How to lose your virginity

All virgins are more or less concerned with the loss of integrity. The main fear – will it hurt or not ?! But since a 100% guarantee cannot be obtained, the faint of heart decide on an operation.

Surgery to remove virginity (rationally – defloration) in our time is becoming increasingly popular. And although a quite reasonable question arises: “How did our ancestors deal with it?”, Some of the girls still prefer to solve this problem without pain and surrender to surgeons than to trust in the mercy of nature. Whether they are right or not is not for me to judge. And yet, once again, in my opinion, it is worth defending the natural method of defloration.

To begin with, it is necessary to separate such concepts as hymen and virginity. For virginity is a certain state of mind, a special female status, a feeling of intact, that is, categories of ephemeral, psychological properties. While the hymen is a very concrete material thing.

How to lose your virginity

What do we know from anatomy about the hymen? This is an elastic fold of the vaginal mucosa, which consists of muscle fibers, is supplied with blood vessels and penetrated by nerve endings.

What follows from this? By nature, the hymen is stretchable and tearable. Moreover, it is fragile from birth, there are initially gaps in its structure (for the possibility of menstruation), and it means that it will be torn easily – as in the proverb “Where it is thin, it tears”. Naturally, some blood may appear and pain may be present due to the sensitivity of the mucosa. But in other way! And the amount of blood and pain are usually proportional to the degree of damage, but it is insignificant. Consequently, cases of bleeding are more likely related to blood clotting and are not related to the fact of rupture, and all the talk about pain is greatly exaggerated.

Of course, there are such unique cases as increased chaff density or excessive elasticity. But is it worth thinking about the bad ?! And, most importantly, why should this happen to you ?! Then it is time to attend to other possible disruptions in your body, which theoretically can be. Well, you never know what deviations from the norm are. Live by the principle: I will be fine!

Something about prejudice

How to lose your virginity

All that concerns the loss of virginity in a broad sense – psychology. This psychological aspect is more than what physiology determines – it will be painful if the chives break or not. The atmosphere around it is driven by various prejudices. Their mass, the people in this sense, inventive. Alone in the past, they are being replaced by new, modern ones.

To begin with, from birth, the thought of pain during defloration settles in us. That would not know, it would be better, honestly. Subconscious willingness to pain – in fact, there is pain itself. Most of the women with whom I was frank about this were indignant: Well, the pain that was and the day of fear was not worth it.

Another statement that feeds fear, the idea that during sexual intercourse in a virgin girl, allegedly, less lubrication is released, which causes additional pain. But after all, it can also be categorically stated that, due to the same firstness of the act, the virgin young man does not have a sufficient erection. And maybe, on the contrary, the first excites more strongly? And, it means that there is enough lubrication, and an erection, which is necessary. Is this for sure? Who is this? Statistics, let’s be honest, no.

I’m not talking about all these horrors that continue to penetrate into girlish experiences from somewhere, about what the first sexual intercourse should actually be and with whom it should be. They say that it is desirable to spend it with an experienced man, besides, the process should not be passionate and fast, but necessarily – slow, careful, gradual. So this is a kind of therapeutic procedure under the motto: And now, dear, let’s do it … (no, not love!) Defloration! Of course, the word itself gives the process a kind of romanticism, but only that. How romantic this process will be, I imagine. And also imagine how irrelevant all these arguments are to a passionate, insane, reckless first night of the love of inexperienced Romeo and Juliet!

Paradoxically, perhaps, it sounds, but in order to lose virginity without pain, you need to stop feeling like a virgin and stop thinking about pain. You need to love your partner so much that the desire to have a loved one and surrender to a loved one, overshadowed everything else – and fear, and all prejudices. To you was not to think about. For emotions to overwhelm you, and your brains would, in general, shut off.

Instinct most accurately guides you along the way in which you will do everything so that the pain has nothing to arise. When the instinct will control you, you will only get excited, and forget about the problem of losing virginity. Hormones, produced during this sexual arousal, also have analgesic properties.

Following the desires of the body, you unwittingly fulfill all the tips that are given in this regard: • You want romance, and you create it. With candles or without candles, with music or without. It will be an inner sense of romance, not an external entourage.• You will be gentle and affectionate, and all that is necessary, in sufficient quantities to stand out in the body, and all that is necessary, how to relax.• Your love foreplay will be so long that the sexual languor has reached the desired limit. You will stretch pleasure, because you want it.• You do not hesitate to experimentally find exactly the position that is suitable for your compatibility and will have a beneficial effect on painlessness.• And by the time of intercourse you are disconnected from reality and either do not feel the pain at all, or feel it as a sweet pain.

And here it is still important to say about orgasm during the first sexual intercourse. The statement that it cannot be obtained for the first time is a lie! Most – receive. It all depends on the mood. No wonder about this there is a cool joke. The girl first returned home in the morning, tired and not sleep. Excited parents pounced on her from the doorway: “Where did you hang out all night ?! What did you do ?!” And the daughter with undisguised delight said: I do not know what it was, but now I will do this all my life!

How to lose your virginity

So make love! With all the passion and complete recklessness! And the loss of virginity will happen unnoticed and painlessly. By the way, defloration translated from Latin means – breaking a flower. De floris. Isn’t that so, poetic ?! In this there is a height, and mystery, and love. So is it not better, continuing the poetry of the prose of life, if your virgin flower is picked not by an outside surgeon with a metal scalpel, but by a beloved man with the help of nature’s organ of love.

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