How to make the monthly went earlier

Not only do menstruations by themselves not deliver, they also strive to come on the eve of an important event. And what to do, sitting in a corner afraid to move? Such a prospect does not attract any woman, which is why the question arises, how can you call your monthly period earlier and what needs to be done so that they go “out of schedule”?

What to do to go monthly?

I just want to make a reservation, if the question “what to do to make the menses go” is of interest, because of the suspicion of pregnancy and the desire to get rid of it in this way, the following methods will not work. In this case, you need to consult a doctor, and not experiment at home. Although, if you ask the gynecologist the question how to cause menstruation earlier and explain this with the upcoming vacation or a solemn event, the doctor will not say anything good to you, unless he curses the last words for such violence against the body. Yes, drugs that cause menstruation exist, but they change the hormones, and with it the jokes are bad. In addition to drugs, there are also folk remedies that cause menstruation, but they are not harmless, therefore, they will not recommend using their doctor, only in case of emergency. And disruptive vacation by such circumstances, of course, is not considered. But, despite all the warnings, women still decide to take medications that cause menstruation and the use of folk methods.

Folk ways to cause monthly

Thinking about what needs to be done so that the monthly ones go earlier, the ladies become so obsessed with this idea that they forget about the possible harm to the body, because even seemingly harmless herbs act on everyone in different ways. So, be extremely careful and think a few times if you really need it so – because restoring a lost cycle will not be easy.

1. The most common way to cause menstruation (after hormonal drugs) is to interrupt oral contraceptives. In this case, menstruation may begin earlier, but it is better to carry out such manipulation under the supervision of a gynecologist.

2. For some girls, an earlier arrival of menstruation causes ascorbic. To achieve the effect, it is advised to take 2 grams of ascorbic acid and hover your legs overnight. But it is worth remembering that the acid can not well affect the body, and this amount can have a negative effect on the stomach.

How to make the monthly went earlier

3. What herbs cause menstruation? The most common methods to cause menstruation, it is using bay leaves or parsley:

  • Bay leaf should be brewed as tea (3 leaves per cup of boiling water) and drink this tea 3 cups a day. Very strong decoction is dangerous to drink, so you need to carefully observe the dosage;
  • parsley decoction, in contrast, is the safest way to cause menstruation. It should be taken 3-4 days before the planned monthly ½ cup twice a day. If there are large quantities of parsley with dill, monthly can also be called earlier, usually it happens after 2 days of increased consumption;
  • there is also a way to cause monthly using decoction of oregano. You can buy ready-made sachets of this herb at the pharmacy, prepare a decoction and drink it as tea;
  • quite often you can find recommendations to use tansy, wormwood or nettles to call for menstruation. The first 2 plants cannot be used by non-professionals altogether – if there is an error in concentration, poison will turn out. Nettle should not be used, as it helps to thicken the blood, which makes its prolonged use dangerous.

4. How to cause monthly iodine? It is often recommended to take a hot bath with salt and iodine to call monthly. But the effectiveness of this method has not been confirmed, and besides such baths can only be used by people who have never experienced problems with the heart and blood vessels.

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