How to increase the pressure

Today I want to talk about how you can increase the pressure at home. Perhaps this topic is relevant to many. On my blog, I have already published an article for those who suffer from hypertension.

The fact is, I always had low blood pressure. But when I left the institute in the Far East and spent 7 years there, my body reacted very sensitively to climate change. Literally a month after each vacation (and the vacation with us, the teachers, is quite large), I very hard endured everything. The pressure then jumped to 130, and this was very high for me, I even had to call an ambulance. Moreover, everything was so interesting, I could get out of the house in a normal state, but until I reached the school and climbed to the 4th floor (the floor of pianists), everything was spinning around me, was mutated, it became so bad …

But she returned again to her, to her native places, my body quickly returned to normal. Rather, for everyone, it probably has its own. Now I feel great at a pressure of 110 to 70. But sometimes it decreases to 90 to 60, sometimes even lower (but this is already hard). We must take action.

How to increase the pressure

I read that, in general, hypotensives are sensitive and emotional people. We need to enjoy life more, get positive emotions. And live without stress. But this is an ideal. Reality, unfortunately, often knocks us off track.

Weakness, nausea, dizziness, and even fainting are the main symptoms of a sharp decrease in pressure. And if there is much for hypertensive patients, for hypotensors it is not so easy to increase the pressure. I want to share what I use for myself, what suits me. Perhaps my advice and help you.

So, how to increase the pressure at home?

Diet for hypotensive.

Delicious, sweet and coffee. If hypotonic does not give sweet or coffee, it simply does not go to work. Coffee, of course, is not very useful, but in the morning I can not refuse it. Only one cup of boiled coffee. You can make tea yourself. But I leave it for a later time. Often in the morning with coffee you really want chocolate. Indeed, along with the pressure drops blood sugar levels. But you can eat honey, useful sweets – dried fruits, for example. Is it bad?

Coffee should not get carried away. In some people, it may lower the pressure. Coffee also flushes out calcium from the body, which can lead to serious diseases. So be careful with coffee. Some to increase the pressure of drinking coffee with brandy. But I would not recommend this method. The effect is very temporary.

How to increase the pressure

Red, orange and green fruits and vegetables – this is what is advised to include in the diet for hypotensive. Going to the market, listen to your body. He will tell you what you need at the moment.

For all hypotensive painful waking up in the morning is characteristic. The body is very difficult to stir. The tone of the vessels is reduced. After all, hypotension is not only lowered pressure, but also a decrease in the entire internal energy. Even the morning rise in hypotensive requires caution. It is not necessary to get up sharply, otherwise the head may spin.

Doctors recommend citramon. But with prolonged use, it has side effects.

During a sharp drop in pressure, hypotonic patients often feel a lack of air. If there is an opportunity, you must lie down, unbutton the collar, release the neck and heart area. To nothing squeezed the region of the heart.

Habits that need to acquire hypotensive:

  1. Stand less.
  2. Drink enough water for you.
  3. Be sure to get enough sleep.
  4. As much as possible to walk, be in the fresh air.
  5. Engage in exercise therapy, special exercises of an aerobic nature. But it is worth starting with small loads, gradually increasing them. But it is necessary to do this constantly and systematically. Only then can the desired result be achieved.
  6. Houses can recommend a contrast shower. Simple, pleasant and effective.
  7. Of the sports hypotonics are recommended swimming, walking.

How to increase the pressure in the home with herbs and other drugs?

  1. Radiola pink is very popular for all hypotonia. You need to take 10 drops several times a day half an hour before meals. Drink should be the course, but not more than 1 month.
  2. Licorice root is better than Eleutherococcus increases blood pressure.
  3. Make your own hibiscus tea. It perfectly tones and boosts blood pressure.
  4. Get a massage. Actively rub the points between the eyes, in the hollow under the nose and under the chin, pound your ears, rub your little fingers.
  5. It is good to take tinctures of aralia, ginseng, tincture of peony, eleutherococcus, Schizandra, Chinese, apilak, etc. Everything is sold in pharmacies. For dosage, consult your doctor.
  6. Prepare a herbal collection: take in equal proportions hawthorn, mistletoe and shepherd’s bag leaves. Pour boiling water 1 tablespoon in a glass of water. Insist all 12 hours. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning.
  7. You can cook a decoction immortelle. 10 grams of immortelle brew a glass of boiling water. Insist and strain. Drink twice a day before meals, 20 drops.

What foods increase blood pressure?

Berries and fruits: black currant, pomegranate juice, sea buckthorn. Vegetables: carrots, onions, sorrel, potatoes, garlic, horseradish. Dairy products – butter, cheese, cottage cheese. Other products: red meat, liver, caviar, cocoa,

How to deal with vacation for hypotensive? There are no special problems. We are very well suited hot climate. We transfer it easier than others. I judge by myself. By the sea, everything passes. No headaches, no pressure. So it is necessary to have a rest whenever possible.

Of course, one can not say that do not self-medicate. Consult a doctor. Perhaps he will tell you more effective measures.

I wish you all joy, inspiration, we need all this in order to be healthy.

My soulful gift for you is the song of Elena Frolova, a very touching and sincere singer “The Straw of Love”. So everything is soulful … If you have not heard Elena, I think that after this song you will fall in love with her. Singer, unlike all. Subtlety and virtuosity, classic and modern, folklore and innovation. It should just listen.

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