How to hide a bruise

It happens that life or people give us all kinds of slaps, after which a bruise appears on the face. Suppose you tripped on a rug in the hallway and put your face on the door jamb. You fell on the street and hit your face on the asphalt or, God forbid, on the sidewalk. Or hooligans stuck to you with a request to give a cigarette and after your refusal they punched you in the face. In short, there are plenty of situations where you can get a bruise under the eye or on the cheekbone. But we must continue to live, go to work, communicate with familiar people, ride in public transport. And with a bruise shame and embarrassment. Especially under the eye. It seems that everyone is looking at you. How to hide a bruise? Or at least make it less noticeable?

If you are a man

A man wearing a bruise is easier than a woman. Well, they will think that they had a fight. Or navtykal in the gateway. Or got drunk and fell. The point is, in general, everyday. But you still need to somehow disguise the bruise. From the authorities, children, wife or mistress. How?

How to hide a bruise

1. Black glasses.

Here is the main and easiest way out. If there are no points, you will have to buy it. Not the same as the cat Basilio wore by Rolan Bykov. And not like what Panikovsky wore when he portrayed a beggar blind man in front of Shura Balaganov. Points must be chosen larger to close their eyes completely. And it’s darker so that all the colors of the rainbow that bruises are rich in are not visible through the glass. And in order to prevent the bruise from spreading to half its face, ice or a copper Soviet penny should be attached to it. Naturally, if you have one.

2. The patch.

The bruise on the cheekbone, forehead, neck and not very big bruise under the eye can be sealed with a plaster. It will look decent. And more courageous than raspberry-bluish hematoma.

3. Grim.

Not every man will go for it. Of course, you can cover up the bruise with makeup so that it is almost not visible. But the makeup will be visible. And this is unacceptable for a real man.

How to hide a bruise

If you are female

A woman to live with a bruise is more difficult than a man. A woman with a bruise will immediately be thought that her husband has beaten her. Or lover. Or boyfriend. Even if she, going down the stairs, broke her heel and just hit her face on the railing. And who wants to think so about them? Unless Rosa Syabitova. And no one else.

But women have more ways to camouflage a bruise. Some walk the beaten path of men and begin to wear dark glasses. Pre-smeared bruise cream and powder. No self-respecting woman will glue the patch on the face, but a woman will definitely use makeup.

1. Base under the shade.

Here is a tool that will help to hide the hematoma of high quality. The yellow shades and orange tones of this agent will mask completely fresh bruises, for the red and blue shades are well shaded to a neutral color.

2. Concealer.

This concealer is designed to camouflage bruises. After concealer hiding acne, freckles, aspirated and pigmented spots. Only when “working” with concealer should know some rules: · A fresh bruise of crimson or blue-violet color is masked by concealer of orange shade; · Weekly bruise with a greenish-blue tint masked by concealer yellow; · An old bruise that dropped a tumor and assumed a yellowish tint is masked by purple or purple concealer.

And one more thing: it is better to camouflage small bruises with concealer made in the form of a cream, and extensive bruises with a fatter drug, say, concealer-stick.

3. Special creams for hematomas.

You can buy them in pharmacies. And then follow the attached instructions. Just pay attention to the water resistance of such creams. So that they do not come down with sweat and / or raindrops on the face …

I would also like to say to women, who often encounter bruises on their face and in other places: throw your goats to dogs and dogs …

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