How to improve the potency

On how to improve the potency, it is useful to know every man, because there are a lot of factors affecting the genitals. The body is influenced by lifestyle, environmental conditions, nutrition and mental state. Taking medication to improve potency is the most common and popular method.

Most of these tools contain phosphodiesterase type 5, through which blood flows to the penis, contributing to its erection. However, medications are not just auxiliary, their use should be postponed in case of emergency. It is necessary to consult a doctor, otherwise there will be serious disorders in the body.


The most popular means in the post-Soviet space for improving male strength is Viagra. It is taken on an empty stomach half an hour before sexual intercourse. They keep their action for 4 hours. However, the drug helps only to reproduce an erection, but does not enhance it. People under 35 are strongly advised not to take this medication. Frequent use threatens with headaches, stomach ailments and visual impairment.

Strengthening male potency for the long term will help Cialis. Unlike the previous version, it lasts about 35 hours. But despite its power, it has fewer side effects. One tablet of Cialis is taken 15 minutes before the process. Drinking them is strictly prohibited to men suffering from cardiovascular, renal and hepatic diseases.

The drug Levitra is not so much aimed at strengthening the genitals, but rather at eliminating their dysfunction, therefore it is prescribed exclusively as directed by the doctor. The effect of arousal occurs already 15 minutes after ingestion, but the strength of an erection will be weaker than after Viagra. Levitra has similar side effects, but you can add muscle pain to them.

Potency men can restore the hormone testosterone, which is introduced into the body by injection. This option to regain the power of the genitals is alternative and is applied after thorough examinations. The reason for the appointment is a violation of the endocrine system, when the male sex glands are not able to produce testosterone themselves.

Folk remedies

To improve the potency, there are numerous proven home remedies, the reliability of which is confirmed by centuries of use. Most of them are based on drinking broths.

The most effective and proven means of enhancing erection is ginseng tincture. This plant, thanks to the components of ginsenoside contained in it, stimulates the nervous system, especially in the pelvic region. 30 drops of tincture must be diluted in a glass of water and drunk in the morning before breakfast. Moderate reception does not provide contraindications. You can buy national medicine at the pharmacy.

Visibly improves the potency of a decoction of nettle:

  1. To prepare it, you need 50 g of fresh or dried leaves of the plant.
  2. The material must be placed in 100 ml of boiling water.
  3. An hour later, the drug can be drunk. Reception should be carried out twice a day (in the morning and in the afternoon).

An invaluable benefit in enhancing men’s health is St. John’s wort. This plant produces an effect due to blood flow to the genitals. The recipe does not differ complexity: 2 tbsp. l Dried plants need to pour into a glass of hot water and wait for 1 hour, after which the tool will be completely ready. Drink it should also be 2 times a day (morning and afternoon).

How to improve the potency

To return the former force of erection will help fresh agave juice. For cooking, it must be mixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 5. Take the mixture should be 1 tsp. 3 times a day (in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening) necessarily before meals. It is important that the course does not exceed 1.5 months, after which the potency will be restored.

Dietary remedies

You can improve the potency with the help of natural products that have aphrodisiac properties. Such methods of enhancing men’s health have been known to people since ancient times, and their benefits have been confirmed by scientists. The indisputable fact is that seafood (especially oysters) contributes to an increase in sexual activity in men. The zinc contained in them has a beneficial effect on the nervous system in the pelvic region. Omega-3, which is present in salmon and fat herring, accelerates blood circulation, which also affects the potency.

Many useful components that help improve the strength of the genitals are found in fresh fruits. For example, in avocado there are elements that contribute to enhancing erection. Strawberries have a lot of folic acid, which helps reduce the number of spermatozoa with damaged chromosomes.

Improving potency in men causes the intake of antioxidants. Especially a lot of them are contained in citrus fruits, in green tea and in arugula. Antioxidants serve as a cleansing agent that removes all harmful substances from the body.

Physical exercise

Excellent physical condition has always been the key to strong potency. However, there are special exercises that improve the capabilities of the male reproductive system. Their main principle is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, which contributes to the flow of blood to the desired part of the body. It is necessary that the loads are moderate – an overstrain worsens the potency.

Such exercises can be divided into simple and specialized. The first can be attributed: birch, bridge and squats, after which the tension in the muscles of the buttocks will be felt. For these purposes, still running on the spot.

The specialized exercise is an exercise that looks like a bridge. The principle of operation is as follows:

  1. You must take a recumbent position, straightening his legs.
  2. Then you should raise and lower the pelvis, while placing emphasis on the shoulders and neck.
  3. After raising, wait 10 seconds, lower the pelvis and raise it again after 5 seconds.
  4. You should not perform such training for more than 15 minutes per approach.

Another specialized exercise involves lying down. In a horizontal position, you should strain and relax the muscles of the pelvis. 2 sets of 15 minutes a day will be enough.

How to improve the potency

Preventive measures

Improving male forces is unthinkable without simple and basic things: proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Men are less likely to adhere to healthy lifestyles There are many factors that prevent the normal functioning of the male reproductive system.

For example, lack of physical activity. With a lack of movement increases the fat layer. Because of it, the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone is deteriorating. Overweight and obese people are often prone to impotence. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a normal weight with the help of physical exertion and proper nutrition.

Alcohol adversely affects the production of testosterone, so they should not be abused. Especially harmful to men is beer, as this drink contains an enzyme similar to the female hormone estrogen. To improve the potency in men allows the reduction of stressful situations.

Moral and mental strain very badly affects the male capabilities, so you should protect yourself from stress. A visit to a psychotherapist would be useful.

To support the power of erection, you must quit smoking. Nicotine leads to a narrowing of blood vessels, which also negatively affects the blood flow to the penis. A full 8-hour sleep helps maintain potency.

Lack of sleep and insomnia worsen the endocrine system. As a result, not enough testosterone is produced. The preservation of male power contributes to underwear made from natural materials. Wearing synthetics adversely affects health, because the harmful matter will contact with the genitals.

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