How to make a female body

Female pathogens cooked at home from natural products provide an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse. Usually their components are medicinal plants, inflorescences and herbs. They are quite common and are implemented separately.

Of these substances, you can independently prepare an effective stimulating drug. The advantage of the causative agent, made by hand, is the absence of components harmful to the body, as well as minimizing the risk of acute adverse reactions.

Female stimulants can be made independently

Homemade recipes

Recipes for homemade pathogens for women:

  1. Blueberry and raspberry drink. Equal amounts of raspberries and blueberries should be poured with plenty of water and simmered for two hours. In the cooled broth, add a few tablespoons of honey. To accept means on one glass daily within three weeks.
  2. Red root tincture (Rhodiola rosea). 100 grams of dry red root should be poured with 400 milliliters of vodka, and then infused in a dark and cool place for seven days. Drink 15 drops three times a day 15-20 minutes before meals. The duration of the use of tinctures – from two to four weeks.
  3. Tincture of creeping yakortsev. One tablespoon of dry grass needs to be poured with a liter of boiling water and cooked in a water bath for half an hour. The resulting broth to cool, strain, store in the refrigerator. Take three times a day for half a glass. The course of treatment lasts two months.

How to make a female body

These funds have no contraindications except for the individual intolerance of the active ingredients.

Natural aphrodisiacs raise libido

What to cook

It is possible to prepare a female pathogen with the help of medicinal herbs that have a general tonic and firming property:

These plants stimulate the process of estrogen production, due to which a person increases the tone and elasticity of soft tissues, and also increases the production of vaginal secretion. Their useful to use during menopause, when there is a decrease in the production of estrogen, which causes chronic vaginal dryness.

Damiana tea has an excellent stimulating effect. To prepare it, you need 10-15 grams of a dry plant, pour a liter of water and cook over low heat for five minutes, then cool and strain. Take two cups of tea daily.

How to make a female body

Female pathogens can be prepared from improvised means.

Cooking from improvised means

Female pathogens from improvised means:

Nut-honey mix. An equal amount of walnut and cedar nuts, as well as almonds, must be ground in a blender and filled with honey. The resulting tool to use two or three tablespoons per day for one month. Nuts have many beneficial properties, have a positive effect on the state of the circulatory system and improve the general well-being of a person. Honey is an effective aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual activity and enhances the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

A mixture of honey and dried fruit. The same amount of raisins, prunes and figs should be crushed and add liquid honey. Mixture stored in the refrigerator, eating two spoons a day with food. It is scientifically proven that dried fruits increase physical activity. They are useful for blood vessels, increase mental and physical endurance.

Separate products that increase female libido are also used as the causative agent:

  • bitter chocolate;
  • cinnamon;
  • vanilla;
  • ginger;
  • mussels;
  • oysters;
  • Strawberry;
  • banana;
  • sweet potato;
  • Cayenne pepper;
  • watermelon;
  • celery.

Frequent use of these products normalizes hormones, increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones and increases sexual excitability.

Video why libido declines

The program talks about why sexual attraction disappears and how to return sex to family life.

Grandma’s recipe

Grandma’s recipe for a female pathogen consists of a number of ingredients:

  1. hot pepper (a quarter of a teaspoon);
  2. chicken egg (one piece);
  3. mustard (half a teaspoon);
  4. lemon juice (tablespoon);
  5. tomato paste (tablespoon);
  6. dry white wine (250 milliliters).

All components should be whipped in a blender. Pour the mixture with wine and set on low heat. The tool can not be boiled: as soon as small bubbles appear on the surface, it is necessary to remove it from the stove. Chilled drink is recommended to use 30-60 minutes before intimacy with a man.

The main stimulating substance is hot pepper.. It activates the blood circulation process and contributes to the maximum saturation of the cavernous bodies with blood. Lemon juice and tomato paste tone up the body, affect the state of blood vessels and increase efficiency. Wine enhances the sensitivity of erogenous zones and relaxes the central nervous system.

This recipe is very popular because of its high efficiency and speed of action. It is suitable for women of all ages. Contraindication to its reception is only an allergy to the composition, as well as severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.

How to make a female body

Stimulants have a positive effect on libido.

How to make a strong pathogen

Prepare a strong female pathogen at home just. For example, for a quick increase in libido, you should use a mixture of fresh greens.

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