How to make your month go faster

Critical days are stressful for the body. Most women experience common symptoms of malaise, which include pain and weakness. During menstruation, changes in psycho-emotional state are also noted. Sometimes the period of the onset of menstruation coincides with the release of the sea and other significant events. In such cases, patients are interested in a gynecologist, how to make the period ended quickly.

Is it possible to shorten the monthly cycle

The cycle length normally ranges from 3 to 5 weeks. Shortening or lengthening the cycle usually indicates the presence of hormonal disorders and the lack of maturation of the egg.

For the evaluation of reproductive function, the duration of critical days is important, which can be both scarce and abundant. Monthly healthy women last at least 3 and not more than 7 days. Total blood loss is up to 80 ml.

The abundance of bleeding does not always affect the duration of menstruation. With a rather scanty discharge, menstruation can last more than 5 days.

How to make your month go faster

It is known that with the help of drugs and some traditional medicine you can change the duration of the cycle in the direction of its increase or decrease. Of greatest interest is the answer to the question of how to make so that the monthly ended faster.

If menstruation began, by means of hormones, physical activity and folk remedies, it is possible to contribute to the end of critical days.

How to speed up the monthly to quickly run out

Many women want their period to end faster. This is usually associated with discomfort that occurs during critical days. Despite the fact that some women have menstruation for about a week, there are several basic methods used to reduce the intensity of bleeding and the number of critical days.

How to reduce the monthly if they have already begun

The intensity of bleeding during menstruation is due to the proliferation of the endometrium, which is marked during each cycle. Abundant periods are often observed with hyperplasia due to increased production of estrogen. These sex hormones are responsible for the proliferation of the functional layer of the endometrium.

The duration of menstruation depends on the contractile function of the uterus. Its middle layer, called myometrium, due to muscle contraction promotes the natural removal of the enlarged endometrium from the cavity.

If the monthly began, you can make them run out faster. If necessary, use drugs that affect hormones. Sometimes it is possible to use folk recipes. Well-being allows you to perform adequate physical activity, which also helps to ensure that your period ends quickly.

How to make your month go faster

How to reduce the monthly to 3 days

If the duration of the month is more than 7 days, and the discharge differs in abundance, it is recommended to consult a specialist and be examined. This phenomenon may occur due to various gynecological pathologies.

In the absence of disease, the doctor prescribes COCs and other hormonal drugs. Keeping the diet right also reduces the amount of menstrual flow.

To monthly faster ended, it is recommended to use medicinal herbs, providing uterine contraction. To reduce the duration of menstruation, you can with the help of special physical exercises.

How to speed up the end of the month

For critical days to end faster, some women use a cold heating pad, which is applied to the stomach for 15 minutes. It is believed that sex contributes to uterine contractions and accelerates the end of menstruation.

How to reduce the duration of menstruation

The minimum duration of menstruation is 3 days. On average, monthly lasts 5 days. It is possible to increase this period to 7 days. Exceeding this norm requires diagnostic measures to determine possible pathologies.

What to drink to end monthly

To end critical days faster, you can use a variety of methods.

Pills to make monthly ones run out faster.

Reduce the duration or suppress menstruation by COC. Hormonal medications contain estrogen and progesterone. If you take 2 packages of the drug without a break, critical days will not start.

How to make your month go faster

Some oral contraceptives are used to reduce the number of cycles. These are the so-called birth control pills for long-term use. Each package includes 84 pills with active ingredients. During a break, a woman takes a placebo pill that promotes menstruation.

To make monthly periods faster, you can use other means of hormonal contraception. Special rings, implants and adhesives are suitable for prolonged use. In gynecological practice, hormonal injections and the Mirena Navy are widespread.

Folk remedies

Gynecologists note that the effectiveness of many medicinal herbs has been proven by scientific research. Means of folk treatment contribute to the fact that the monthly run out faster.

Experts call the following natural remedies used to reduce the intensity of discharge and shorten the duration of menstruation:

  1. Vitex is sacred. The medicinal plant normalizes the production of prolactin and stabilizes the cycle. Preparations from Vitex Sacred can be used in the form of a liquid solution or capsules.
  2. Tea made from raspberry leaves or fruits. Eliminate pain and reduce the intensity of bleeding by using raspberry tea. Per day is recommended to drink 1-3 cups of natural remedies.
  3. Yarrow Infusions of medicinal herbs should be taken 7 days before the expected monthly.

Diet and exercise

To monthly ended faster, you must adhere to a diet. Should be excluded from the diet:

Help reduce the amount of menstrual flow:

  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • pomegranate juice;
  • hematogen;
  • beans;
  • cocoa and chocolate;
  • buckwheat;
  • liver;
  • greenery;
  • sea ​​fish;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • Rye bread.

During menstruation, exercise is not recommended. Help reduce pain syndrome:

Potential harm to health

Gynecologists do not recommend resorting to a change in the duration of the cycle due to the use of medical drugs and folk remedies. The pills used to make the menstruation go faster, affect the hormones and provoke the development of endocrine imbalance.

Women should consider that the minimum duration of menstruation is 3 days. It is not possible to significantly reduce the number of critical days without the use of hormonal drugs.

Testimonials: What to do to make monthly periods faster

The feedback from women reflects the use of various methods used to end monthly periods.


How to make your period faster ended, interests many women. However, it should be remembered that often using various methods to reduce the number of critical days is not recommended due to possible hormonal dysfunction.

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