quite acceptable with the help of hormonal drugs, for example, Duphaston and others may well fulfill the desire to quickly “get rid” of the annoying “red days”. But it is better to carry out such experiments with one’s health with the permission of the gynecologist, and then after an appropriate examination.

The fact is that the unauthorized taking of hormonal drugs has a well-known “side effect”: arterial hypertension, unreasonable headaches, vomiting (or nausea), depressive mood, rapid weight gain. Although the worst is, of course, the oppression of reproductive function. Simply put, infertility. Naturally, modern medicine does not stand still, but are you ready to pay such a high price for such pranks to “accelerate” monthly periods?

Diet – no less effective

To quickly passed periods, you need to eat a little. Those representatives of the fair sex who had been on a diet for a long time probably noticed that the tight restrictions on food “freeze” natural mechanisms. The menstrual cycle becomes shorter.

Of course, starving yourself is stupid. In order to deceive the internal clock, it will be enough to abandon the consumption of meat food. If you need to reduce the duration of menstruation, it is enough to become a vegetarian for a while. Fruits, vegetables – from now on a perfect diet, and in general, it will be good to know what products accelerate the monthly ones.

It seems that quite familiar products, such as pomegranate juice, the beloved hematogen, and even onion decoction (one to one with water) will most likely become free from critical days.

Other means

By the way, not only drugs can accelerate the flow of menstruation. The common stereotype about the beneficial effects of sex, both on critical days and on the reproductive system as a whole, is not a stereotype, but a fact confirmed by science. Menstruation does become less painless, and its duration is reduced by several days.

Experienced promise a promising result in the event that sexual contact is full-fledged and to the fullest include the female sexual sphere. Such a “demanding approach” to quality is explained by the fact that during the next menstruation, prostaglandins are produced by the endometrium (the “layer” that lines the uterus). Those that contribute to the release of the endometrium during menstruation.

Male biological material (sperm) also contains prostaglandins. Once inside, they increase the already existing volume, and the menstruation ends at an accelerated pace. Applying this method, it is necessary to take into account that such “liberties” are permissible for those women who take birth control pills. For everyone else, in spite of the seeming “security” of such days, there is a risk of unplanned pregnancy, therefore not everybody can speed up the monthly cycle in such a way.

We recommend reading the article on how to accelerate the onset of menstruation. From it you will learn about the reasons for the need to approximate menstruation, the use of hormonal drugs that cause menstruation ahead of time, as well as the effectiveness of popular methods.

What if menstruation is delayed?

Often women are forced to seek ways to accelerate the end of menstruation. After all, not everyone is lucky with the cycle, the length of 28 treasured days, when blood loss continues for a maximum of five days. Too long red days can contribute to the development of anemia, which means that problems with hemoglobin will soon be felt. This pathological course of menstruation does not need to be treated itself. Be sure to consult a doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination.

In fact, no one will open the bike, warning of possible consequences. However, doctors always remind you that invading the subtle reproductive system poses a serious health risk. To accelerate the process of menstruation is possible only with the blessing of the gynecologist. And before you take steps of this kind, thoroughly consider whether the “game is worth the candle”. Especially careful of your body should be those women who already have problems like a woman.

How to stop and postpone menstruation 42. Perhaps, every woman was in a situation when she wanted to postpone her periods for at least several days.

The drug stops the process of the exit of the liquid part of the plasma from the vascular bed into the tissue at the site of inflammation. Look at the video about the causes of heavy periods

Even knowing exactly how to stop heavy periods, you should not get involved in self-medication.

How to make your period begin

For example, nettle for menstruation is used in completely different situations. . How to stop menstruation.

Helps Ripevidon stop menstruating with an excessively abundant temper and at the same time renew microelement stocks.

To do this, you need to know which herbs stop menstruation is best, in what form they are more effective to use. Borovaya uterus.

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